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    Flush went well, there was a lot foam in the rear center. Rear brake works better too. Appreciate it πŸ‘
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    My riding buddy passed last thanksgiving and had a few bikes. All went to family except for this last one. 1986 Kawasaki Ninja 1000R. Bike is clean with 36000 miles. Corbin seat has a tear in it. His wife has started it and it runs fine as far as I know. She's asking $2500. I only have the one pic right now but if theres any interest I will take some more if wanted and try to answer any questions. Thanks guys. Skip
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    Do not order All Balls bearing kits. They use cheapest pile of shit Chinesum so-called bearings. Similar quality bearings go on ebay for couple bucks. Tapered bearings blows as well. Yes, I have been around here that long.
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    You say "lady" but I wouldn't want to see what is in it. πŸ˜€
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    Anyone want a '99 Service Manual? I haven't had my Blackbird for a few years now and it's time to part ways with it. $5 to cover shipping and it's yours!
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    Six years ago when my grandson, who lives with us, started seriously thinking about real cars instead of video games. We pulled the covers off so he could see what old iron looked and felt like. We put some air in the circa 1982 model tires. That was probably the last time it was completely uncovered. It is 50 years old now.
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    After 5-6 coats of candy and 3 coats of clear. I'm very pleased with results but we are not done yet. It will be wet sanded again and cleared with different clear for even more depth. Today I used UC35, final step will be done with UFC35 clear. All products used today are from House of Kolor.
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    Ya, he has always been a trouble maker. 😁
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    Yes, but the rest of us take that well. It's what makes us all men and brothers. You give your best friends the most shit. You should see my best friend talk about me sinking a Jeep, and me about always fucking up GFCI installs (he does commercial work with no GFCIs, always gets confused with them.
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    That kinda looks like a dial indicator, but they only measure linear movement in line with the plunger; what is that thing called? Today I played with the adjustments and might have figured out the solution. The mysterious mechanical clutch actuator is kinda odd and it appears that I just need to make some adjustments/tweaks. The cable is too long to get a proper adjustment without having the adjusters all the way out to where they're falling off the threads, but at that point I was able to get a good release and find neutral. I'll take some measurements using your guy's measurement & photo to confirm, then I'll probably have to have a cable made to the right length. Thank you joblock and blackhawk.
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    I'm sure most of you already know this but if any of you don't please be advised rockmeupto125 as a really nice guy. Kung Fu aside I wish I could shake his hand and buy him a beer.
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    I went with the $20 Wyze cameras. They have SD card memory (not required) and save things on the cloud. Events in your motion detection range will save for 2 weeks I think, plenty long enough for you to know if something happened. I go through them daily and have them set up very sensitive so it picks up birds, rain drops, even wasps that fly by. I put one in the laundry room window that covers the front yard and driveway entrance and one in the back yard on the gate side that covers the shop and vehicles. No monthly fee, I just use the free service with the app. They pick up audio or motion but I have the audio off since they are in the house. Supposedly you can buy housings to mount them outside but I just don't know that I trust that with the amount of rainfall and humidity we have down here. I caught Tinkerbell/ghost/flying spaghetti monster/creature from the black lagoon/insert whatever you think it is here. This was early AM so the reality is the sun rising through the double panes of glass caused it and also kinda washes out the image some. Hope it loads... 20200528_10_32_58.mp4
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    If I were her I might respond with "my friend said it should be worth closer to $4,500" and see what he says. Then probably take what he offers even if it's only the 3,500.
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    She didn't price it yet. She was offered $3500 and I told her no. I thought she could get 4-4.5 fairly quickly. She wants it gone, but doesn't feel like giving it away.
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    I have had them read the first and ask them how it says there will be a separation of church and state, it usually leaves them confounded. Apparently few have actually read it.
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    Do you allow democrats to buy these so they can wipe their asses during this fake pandemic they created?
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    A tale of three laptops. I was thinking about an SSD for my Dell M6600. It has a 250G hard drive currently, no where near full. I also have an Acer the youngest bricked - no idea what is wrong. Found the Acer power supply and trying to charge it now. I was just looking for a power supply for son no.2's HP g7-2017cl on NewEgg. He abandoned it to me. (I already ordered and received an SSD and battery for it) it powers up. Could use a Win7 CD or similar- ? Then it should upgrade to 10 automatically when MSFT finds it? ...oldest son says put Linux on it. I'd like to install my legal "old" version of AutoCAD. ...built to run mon XP platform. The old Dell 610 @Biometrix sent me has the screen going out finally, but was a real workhorse for many years. Great use Thanks! Can I make Win 10 "run as" XP? I have some small Bluetooth antennae I needed one for my Bose Color II. I got a couple extra if any of you know you need one.
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    That's one hell of a naked lady collection...
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    I'm glad it's in another country.
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    First coats- I mixed interclear sg100 with some Ice Pearls. Measured by eye, less is usually better in situation like this.
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    I’d not trust anything like that beyond short term fixes. Used something similar (not Bar’s), and it held on a cross-country trip. When I flushed the system, the leak returned. Dismounting the radiator and taking it in to be repaired at a local shop was the more permanent fix.
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    If the front caliper is below the rear reservoir, I'm almost positive it is, it'll work. It's not as far below as the front calipers to front reservoir so it'll be slower, but will still work. Some will say that gravity bleeding doesn't work and that you need pressure or vacuum, but I've been solo bleeding systems using only gravity for a couple decades. Another trick that's handy (especially with LBS and ABS where you REALLY don't want to deal with air intrusion) if you need to remove a hose or caliper, depress the master cylinder piston a little bit and it'll keep the rest of the system from going dry. On a car that means using a bar or something to hold the pedal down a bit. On a bike I use a zip tie to hold the front and a screwdriver or other slim thing to hold the rear pedal down, slip it between the pedal and stop screw or whatever limits the up-travel of the pedal. You don't need to depress the piston enough to make pressure, but if you do it's no biggie, when you first crack the bleeder you'll get a tiny spurt then nothing. In most masters the piston only has to move about 1/8" to block the port, but the lever/pedal travel will be much more than that since they all have a leverage advantage. I usually move it enough to feel a little pressure and that's a guarantee that the port is blocked. I've left systems open for days using this trick and the master was still full. Once the repair is done open the bleed nipple, a beer, then release the caliper piston. Pour fluids as needed, just know that beer isn't good for brakes and DOT4 might fuck with your taste buds so try to not mix them up.
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    So Ended up getting a pair of SPAL 6.5" fans. I am thinking I should probably use a relay? MFG suggests 13A fuse for one fan but I cant recall OHMs law to figure what they will be in parallel. Opinions? suggestions?
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    I just tried and it did lock. I didn't stomp the pedal, but pressed it, and it took a pretty hard press. I think the Gille's pedal gives a little less leverage than the stock pedal does so it may be a little easier on a stocker. I was shocked by how much front brake it applied, it slowed pretty hard.
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    Ahahahahah!! A horoscope believer. You can't make up shit this funny.
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    A quick update since I saw this thread was on the first page here... Removed the tank a few weeks ago and removed the float, petcock, etc. Filled it with a gallon of muriatic acid, about a gallon of CLR, and 100 stainless #8 X 3/4" screws. Made some interesting vapors, and got pretty hot as I was shaking it. Killed a nice sized patch of my back yard grass as well. But it got the tank pretty clean inside, rust appears to be all gone from where I can see inside. Screws were fairly easy to get out thru the float hole. Rinsed it out for about 30 minutes with a hose just running into it, then dried with acetone and filled with fuel after putting back on the bike. Keeping it completely topped off at all times when parked to hopefully keep the rest from reappearing. there's a gas station 1.1 miles from my house so it's easy to keep the tank full after a ride. Been running great, haven't ridden it much but my wife took it out for a few rides with me and she likes it a lot, says it's very comfortable for her and she likes riding it.
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