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  1. He wants it sent to his Hacienda Heights address, along with a pre-paid subscription to whatever's needed to make it work. 🙂
  2. I don't think so, but don't know. AFAIK that style trans is aimed only at the drag racing world. I think it's the same or similar as used in pro-stock cars, but this car has a traditional shifter instead of individual levers.
  3. I got to drive a buddy's car that had a 'liberty shift' manual trans, no clutching or lifting the throttle, just slam the next gear at WOT when the shift light came on. It felt wrong to do, but worked great.
  4. I left the Excursion at the Ford service department overnight about a week ago....we're all fucked.
  5. Loose meaning it unthreaded all the way, or loose meaning it broke loose and then won't turn further? If it unscrewed all the way and just won't come out of the hole, magnet, or long thin pliers.
  6. And if you're good at it it's probably still quicker than a 'normal' automatic transmission, DCT is a different story and probably can't be beat by anyone shifting manually.
  7. I got to do it in school way back, it was fun. In many ways it's very simple, and many of them have 'secrets' where you could successfully rebuild it to work, or rebuild it to work really well for a really long time. Almost all of them require some level of specialty tools. The worst part might be the fact that you won't know if it works 'till it's back in the car. I have a pretty solid understanding of how they work and have repaired several, but I generally won't go any further in than the valve body. If you're at all interested, I still have the manuals from my auto tranny c
  8. If it could be connected there's a good chance of smoke, but I think the connectors are different.
  9. "Fits '97-'03" So if I put that into my '97 it becomes EFI and I no longer have to use the choke?!? I'm buying!!!!
  10. I can't imagine any way that it could.
  11. Yup yup yup...especially if she can get deals on motor oil.
  12. One owner, photo shows the odometer, damage/needed repairs outlined...I trust it more than I trusted "like new super low miles!"
  13. $60 shipped to 91745. I hate to be a lowballer to a brother, but I just don't need them enough to justify paying what they're worth. Please take your time to see if someone ponies up more and only take my offer after the wife leaves you....unless you like her, then do it just before she leaves you. Make sure she knows it was a painful giveaway, should be worth a blowy.
  14. A second fan would have eaten the battery even faster, something to consider.
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