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  1. Don’t press on the gas pedal so hard. Sorry i dint have a Facebook link to help show you how.
  2. Typical response from someone who actually knows they spew bullshit and got caught.
  3. Mostly all false. And I love how you claim multiple time you know better than BMW R&D and their “faulty design” - your limit if idiocy is bottomless.
  4. I simply don’t want to hear him bitch about an incredible product and company. BECAUSE YOU KNOW HE WILL.
  5. NOCO is a well known shit brand Mike. Poor quality, poor packaging, and just overall poor everything. STAY AWAY FROM NOCO.
  6. Jesus H Vern - you know your shit.
  7. My bad. Apologies - I should have known better than to stick my nose in an electric related convo. All I know is - MY battery (lol) performed like a trooper this weekend. I was shocked with how little energy the Alpicool uses. I could run that thing for days on a single charge.
  8. So I don’t or do have a Lipo or is what I have different.
  9. I called the manufacture and they told me to leave it on the trickle charger all winter - nothing negative will happen. So I did. Hopefully I didn’t fuck it up.
  10. You helped me pick it out. It’s a Lifpo4
  11. My Lipo battery was used this past weekend - it ran a huge refrigerated and freezer cooler for 12 hours and only used 20% of its capacity. I was amazed. Having a fridge and freezer on a boat is a game changer. No ice rules.
  12. DaveK

    Paint job 3.0

    I love it. It’s like those patterns they put on cars when they are hiding new design plans.
  13. Nice to see it going to a good home and relatively drama free.
  14. You’ve got a lot to live for - as do I. This is how I see it now versus when I was in my 20/30 and 40’s where it was “I’ve got plenty of time to course correct”
  15. I’ve been in a “groove” of feeling amazing before, during and after work trips (and there have been many) and now semi- addicted to feeling good. Travel and eating super healthy is hard especially when you are always entertaining.
  16. Close that border of yours and the price quadruples and the fat lazy American in the truck eating McNuggets will be the guy doing the job next time.
  17. Being a thing and cops doing whatever they want are 2 different things.
  18. Spot on other than older ones bringing decent money. Not really. Unless we are talking about the late 1800 early 19 models. Which were pocket watches. Everything else - not really.
  19. It would help my level of comprehension.
  20. I don't understand.... got a 120 minute YT video for me?
  21. 219 completely ridiculous posts. Cont…
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