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  1. Crossed screws to resemble XX in an xray. I made it up after an appropriate dose of rum, not an established reference.
  2. superhawk996

    Oil leak?

    I don't know that it actually gets flung directly up into there, guessing the air movement sucks/blows it into that area. Was the oil on the shoe somewhat concentrated or was it just speckled all around?
  3. superhawk996

    Oil leak?

    The areas with the red arrows appear to be fairly dry and crusty, probably accumulation from chain lube fling. If it's wet then maybe it's a leak. When looking for the source of a leak the cleanest wet part is usually the culprit. With a leak big enough to wet a shoe it "should" be fairly easy to find the source. My SuperHawk sometimes dribbled coolant from the water pump hole and at the end of a ride it would look like I had oil on my boot. Just saying that you should check for coolant leaks just in case.
  4. Last I looked white is legal for a front turn signal, but I believe that varying from stock with non DOT parts is illegal.
  5. Any gunk might re-dissolve in new fluid, the paper and cotton lint probably won't so I try to avoid doing that if I can. I typically suction out the old fluid along with any build-up before adding fluid.
  6. One way to determine if it's the master or hoses is to crack the banjo bolt at the master when it has started dragging. If that relieves it it's the master, if not it's the hose. Actually; I just re-read your original post where you say you have to crack both bleeders, I had missed that. If that's true then the problem is both hoses going to the calipers have gone bad, unless there's some kind of valve between the master and calipers.
  7. And I don't know that bike specifically, if it has any valving between the master and calipers the problem could be there.
  8. Probably the master cylinder piston not fully retracting. Another possibility is the hose(s). They can delaminate or swell internally acting like a check valve.
  9. My truck tires came Fedex. I think the Jeep tires did too. No packaging, just loose tires on the truck.
  10. In your first post you said the light comes on only with the side stand down, does it stay on after raising the stand and while riding? Does it ever flicker, or is it totally on or off? First thing I'd do is a wiggle the test with the bike running to see if the light comes on or flickers; wiggle the test connector, ECU connections, and knock sensor connector. If the side stand switch is connected to the test connector I'll bet that's where the problem is.
  11. As far as I know none of them have HISS, at least not in the USA. As for your code, I doubt it's the ECU.
  12. Same here. If I owned it I don't know if it would grow on me or I'd slap myself for having bought it.
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