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  1. I've a strong feeling its the Marchesini pattern. I've forgotten enough trigonometry to figure it out.
  2. It's a lightweight wheel I thought I was getting a good deal on. Came with an aluminum sprocket and I thought I'd change it out with no real problem. The Caro's for instance take a Kawi sprocket as I recall. This is a TWM wheel, looks very similar to the stock one. Here's a representative. https://www.ebay.com/itm/HONDA-CBR1100XX-TWM-Rear-Wheel-yyy-/264667888588?_ul=IL
  3. Hey all, I'm in need of a special sprocket. It's got a bolt circle of 3.5 inches by quick guesstimation with a tape measure, 5 bolts. There used to be catalogs online that one could search, not any more, apparently, or google searches need to throw you to advertisers negates the actual search. Anybody got any ideas? I need a 530 pitch, 45 tooth sprocket with a bolt circle of 3.5 inches and 5 bolts. Inner bore probably 2.5 inches or so. I just wouldn't expect it to be a proprietary sprocket when there are plenty of off the shelf designs available. Thanks!
  4. That'll buff out. Are the case threads damaged? Tap and die is your friend.
  5. Uhaul of Chandler, McKays Hardware, and Uhaul of Sun Lakes all show it in inventory, $15/day.
  6. You can borrow one of mine. Doesn't uhaul have one with a sort of built in wheel locator, like a divot in the front wall?
  7. If you have something to practice on, then practice. If your bike has Michelins, they are great tires, but the sidewalls are stiff and can be difficult, especially on the front tire with less room for movement. You need the proper equipment, at least good tire spoons. Screwdrivers are not appropriate for this operation. Make sure tires are warm and there's lots of lube. You'll need good air flow as well to seat the bead.
  8. I'm with blackstone. Change the oil and run it. I'd change the oil, run it 'til it starts and runs down the road reliably, change the oil, put 500 or so miles on it, and then send another sample. That will be over the winter at earliest and you'll be able to plan future work on the bike.
  9. Nah, it would cost $1000 to ship it here. Not worth that to me. But thank you.
  10. I wouldn't buy a used vehicle at distance without seeing it myself, knowing the seller, or having one of our distinguished forum friends put eyes on it, or it being so cheap I couldn't lose, all of which have happened. Unfortunately, there are a lot of assholes out there, you know.
  11. I'd be all over this if it was within 500 miles. Looks really clean despite the mileage. https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/1997-Honda-CBR-1100XX-5016405763
  12. You are absolutely right! And i bet i have a picture of that box somewhere as well. Good luck with sale.
  13. Doesn't Fastenall do large shipments as well? 😁
  14. Hi Matt. Your bike was sitting for 2 years and required a new fuel pump. Did you check the injectors? My guess is that they are near solid with crap, and a squirt of starting fluid into the intake while cranking it with the throttle open should get you a satisfying rumble for a second or two. You're welcome. Private message me for my address. I accept both fossilized unicorn poop and RD250LC's as payment for services.
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