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    Got the chain tensioner and installed it last night. Easy fix and the bike is running great again. Great service and fast shipping from John! Everyone should buy from him!
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    And cute girls keep popping up wanting to talk to me.
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    IIRC Dave run car tire on his GW. However I find it hard to believe that he owned any motorcycle long enough to go through two sets of tires.😁
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    That's the outer layer that has almost nothing to do with the pressure holding parts of the hose. The only time the outer layer plays into pressure holding is when the inner layers fail, and once that happens it doesn't take much to burst the outer layer. ---from my experiences.
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    I just paid $5350 for a mint '03 with 5000 miles. Probably not worth more than 4K but I wanted it bad.
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    Speed dents, like on a golf ball, let them be.
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    The reason I'm asking, local salvage auction. Billings Mt got hit with hail, currently 400+ vehicles will be up for auction, probably more than 2,000 total.
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    How long have you been waiting to use that?
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    You will be fine with a radiator guard. I have had them on multiple track bikes, which are running harder and hotter than cruising down the highway. They do not restrict airflow in any meaningful way.
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    The Bird's radiator is somewhat shielded and not all that open to the incoming air, and the out going behind the rad. seems fairly restricted too. It would be interesting to know how fast you have to go to keep it from coming on, if there is a magic speed. The fan on my Excursion kicks in at 85MPH on a hot day and that has nothing but a grill restricting incoming air. The fans on many of my vehicles kick in at high speeds, doesn't seem like they should be able to do more than what the natural air is doing, but they cycle which indicates that they are actually doing something. I only notice it with mechanical fans because they're loud, don't know if any of my electric fan cars kick in at high speed, but since the mechanical ones do I assume the electrics do too. It also happens with semi trucks and those radiators are very open to natural air flow. Most radiators are fairly restrictive to air flow. Even tho a fan can't move air at 80MPH, it's right against the radiator so it's able to create enough pressure/suction to force air through it. To make the radiator less restrictive it would have to be bigger to still have enough surface area to get rid of the heat as well as one with a tight core. I've known of some cases where someone "upgraded" from a 2 row to a 4 row radiator and started having overheating problems because the fan wasn't powerful enough to force enough air through it.
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    All toy haulers matter.
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    I changed tires and went for a ride. Fan doesn't even come on now.
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    Yep, in a box. I keep stock items for when I sell the bike.
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    I have a Corbin on the shelf right now, too. I'm not going to be riding until next season due upcoming surgery, so you're welcome to try my Russell Daylong with driver's seat wings, if you want to pay the shipping back and forth.
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    Lets not forget there are gasoline engines without traditional throttle - no pumping losses. Diesel fuel has higher energy content per volume, plus they run higher CR. Anyway, every engine has this https://x-engineer.org/automotive-engineering/internal-combustion-engines/performance/brake-specific-fuel-consumption-bsfc/ Swamps Jeep pulling a trailer has to work outside of best efficiency zone while his neighbor`s pick up is in the sweet spot. That's pretty much it.
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    One neighbor has a diesel 2500, the other a gasser. Both get better fuel economy while towing a 30' trailer than my Jeep with a 20'. So does the guy with a full-size jap truck. I'm not sure there's a point to be found here other than there are too many variables.
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    I like the post titles in all caps.
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    If you know the part number you need for your year XX, you can pursue VFR boards and salvage yards for any too. That's how I got mine for the XX (IIRC).
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    +1 But what chain oil do you put in it? I've tried lots, any more I put in whatever is handy.
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    Mine has the same bags. No top case though. Check the rear tire balance before throwing on new rubber and let us know how it was. Check the wheel bearings too, and throw a dial indicator on the rear rim to see if it's bent. I'm gonna guess you rode some rough roads. Best to check if it runs true. Tires can get expensive. Mine has ohlins too, and is stiffer than stock by far. On my second set of Angel GTs and I really like them for the XX. Think I am at 42psi on the rear. You may want to do a quick check to be sure the swing arm and shock linkage us smooth without binding or play. How much gear were you carrying (lbs)?
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    170hp? Nice looking bike.
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    Not sure, but I do know they get the worm.
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    I've been meaning to replace them. Not interested in delinking, but thinking a set of good braided lines, compatible with Heli bars, or the stock clip ons (I've been meaning to put the stockers back on) would be good. They'll be the last lines my bike will likely need. She's a 97, with a 96 build date. 23 years old!!
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    There you go Bill. You need one more, you know you do.
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    cbrman97 may be new to this board, but he has owned a Bird longer than most if not all. It's not necessary to pile miles on a Bird or farkle it to appreciate it, just admiring it from any angle gives a great sense of satisfaction.
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    Loved it and still have a tee shirt like it, "Here is kicking salt into a wound".
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    I'm no expert on STP since I use it once a decade, but from memory... STP is rarely needed. If you use it, there's a special male connector. That goes into a device with a special female connector that grounds it. You ground both ends IF they have a common ground, only one end if you don't. Ask me how much money I've made replacing shit when people grounded a cable on two ends with separate grounds, and lightning induced voltage into one end (even though the building wasn't hit, it was just in the air). An attic should never have STP, that's crazy. Oh, and in outdoor applications you ALSO need a surge arrestor with its own ground. If the device is PoE, then obviously you can ground both ends. My last run of it was almost ten years ago, to go around 450 feet (yes, out of spec, it worked) under a boat dock. The far end was specifically ground tested to be sure it was equivalent to the head end, and we grounded both. Again, no expert on STP, but I think if you have existing ungrounded runs of it, you're going to be fine. I don't think there's a need to remove it.
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    Duh, a smart man woulda put that in the post huh. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/mcy/d/hacienda-heights-clean-title-2nd-owner/6959736329.html The Rock Store is about 60 miles from me. I've only been once, but it was pretty cool.
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    Fly & ride. I have beer, bewbies, and plenty of particles you can check the physics of.
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    BTW, I'd love to see someone pay that for it, it would make me feel good about the potential value of mine.
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    I failed to follow our own rules. My apologies, this section is not, indeed, Sparta. I stand by all of my comments and think all comments in this thread are accurate. Note that even I can be moderated, if the mod team feels like they should.
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    Okay, now that is out of the way, here's the deal. 1. Any merchandise or legitimate service provided by the .org member can be listed. 2. Links to merchandising websites other than the purpose of illustration are prohibited. Referral links violate #1 above. 3. Essential discretion and courtesy to fellow member's posts are strongly encouraged. 4. Posts will be moderated and modified or deleted as deemed necessary by the moderating/administrative team. 5. The original poster of an ad may request a moderator to remove any replies they feel are unwarranted or inappropriate. This is not the Pub. While a casual atmosphere is maintained throughout the website, it is important to note that the For Sale section is globally viewable. That means your family and coworkers can read what you post here. Light-hearted banter and technical discussion revolving around an item or service offered is completely acceptable. If you have issue or concern with the item/service in question, including authenticity, pricing, location, condition, or anything else, please take it to the original poster (OP) via PM or email, or if that fails, contact a moderator or administrator with your concerns before ultimately airing your concerns in the open thread.
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    sold locally for $400. apologies to swampnut, the buyer wanted the pc2. guy has 2 incomplete bikes now and intends to build 1. he also has a bunch of parts including some nice oem bodywork. pm me if you'd like his email, he's looking to sell / trade some of his hoard (lots of bicycles & tools too).
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    Agreed. I run one pint of Pinesol per oil change. It has a side benefit, it makes the engine smell fresh, like a misty sunrise in the boreal forest.
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    I never have to add oil to the XX between 6k mile changes and it likes to live in the 9-10k range most of the time. Compare that to my 954 that seemed to always need oil.You have to admit the XX engine is special.
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    You are overthinking this. Group like wires together. Keep the others separate. This is a job for a monkey.
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