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  1. No, some other sale/new owner I ran across, just tossed it here since this thread meandered into all sorts of used bike talk.
  2. This is a weird one. The more you look, the worse it gets.
  3. The clunk on an old slow carb bird must be ludicrous, because it's annoying as fuck in the one with the anti-clunk. One of the things I noticed when I rode mine to the buyer's place, because I'd ridden the KTM the day before and its transmission is so much smoother.
  4. Also, the center could be larger and still work right? Isn't all the load on the bolts anyway? And it would not be expensive to have one with a smaller hole machined out. I had some wheels with too-small center holes cut at a machine shop for under $20 per. Ooooh... https://duckduckgo.com/?q=blank+sprocket&atb=v270-1&ia=web
  5. Boats are a great place to find aftermarket parts out for everyone to see.
  6. Sometimes the aftermarket ones are bigger, and can take more power. Sometimes they're not as good. Really depends on how you ride it.
  7. The carb ones clearly must run hotter since they draw in hot intake air, and every Professional®™ knows that's the key to engine operation. In fact, not sure why any carbed XXs are even still running at all.
  8. Meh, meandering threads about mechanical things is a fun part of life. Probably, because I see an oil cooler air duct piece for the carb bikes, but not the FI bikes (with minimal, casual search for parts).
  9. I tried image searching, here's a fun result: Do these snorkels go nowhere on the carb models?
  10. They don't have "ram" air, but pretty sure they have nozzles that reach into the fairing holes, no? I don't think I've every seen a naked carb bird. But otherwise, I assume that in one of the ignored messages above Tomek proved why all boat engines are destroyed shortly after warmup, on every boat ever made? Dude's never been wrong, so be careful. Back to the OP, I think the best answer is just to not fuck with it. I can see no good coming of it, and probably no bad, so net zero.
  11. He's probably arguing with himself as usual, and just not understanding the posts made by others. Pretty much all of the "you're stupid" posts he's directed at everyone included a misunderstanding mixed with the overwhelming need to be 'right" and prove something. Even when nobody is wrong or even making an argument, he needs to make sure someone is. Lower intake air temp helps keep oil, metal, and water cooler; lower oil temp helps the others keep cooler, etc. So it's what you said, and energy is energy. No matter where you are exchanging it, the net heat still has to be remov
  12. Don't try to make sense of his ramblings. The next thing you know you wake up in the ER, with blood dripping from your ear, and a nurse asking, "What were you thinking about??"
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