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  1. ....I just blushed a little. ...discussing electrical issues on a Honda forum.... 🙄
  2. It makes him happy to own it.... He had a CB750-Four back in the early 70's that he enjoys reminiscing about too. He's more than 10 years older than me and still water skis.
  3. ....snort. A friend here in WI told me yesterday his MG has electrical issues. I took a poke at Lucas Electrics. He said he thought there were in fact some on-noard.
  4. ....that's why I had infered that. I went through it on my 2000. The classic thread, there are others:
  5. Do you know where to find the Fuel injection light?
  6. 4 corners is a three sided triangle (the fourth leg is a gimme. That would be close to 10,000 miles.
  7. ...betcha a quarter someone does.
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