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  2. I have plan. Load heavier shit in side bags, and lightweight things like sleeping bag, clothes, etc. in top case. I'll be fine. Good pilot car fly on barn door. I like rails/attachment points on the top. I've permanently attached bungee net on the top. I can keep mash jacket there in case it gets too damn hot. I still have trauma after last year's ride from Colorado Springs to Omaha in 108 F. And high humidity. No clue how I survived. 😁
  3. Load that thing up and dramatically reduce front tire wear! Score - might need to put her on the back.
  4. Exact case I bought for the Honda XR. Identical. Dollar for dollar - it was awesome.
  5. It all has started last fall when my ex called me. "There is estate sale right next to where you live, lottsa motorcycle related items, yada da". Not that she really cares about me, but in case there was something she liked I would help her throw it in her station wagon. Lol. Anyway, I scored nice brand new Givi V35 cases, although without mounting kit. Factory bags- I have those- are really nice, but on small side. 28 liters. Allegedly. Perfectly fine for local riding but too small for cross country trips. I do love camping. I figured I would get mounting kit from Givi. Except it had been discontinued and not available. At all. Denis Kirk had one for FZ6 for 1/3 of factory price, it looked I could make it work with some creativity. Then project went on back burner. I'm leaving for my annual trip in about 10 days, yesterday finally decided to do it. Was not that difficult. Extra bend here or there, relocated bracket in the back holding right and left side together. The end result is better vs. Givi mounting kit because I don't have huge OEM muffler, could keep bags nice, tight and closer to the bike. As a matter of fact the bike is borrower vs. Honda bags by about 1 inch. Oh, btw, painted L shaped side covers in bike's matching Platinum pearl. The other point of attack was top case. I do have teardrop shaped Givi bag that I hate with passion. It splits mid height, can't really load much in it without shit falling out when you open it. Enter Chinesum aluminum fake Givi bag. It appears built well enough to use it for couple weeks per year. I don't use top bag to local everyday riding. 50 bucks for side cases, 60 for FZ6 mounting kit, and 170 for fake 65 liters Givi top case.
  6. ‘I’ll have to check. I had an Escort unit and may have lost the cord. Now wondering if both were lost in the move.
  7. LOL, any Escort product. It was from Moriah's VR4 Laser jammer. She hard-installed it and the portable smartcord was just found in a box.
  8. Is there a hooker on the other end of the cord? …is this for an Escort Radar detector?
  9. Smart, Tom . . . I'm 76 this year as well, and have also learned that moderation is like the secret sauce that can keep anyone stronger and healthier. Pumping iron every other day has become more about lighter weights, a few more reps, and better form. I still do the pushups/sit-ups routine on alternate days; but somewhat ironically, those rep numbers have slowly increased (600/330 stacked in eleven sets within a 2.5hr session). Maintaining health, strength, & stamina are the goals; consistency and judicious moderation are the keys that I've found work for me. I gotta believe they'll work for anybody. I realize my six-days-a-week routine might be too much for some folks, but I've been doing something almost every day for more than six decades so it's pretty much the norm for me. If I go more than two days in a row without some exercise, I feel sluggish and may not sleep as well. It's true that we're all a little different (genetically, culturally, mentally/emotionally, etc.), but I believe we could all likely be a little healthier, too--in all respects.
  10. Those are great goals. Good luck to you. The one thing I would be very careful about is pushing limits on lifting. I tore my rotator cuff about 4 years ago lifting too much. Your joints aren't as flexible as they used to be. I just turned 76 and though I work out 4-5 times a week, i don't try and push max weights anymore, I just try to maintain. Fortunately I was blessed with great parents, meaning great genetics. My sister says we hit the genetic jackpot. At 6'-2" I weigh between 185-190 for at least the last 40 years.
  11. Warp just installed a new exhaust on his CBX and think a couple other small things. Said it was a damn nightmare to work on that bike, took most of the day. Soon as I saw something to work on a CBX I understood your frustration.
  12. Last week
  13. Unless it’s radically different, Pro has features for business use that might not be in the Home version. It used to be simple because Pro had more in it that you likely wouldn’t use, but with Windows 7 they had something like 4 tiers of the OS. I got Ultimate when building my Windows 7 system because I didn’t want limited options by saving a few bucks. I don’t doubt it’s changed yet again, but Carlos can fill us in about Windows 11.
  14. What is the difference between civilian Windows and pro?
  15. https://nutritionfacts.org/blog/do-taxpayer-subsidies-play-a-role-in-the-obesity-epidemic/?utm_source=NutritionFacts.org&utm_campaign=3aab73d9eb-RSS_BLOG_DAILY&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_40f9e497d1-3aab73d9eb-28710906&mc_cid=3aab73d9eb Why are U.S. taxpayers giving billions of dollars to support the likes of the sugar and meat industries? More than half of all calories consumed by most adults in the United States were found to originate from these subsidized foods, and they appear to be worse off for it. Those eating the most had significantly higher levels of chronic disease risk factors, including elevated cholesterol, inflammation, and body weight.
  16. I've had this for about 1.5 years. Holding up really well. Carbon fiber/titanium frame hybrid polarized green prescription lenses, can't remember how much I paid, probably around 100 bucks or so. Walmart will make nice polarized lenses to about anything you bring BUT if prescription from their place is too old they won't make lenses till you get fresh one. That was 80 bucks last time, plus 120 for lenses. Now, my prescription have not changed ever, or since I realized I need glasses for long distance, so it feels like waisting money, but other online places are more expensive vs Walmart even with cost of prescription.
  17. https://www.eyebuydirect.com/?channel=cpc&source=google&matchtype=e&kw=eyebuydirect&adid=433125060419&addisttype=g&utm_term=eyebuydirect&utm_source=google&utm_medium=paidsearch&utm_campaign=1.US-EBD-EN-B-NA-Eyebuydirect-Exact-NA-NA-Ecom-NA&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwy8i0BhAkEiwAdFaeGLkJdFSOCiT11qVYH0OYJtDKXJZJ970XjWvTH8HiqKJ-oyVMoxneERoCD8UQAvD_BwE I've used them number of times. Usually takes them around one week to get prescription glasses l. Some of their frames can be polarized, some not. I prefer polarized but just tint is OK as well. I always want green g15 tint, no guess work. I know what I want. I used to get expensive glasses, but it got old quickly. I drive for living, wear glasses pretty much all the time, so they don't last long. Just ordered one clear for helmet, and one green tint for car/truck/outdoors. Frames are ok but screws have the tendency to back off. Even with thread lock. Lol. 100 bucks total for prescriptions. They always have some sort of coupons. Having said that quality of something like Rayban frames is second to none. They last long time. Even their polarized lenses are different in the sense only round section right in the front of your eyeballs is polarized, and the rest not. Or maybe the other way. The point is you can see shit on displays, etc. Cheaper lenses are uniform, entire surface polarized or not.
  18. Perfect. The evidence shows that between 50 and 70 is ideal. There's no improvement in health beyond 50, but a huge improvement between 30 or less and 50.
  19. Just got mine today. F 25OH Vitamin D 62 30-100 (ng/mL) So I guess that is good. I take 2,000 IU a day.
  20. Well, here’s where I’m at. The glasses are about as dark as they can be with the polycarbonate lenses. The tech will try to get them darker. If that’s not good enough, we’d have to change the lens composition (plastic). The problem is that all frames and lenses are made by essentially 3 manufacturers…who are really owned by a sole parent company. Aside from a few expensive boutique brands, everyone gets their supplies from them. In recent years, lenses come pre-coated, and these inclusive features limit how dark the material can be stained. The tech agreed that this is frustrating for people who need dark Rx sunglasses. That said, they showed me another option…. Most people ask for tinted lenses, BUT there are also polarized lenses WITH mirror coating. These are substantially darker by virtue that they reflect light instead of filtering it. So, I made a note about this for future reference.
  21. I was told by multiple shops that nobody gets polarized, and indeed it's hard to order. Which is good, because that sucks for screen usability. What they do highly recommend are all of the advanced coatings that block blue light, UV, IR, etc etc. The actual glare, without blocking much light. So I've run with the high-end photochromic add-on (Nikon I think) for a long time. Dark enough when needed, even inside a car, but not so dark that it's challenging to see. No glare, big improvement with computer screens, no blocking from polarization. Sam's Club is cheap and reliable with a nearly blanket guarantee for at least a year.
  22. Mostly a rant. For years, I used Doctor VIsionworks in Bristol, TN for eye exams and glasses. The eye exams are very affordable and with the "buy one get one 50% off," it worked great as I get Rx glasses in clear and tinted for night/day use. My eyes are sensitive to sunlight, so going out without sunglasses is bad enough, but really problematic when wearing corrective lenses. Last time around, I opted for flexible titanium frames. The clear ones I like. The tinted ones I tolerated. For the lens type I selected (for less weight), they could only make the lenses so dark, and at that level, it was barely usable (I really need it darker). The fit of the tinted ones also wasn't done right, but that's on me for waiting past the 100 day guarantee to correct it. They did their best, but actually mangled the arms in the process. Within 100 days, I could have insisted on replacement frames, but live and learn. This time around, I went with new frames and did what I usually do. They didn't offer samples to choose my tint. They eyeballed it and picked a tint. I go to pick them up and the tinted...though similar to what I have now...DOES NOT block the glare from bright light. It needs to be darker. Tech says they can send it out to get the next (and last) step of tint, but that's waiting two weeks to get them back. I initially agree. On the way back to the office, I realize I need better assurance, so I go back and ask to see a sample of what that darker tint will be. If it wasn't sufficient, I would have to select a different lens material which can be tinted darker. They only had a few samples and not in the color I needed. This floored me. The rationale is that hardly anyone wants tinted Rx lenses and usually just go with polarized lenses. More so, the local shop had its lab shut down, so they have to send glasses out to be done elsewhere. Okay, I get closing labs so not every store has one, but WTF is the deal with no longer having samples? How is a customer supposed to make a choice without an idea of what the end product would be? I'm talking to the Kingsport, TN location, which has a lab, to see what they can do as they are part of the same chain.
  23. My recent research has been around GHK-Cu, which is very well proven to repair a variety of bodily tissues. ÏAbove, it's sold as a topical skin repair. It's also been well studied for increased healing in open wounds. Injection leads to soft tissue repair in the body. It has an extremely low risk profile and very high benefit profile. Today I'm going down the path of using it nasally, to affect the brain. Mouse testing, there aren’t any great human studies that are peer reviewed yet. GHK-Cu fights cognitive decline https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC10680828/ This studies the general relationship between recovering from physical stress and the fact that age-related diseases are associated with the same pathways. Meaning that because it can fix damage to the body when injected, and fix skin topically, can it help the brain by being taken nasally? (Nasal is the most reliable way to cross the blood-brain barrier.) Bottom line; mice were able to navigate mazes and complete tasks faster and better with this peptide, particularly male mice. Empirical testing of the brain tissue shows notable improvements. ***** The neuropathology data supported the cognitive test results. Inflammation is a hallmark pathway of aging and is increasingly present in the brains of C57BL/6 mice [32]. The brains from mice treated with intranasal GHK-Cu showed a decrease in MCP-1, a marker used to indicate inflammation [33]. Interestingly, the decrease in staining intensity was more pronounced in the brains from female mice than male mice, even though the peptide showed a more effective increase in resilience to cognitive decline in males. The lack of significant differences in staining intensity for IBA-1, a marker for microglia, was somewhat surprising. Microglia are resident immune cells in the brain and are generally increased with increasing age as the result of neuronal insults and damage [34]. Brains from male mice but not female mice, treated with intranasal GHK-Cu, only showed a decreased trend for the presence of microglia, suggesting microglia are not a robust target for GHK-Cu at least under the experimental conditions of this study. The third IHC neuropathology antibody marker used in this study showed an increased staining intensity for neurofilament light chain (NFL-1) as an indicator of axonal damage [35]. Clearly, the brains from both male and female mice treated with intranasal GHK-Cu showed decreased staining intensity for NFL-1 suggesting that axonal damage is associated with brain aging that can be attenuated with GHK-Cu treatment. Although the mechanism for this effect was not investigated, it could be speculated that GHK-Cu might be triggering a wound healing effect similar to that occurring in damaged skin [13]. Overall, these neuropathology observations suggest that GHK-Cu acts on molecular markers associated with different pathways in the brain in a sex dependent manner, and that additional drugs could be added as a cocktail to be more effective in enhancing resilience to age-related cognitive decline.
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