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  1. One more, slightly altered.
  2. Each to his own, I hate anything "murdered out". This is more to my liking.
  3. Sounds like you have it worked out and yes, I wouldn't put a router/modem in the attic.
  4. Maybe you can get it back when he is ready to move on? They are getting harder to find and you know what you have.
  5. Cool. You didn't have to give up the Hurricane did you?
  6. I can't imagine how that would work without ape hangers. If you do those things to a Bird, you may be the first one ever banned.
  7. That is nasty looking.
  8. That is still on TV. I watched one a few months ago and brought back the memories of the innocents of TV in those days.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/174824732481?hash=item28b45db741:g:k3AAAOSwdspgw8ad
  10. Found it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/174824732077?hash=item28b45db5ad:g:X9sAAOSw9s5gw8Ms&vxp=mtr Edit to add: How is the bike coming along Steve?
  11. Maybe so as I tried three different browsers and many, many tries with all other sites working.
  12. Was the oil getting changed yesterday? The site went down around 4:00 pm yesterday my time and was still down 7:00 am this morning.
  13. Sometimes the seemingly simple things that don't go well are the most annoying. It has happened to everyone.
  14. The bottom of mine started to do that for some unknown reason. I was able to paint it but have a brand new one in a box.
  15. I have watched it work. Got gas in the Wing, about two blocks later it seemed to be running on 3 of the six cylinders, I barely got it home. Dumped in some SF and let it run and in about five minutes, all was well. My bikes and car sit from Nov to April every year, with Sta-bil only, I would sometimes have carb issues or at least it would be a very hard time starting and running smoothly. After also including SF, there has been zero issues. For storage, I use about 1/4 can per bike and 1/2 per car.
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