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  1. Exact case I bought for the Honda XR. Identical. Dollar for dollar - it was awesome.
  2. This was back in the late 80’s through the 90’s and early 2000’s. You got 2 15 minute breaks and a 30. The 30 never fell during a meal period. I’ve got no pull to change it.
  3. I went to get a refill this past weekend and the pharmacist told me she has tried it 4 times in 5 years and it's made her so sick she has not been able to stay on it for more than a few months or so.
  4. Seriously, I poop fine (I take 3 Metamucil pills a day 3 in the AM and 3 in the PM) not much nausea... but it's hard to get nauseous when you don't eat that much anymore. Other than "very slight nausea" - absolutely nothing.
  5. I am experiencing one side effect - it's not too bad but it's making me very moody and a bit of a feeling of depression. I think it's more related to not consuming enough food to maintain a level of energy but planning on talking to the doc about it.
  6. It's my stomach fighting my brain and vice versa. I do find myself with big eyes and a limited sized stomach. I have had VERY minimal side effects but I have also mastered not testing those limits too. Smaller portions, smaller bites, longer dining time.... it what I am trying to accomplish.... so, I can actually eat a meal like a human. But like you... I am a "get it over" guy too. Always have been.
  7. Maybe better suited for the health & diet section, not sure. (feel free to move) I've got to change. In my industry... you got 15 minutes (standing in the office) to suck down a meal. I've tried to break the habit... not successfully. I know it's healthier to eat slowly, digest, conversate, and relax....but it's usually either order and wait an hour for it only to take 8 minutes to shove it down or cook all day to simply do the same. Any tips or tricks out there other than.... "fucking just slow down?"
  8. Congrats on the almost all good numbers. Keep it up!
  9. Chik Filet and Popeyes in the NE are going up like McDonalds did in the 70's and 80's. The basic chix sandies are good I must say.
  10. Vision loss... worth it I guess since the other option is death.
  11. Piece of shit. It will never sell. Total garbage. Looks ABUSED too ❤️
  12. Cause knowing you - you’d tell me why they are all wrong, you can build it better and cheaper. 😊 - or you’d tell me to remove them all and replace them with something better.
  13. I don't need to even look it up. I have been using Torx Plus bits for a while now.
  14. The wind noise in the Jeep is terrible.
  15. Drastic: Diet change Exercise change Weight loss Medication Fishing
  16. Average blood pressure in Q4 of 2023 was 158/94 Average blood pressure so far in Q2 of 2024 is 106/68
  17. Don’t press on the gas pedal so hard. Sorry i dint have a Facebook link to help show you how.
  18. Typical response from someone who actually knows they spew bullshit and got caught.
  19. Mostly all false. And I love how you claim multiple time you know better than BMW R&D and their “faulty design” - your limit if idiocy is bottomless.
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