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  1. Don’t press on the gas pedal so hard. Sorry i dint have a Facebook link to help show you how.
  2. Typical response from someone who actually knows they spew bullshit and got caught.
  3. Mostly all false. And I love how you claim multiple time you know better than BMW R&D and their “faulty design” - your limit if idiocy is bottomless.
  4. I simply don’t want to hear him bitch about an incredible product and company. BECAUSE YOU KNOW HE WILL.
  5. NOCO is a well known shit brand Mike. Poor quality, poor packaging, and just overall poor everything. STAY AWAY FROM NOCO.
  6. Jesus H Vern - you know your shit.
  7. My bad. Apologies - I should have known better than to stick my nose in an electric related convo. All I know is - MY battery (lol) performed like a trooper this weekend. I was shocked with how little energy the Alpicool uses. I could run that thing for days on a single charge.
  8. So I don’t or do have a Lipo or is what I have different.
  9. I called the manufacture and they told me to leave it on the trickle charger all winter - nothing negative will happen. So I did. Hopefully I didn’t fuck it up.
  10. You helped me pick it out. It’s a Lifpo4
  11. My Lipo battery was used this past weekend - it ran a huge refrigerated and freezer cooler for 12 hours and only used 20% of its capacity. I was amazed. Having a fridge and freezer on a boat is a game changer. No ice rules.
  12. DaveK

    Paint job 3.0

    I love it. It’s like those patterns they put on cars when they are hiding new design plans.
  13. Nice to see it going to a good home and relatively drama free.
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