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  1. And put a Harley sticker on it.
  2. On another side note, waaaay back, 1974 or so, One of the other mechanics was working on a Honda 350 trying to get it to start. He had replaced a few parts to no avail and asked me to look at it. I hit the start button and told him that the battery was connected backward. He said no, I checked that. I convinced him a new battery would fix it, it did. Apparently the owner had the battery go dead flat and charged it with reversed polarity. It was spinning the starter backward.
  3. Sorry for the mix-up. I will take the converti bars.
  4. Why the pivot pegs? I like them on the GS but on that?
  5. Well, that sold fast. Sadly, not to me.
  6. I have a friend here that immigrated from Greece, with a fraction of what he had. Actually he came with the dollars he had stashed because the banks froze all accounts. The Greek financial crisis if anyone recalls. He has been warning me that it is beginning to look the same here. So buying things makes some sense.
  7. Or this one. https://missoula.craigslist.org/mcy/d/missoula-2007-honda-vfr-interceptor/7290332973.html
  8. I am somewhat tempted to get this just to go along with the AT. https://missoula.craigslist.org/mcy/d/corvallis-2007-honda-vfr800-interceptor/7297970361.html
  9. Or braid loops on each end. Even better if you slip a swage on first and crimp the end of the loop
  10. Or move to Montana, I don't think it's ever been warm enough to have the fan come on.
  11. Wish I knew what this was in, but I'm happy not to have to drive it.
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