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  1. And I agree with you as well. Clear is cool til it has some use on it and turns yellow.
  2. Clear seems to discolor and look grungy much sooner than black.
  3. I would say folks are getting confused, possibly they are using SER cable which is almost always aluminum. But yeah, copper 6AWG works within your 125% of constant load. Yeah, tape one of the hots. But the neutral should be white or grey, and ground green.
  4. That's a pretty good price for a full rebuild, depending on what was replaced. You lose the "I did it" factor and bonding with your ride, but life is short, and I already know more about carbs than I want to.
  5. Lowes is weird. But convenient for short pieces of wire. I assume your connectors only support #6 conductors. With Cu THHN it will be fine if the only thing on the line is the charging port. Start running lights or something on it and you'll be undersupplied.
  6. I like it, looks pretty cheerful camo. And my old bike looks pretty sharp too. Philip thinks your downtown spoiler looks like a fish. I don't know what you mean by "million plus coach."
  7. Congrats, good on you, keep us posted. Now Racer, why are you posting a sold priller?
  8. I did as well, then there was this flood and I never saw it again. My guess is that it ran off with that Benelli Sei tank that I was hoarding.
  9. Digging around in the stuff I need to get rid of I found six 12oz cans of R12. I know some folks still keep the A/C in their older cars, so I will offer it up here for a decent price. Let me know if there's an interest.
  10. Last call for miscellaneous XX bits and pieces. This place is getting cleaned up and I can't be emotional about it. This stuff is leaving soon. If there is something you need, speak up and I'll try to find it. Rare-ish items with high demand are being sold at reasonable prices, otherwise things are pennies on a dollar to cover shipping and aggravation. I find more stuff as I dig through the back yard. Speak up. The worst I can say is I don't have it. My stock of bodywork is very minimal. Most of the stuff I have is not pristine, but well, that'll buff out.
  11. You guys go ahead and figure it out. Best quote I have for shippingis $1250 and that ain't gonna cut it.
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