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  2. If someone pulled up in my driveway right now and offered me $1000 for this thing I'd take it.
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  4. Nevermind. Just tested. Works well. On to the next thing. Replacing vacuum line with new and trying again.
  5. Also does anyone know how much vacuum is needed to activate diaphragm. I have a mighty vac and can rig something up to test the valve.
  6. Corned beef hash, hash browns. What brand hummus? Some, like Cedar brand, are bland garbage. Boar's Head and Sabra are pretty good.
  7. Something I forgot to say; if it has LED taillights they probably won't do the goofy open ground stuff I mentioned, I've never tested it, but guessing not. If the light only has two wires then it's being internally grounded by the mounting screws, usually only one of them. If it has an external ground wire it 'should' be white and is almost always attached to one of the light's mounting screws, or it'll have its own screw. I've never seen a trailer that had a ground wire going back to the lights, they're always frame grounded at each end. If it uses normal bulbs check it, trailer bulbs and bulb sockets shit out way faster than on a car. I can't imagine the axle causing it. The hub could if it was machined wrong, super loose bearings might be able to cause it. Either can be easily checked.
  8. So while I'm figuring out how to update the topic title I'll give an update. First thing I did was check oil level. That was fine so second guessing my original guess on why engine not turning over. Next thing was to put up on center stand, put bike in 5th and try to rotate wheel backwards (Thanks Joe). Moved a little bit so I thought I would try hitting the starter again. Bike turned over! Sweet! Not hydrolocked. Flat spot in starter? Who knows. I am dealing with a fuel delivery issue though because bike will not start. Catches on full choke but will not stay running. Only firing a bit while starter engaged and choke on. End of vacuum hose was dry and split so trimmed it and reconnected. Still same. Is there a way to test the valve/diaphragm to see if it works? What do I need to apply enough vacuum to see if the diaphragm is still good. My lips? As usual thank you all for your help.
  9. All that it is doing is nothing, brane/signal don't light up, tail light wheh headlights are on is also dead, but the sidelight marker nearest on the same wires, is working properly. I'll check the tire again, but I've even used a spare and swapped the tires to different sides, I wonder if it's an inflation issue, the tires are rated for ~1100lb at 50 psi, I've run them as low as 25 psi because the weight of the bike and trailer are about 800lb. Each axle is rated for 1400 lb also, I'm hoping the axles aren't the issue as they are torflex and it gets expensive to swap out parts on a trailer I might use twice a year.
  10. Not sure what's there beside eggs but it looks good. Hey I was living life on the edge today 🙂, bought garlic hummus and tasted it for the first time. It was meh but other flavors might be better.
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  12. When a trailer light has an open ground it'll usually do weird shit like flash all the running lights when you hit the turn signal and light them all with the brake applied. If they're wired straight to the vehicle's taillight wiring the car's lights will also act up with turn and brake.
  13. Many, maybe most, trailer lights ground through the mounting studs/screws. First thing I'd check is the weights to make sure they didn't fall off, next would be to spin the tire and make sure it's not out of round. I had a clip-on weight fall off about a mile from the tire shop, and watched a stick-on fall off Carlos's dirt bike while it was just sitting there.
  14. Very far from healthy, but a nice treat. Blood sugar impact was somewhat high, and very long lasting, not just up and back down.
  15. Fuck that reminds me, the ground for one of my lights is cut somewhere, and I have to figure out why my (balanced) 10" tires are jumping.
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  17. It's 92. I left for MotoGP the day after wearing a jacket, pants, and wool cap to be outside. Came back to full summer.
  18. Close that border of yours and the price quadruples and the fat lazy American in the truck eating McNuggets will be the guy doing the job next time.
  19. I love Wisconsin. PXL_20240419_205712133.TS.mp4
  20. No safety tie-offs. A guy working on a roof a couple doors the other direction fell off and died 4 years ago.
  21. Neighbor across the street had the same last year. They worked a couple hours after dark to get it finished. The boss or owner sat in his truck and watched the full time they were there without lifting a finger.
  22. ...the crew finally showed up at the neighbors. It's about twenty Mexicans. They started tear-off at 7:30 am today - my little pittie went bejerky. We went over and said hi, she's good now. Neighbor says the scheduled two days total.
  23. How else am I to stoke the fire?!?! But no, this is a proper Blackbird, the original fastest bike in the world, not that white thing with fuel infection. Which was beautiful. This one's living outside for now, but I'm glad you mentioned that because I've been considering moving it indoors.
  24. This is the bike I have seen parked in front of your living room fireplace? 🔥
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