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  1. LOL, any Escort product. It was from Moriah's VR4 Laser jammer. She hard-installed it and the portable smartcord was just found in a box.
  2. https://nutritionfacts.org/blog/do-taxpayer-subsidies-play-a-role-in-the-obesity-epidemic/?utm_source=NutritionFacts.org&utm_campaign=3aab73d9eb-RSS_BLOG_DAILY&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_40f9e497d1-3aab73d9eb-28710906&mc_cid=3aab73d9eb Why are U.S. taxpayers giving billions of dollars to support the likes of the sugar and meat industries? More than half of all calories consumed by most adults in the United States were found to originate from these subsidized foods, and they appear to be worse off for it. Those eating the most had significantly higher levels of chronic disease risk factors, including elevated cholesterol, inflammation, and body weight.
  3. Perfect. The evidence shows that between 50 and 70 is ideal. There's no improvement in health beyond 50, but a huge improvement between 30 or less and 50.
  4. I was told by multiple shops that nobody gets polarized, and indeed it's hard to order. Which is good, because that sucks for screen usability. What they do highly recommend are all of the advanced coatings that block blue light, UV, IR, etc etc. The actual glare, without blocking much light. So I've run with the high-end photochromic add-on (Nikon I think) for a long time. Dark enough when needed, even inside a car, but not so dark that it's challenging to see. No glare, big improvement with computer screens, no blocking from polarization. Sam's Club is cheap and reliable with a nearly blanket guarantee for at least a year.
  5. My recent research has been around GHK-Cu, which is very well proven to repair a variety of bodily tissues. ÏAbove, it's sold as a topical skin repair. It's also been well studied for increased healing in open wounds. Injection leads to soft tissue repair in the body. It has an extremely low risk profile and very high benefit profile. Today I'm going down the path of using it nasally, to affect the brain. Mouse testing, there aren’t any great human studies that are peer reviewed yet. GHK-Cu fights cognitive decline https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC10680828/ This studies the general relationship between recovering from physical stress and the fact that age-related diseases are associated with the same pathways. Meaning that because it can fix damage to the body when injected, and fix skin topically, can it help the brain by being taken nasally? (Nasal is the most reliable way to cross the blood-brain barrier.) Bottom line; mice were able to navigate mazes and complete tasks faster and better with this peptide, particularly male mice. Empirical testing of the brain tissue shows notable improvements. ***** The neuropathology data supported the cognitive test results. Inflammation is a hallmark pathway of aging and is increasingly present in the brains of C57BL/6 mice [32]. The brains from mice treated with intranasal GHK-Cu showed a decrease in MCP-1, a marker used to indicate inflammation [33]. Interestingly, the decrease in staining intensity was more pronounced in the brains from female mice than male mice, even though the peptide showed a more effective increase in resilience to cognitive decline in males. The lack of significant differences in staining intensity for IBA-1, a marker for microglia, was somewhat surprising. Microglia are resident immune cells in the brain and are generally increased with increasing age as the result of neuronal insults and damage [34]. Brains from male mice but not female mice, treated with intranasal GHK-Cu, only showed a decreased trend for the presence of microglia, suggesting microglia are not a robust target for GHK-Cu at least under the experimental conditions of this study. The third IHC neuropathology antibody marker used in this study showed an increased staining intensity for neurofilament light chain (NFL-1) as an indicator of axonal damage [35]. Clearly, the brains from both male and female mice treated with intranasal GHK-Cu showed decreased staining intensity for NFL-1 suggesting that axonal damage is associated with brain aging that can be attenuated with GHK-Cu treatment. Although the mechanism for this effect was not investigated, it could be speculated that GHK-Cu might be triggering a wound healing effect similar to that occurring in damaged skin [13]. Overall, these neuropathology observations suggest that GHK-Cu acts on molecular markers associated with different pathways in the brain in a sex dependent manner, and that additional drugs could be added as a cocktail to be more effective in enhancing resilience to age-related cognitive decline.
  6. That's awesome. I should note that my test this week is after not having taken any D supplements since November, when I had the 100+, so I'm still living off my own supply.
  7. Under doctor care, I have heard that's done for extreme cases. I agree with you. I wouldn't feel comfortable telling someone to do 50k as it's outside my knowledge. I only know for sure that 20k has been tested. Personally this to me would be medically urgent.
  8. That seems incompatible with life. Holy shit, didn't know a living person could be that low! Get supplements NOW! You can take a lot to start, and it takes weeks or months to see a change either up or down. 20k IU is indicated for severe issues like that.
  9. In a neighborhood conversation last night, I learned that "peptide" is a new buzzword in MSM/social media, and that everyone thinks they were just invented. Nobody seems to know that old and super-common things like hyaluronic acid and collagen are peptides and proteins. Or that a peptide is just a protein fragment. And that they are just an amino chain that's too short to be a protein. Everyone thinks they are "chemicals" and "artificial." Apparently Olay did a 16 page ad in Vogue to spread the word on their Peptide24 collagen/B3/HA blend. Which I use, and love.
  10. So basically, you confirmed that you have no idea how this works, and everything you posted was for nothing. If you want to have educational (in both directions) and rational conversations, you should go seek research and data before you opine randomly. So, for everyone else, check your D levels, especially as you age. And if you're losing weight, either test or just stop the Vitamin D supplements completely. Being low sucks. Being high can have lifelong consequences.
  11. Wait, do you think that D levels rise and fall in a day? Or hours? Or even a few days? Like you could cause a spike by taking them?
  12. You can't be that retarded. I literally showed you the data on my actual blood levels being dangerously high. Are you trolling?
  13. My doctor and I didn't worry. I don't know why you would keep making that an issue. If you're high, fix it. That simple. If you're losing weight, stop taking supplements. Simple, no worries. That's why we're here, to fix things, not worry.
  14. I'll review this thread, but I don't think I've posted any opinions at all. I'll try to be sure I don't. Very common.
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