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  1. AFAM has this, https://www.afam.com/en/service-2/sprocket-finder/ but I couldn't find anything close to the numbers you gave.
  2. I might re-use a rear steel sprocket, but always put on a new front sprocket with a new chain.
  3. Yes, I am, and yes, it would. I have also completed the Star Racing School (twice), and done a couple dozen track days just for fun, no competition. It definitely helps make you a better road rider. That is why I recommended it to Mike. Having more skill/confidence also makes having to keep within the traffic laws, and sharing the road with cages more painful.
  4. That's fine, but don't expect everyone else to wait for you. Make sure you know the whole route, and planned stops before hand, otherwise you might find yourself riding alone the whole day. For the record, I've never "got a knee down", even on the many track days I've done. Not flexible enough for that, apparently.
  5. It's an old bike. Probably just a minor oil leak from the cap on the upper balance shaft access, or from one of those bolts with the copper washers. Totally normal for this bike. If you start seeing puddles of oil, then you need to look into fixing it.
  6. That was 10-15 over on the straights. We just don't slow down as much as you on the curves. You have done too many miles on two wheels, to be as slow as you were in Arkansas. I think a track-day class would do your confidence a world of good. Just don't argue with the instructor when he tells you you're doing it wrong.
  7. If you count jumping curbs as more aggressive, then, yes. I also think he should get the Angel GT's.
  8. For your riding style, that is pretty bad mileage for a front tire. Maybe the BMW shop didn't quite get your baby back to newish condition? Might want verify that everything is straight/aligned.
  9. Yep. Individual levers was usually a Lenco. Loved to watch Bob Glidden grab those levers with the precision of a robot. I saw an episode of Finnegan's Garage that showed a true, 6-speed w/reverse, sequential transmission for (mostly) roadrace cars. He and the builders were talking about it like an info-mercial. They didn't mention how much it costs, but guessing it was north of 8 grand.
  10. Also, cool. Does it work the same way down-shifting?
  11. I have never had to do this, so it's best someone else chimes in. Also, I no longer have a Bird or manual to look at. As improbable as it sounds, I have heard of copper wires "breaking" inside the insulation with no apparent external damage. Make sure the wire(s) from the relay to the pump plug have continuity, and make sure there are no holes rubbed in the insulation.
  12. LOL. I understand. I figured that was something a person would do, uh, "in person", and then take it back home after the test. Definitely, wouldn't do an "over-nighter".
  13. Check for power coming out of the relay itself. If that's good, maybe one of our Chicago area peeps would be willing to loan you their functional ECU to check if that is the problem?
  14. Did you check the "tip-over" switch?
  15. I think it's #22 on Bike Bandit's parts fiche. 91204-MG8-003 https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/2000-honda-super-blackbird-cbr1100xx/o/m151353#sch91739 I'm not sure you can replace that seal without separating the engine cases. Someone here will likely know.
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