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  1. It is never gonna happen but I wish they would build sport cars for enthusiast with lightweight flywheel, no synchros and sequential shifter. Synchros slow the gearchange big time. Trucks don't have them and one can change gears almost as fast as in the car despite the fact transmission is physically million times bigger.
  2. Btw, real man don't drive automatics. Lol. In all seriousness days when manual transmission offered superior performance are long gone. It is the other way around now. Sad.
  3. I won't touch "normal" automatic, or one with torque converter and planetary gears. I have very foggy idea how they work. Basically I'm clueless about them.
  4. Another example of special tool 3rd World style. Since tranny was out anyway I decided to replace most of bearings. The one on main shaft presented a problem since I don't have a puller with locking jaws. The room to inserts jaws is limited and you can't get them behind bearing. The ring on outside races gotta do. After couple failed attempts I decided to lock jaws with a strap that was laying around. It work like dream.
  5. IIRC it is downhill coming back from Canadastan at that particular crossing. The last hour of sitting in the traffic is downhill. Before that is uphill. So I guess it could suck in August. BTW, nice fingerless gloves.👍
  6. Pipe wrench has not really been that shocking to me but clutch disc + vise as a input shaft locker - I can't stop laughing when I look at the pic. So hillbilly shade tree mechanic style. But it does work wonderfully. 5th gear synchros on both gen of turbo rx7 break due to relatively soft trans and engine mounts. They twists to the left at WOT, so when going from 2nd to 3rd at 25 psi of boost it is very easy to get into 5th gear instead of 3rd. Do it couple of times and BOOM- broken synchro. Mazda updated design like 275 times but they can still brake. About 170 K miles on th
  7. Reason for all that trouble. Broken 5th gear synchro. Gold thingy in the picture.
  8. So I was disassembling rx7 gearbox today. There is vibration dumper on the output shaft. held in place by big ass 50+ mm nut. It had to come off. How do you take it off without factory tool? Well, that is how. Put transmission in gear, lock input shaft with old clutch disk and vise, use pipe wrench and decent size hammer. One whack and Boom, it is lose. Brilliant example of redneck style problem solving. Btw I stole it from internet. Dumper is that silver thing on the right side of the picture.
  9. "Longest recorded strike ends as the Danish barbers' assistants end a 33 year strike" lol. What happened with them? They cut them loose?
  10. I was thinking about passes. Lol. I looked at the pic of rad on ebay and realized it cannot be possibly dual pass. That was before my second coffee for the day. Apologies. And yes, all marketing claims have to be verified. Let's say thicker rad is suppose to cool better but perhaps is is gonna choke the airflow thru the core and the end result will be not so great. Same with dual and triple pass. It depends on water pump capabilities and so on.
  11. If inlet and outlet are in stock locations it cannot be possibly 2 row. I've seen pics of those alleged 2 rows on ebay. Those are clearly single pass units. Two row rad would have in and out on the same side. If they are on opposite ends they are single. Or even triple. All that applies to rads with horizontal tubes.
  12. Fyi don't not use All Balls fork seals. Pile of shit just like their bearing kits. Brand new seal went kaput after 1.5 days on the track. Avoid.
  13. I had very same failure. Fixed that on the trip with permatex radiator repair kit.
  14. Btw, replace all rad hoses, especially the one on the back of engine block.
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