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    For the clutch, I just take the bolt out of the block next to the steering head. Never noted any difference except I got another inch and a half to work with.
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    I have some great NWS posts to put up, lulling you into complacency, and then...
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    I have Superhawk blocked because of the constant barrage of berating responses and negativity to every single post I made for quite a stretch. I even posted that I would not tolerate it any longer and that he would be blocked, then contacted another member for advice on how to do it. Stress removal has been a huge deal for me in the real world, mostly by not watching college football or caring about politics anymore. Not going to replace it with getting mad at people on a motorcycle forum I've been on for, what, almost 20 years. If you don't see what they say, you can't get mad. I'm quite certain if I met him or any of the rest of you we'd get along just fine. But the issue is sarcasm or poking the bear or subtlety is difficult to express in a reply and people read what they want to read when they don't get the inflection of tone as you do in person. Fact is most of us have been here so long we know how to push a button or ten. There's a difference between pushing a button once for a rise versus pushing the button over and over like fucking Morse code. If you know what pisses people off, and you continue to piss them off, then who's really being the child?
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    Pulled out that MFer last night. 3hrs of quality time, laying under, by, near or close to the car. Today I feel like I was wrestling sea lion yesterday. I need full body massage. lol.
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    I’d suggest a partial dismount of the rear wheel well. Just enough so it gives room to slide it under.
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    they need to sell it before it gets hot and people notice no AC.
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    I don't know the condition of the parts but you can't buy from a better guy.
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    Opting for the leather loincloth and oiled nipples?
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    Yes they did! Theres no problems with them luckily, 30 shot is plenty though, its stupidly powerful without it and with it is just overkill
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    If you're talking about #9 in this image, that does not apply to FI bikes, it is carb only. FI bikes don't have the mesh in the front as the ram air tubes run directly into the airbox. https://www.ronayers.com/oemparts/a/hon/506c1fe6f870023420a2f5b5/upper-cowl
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    Yes, it is silent. I did require minor lash adjustment on carrier, like 1/4 turn.
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    Please tell me you labeled it as dildos
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    All such sites expect you to have lied about condition, and to be able to nit-pick it down 10%. You will bring something in that they've never seen before, ever. Showroom quality, perfectly clean. I have no idea if they are even trained to deal with that, LOL.
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    The actual install is easy (getting the bar weights out was a little bit of a pain) but the details of getting everything just how you want is another thing. My bike is lowered a inch so that made some things harder. The clutch hose is at max stretch, I will see how it goes but I may be able to gain a little more reach or replace with braided. Where the terminals for the brake light go on the master is really tight but should work. My brake hoses is OK because they are braided and the bike being lowered helps reach. The weather went from super nice Tuesday to crap into the near future so don't look for a ride report until next year. Blackbird bars, just started to remove: One of each: Almost done:
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    Or go get an estimate from a shop which might be a weld repair or engine case replacement.
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    I agree. Just like turning off political news when it starts to raise your blood pressure on a daily basis, blocking the source that does the same on here can be a good thing. But different things works for different people.
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    Actually, it was "lifetime ignore", don't wanna misquote The Professional.
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    Good grief, could they make the pinion shaft any longer?!? Any reason it's set up like that and not shorter with a longer driveshaft? That car isn't that big, a few more inches and they could have just bolted it directly to the trans!
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    We own two properties, mine has garage, her is 2.7 miles from my employer. It is complicated.😁
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    I will, maybe tonight. I'm not at my own place everyday.
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    looks like it was parked in the wrong part of town for too long
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    So, it's the Pontiac Aztec of Jeep? Hideous but practical and you can't kill it. Oh, except for that whole radiator thing 🀣
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    It's hideous, but a supremely all-around useful vehicle. Also the fit of the interior is just better for me than other trucks.
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    I agree also just because I think the Gladiator is just ugly. Then again I am not the one driving itπŸ‘πŸΌ
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    Oh shit, you just opened Pandora's Box... 🀣
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    Welcome to old age. Still nothing compared to what a lapping day does to me. I was a whiny baby on Friday at RacerXX.
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    I am not sure what you are referring to? There is no "bolt" to take off after installation. There is a small "key" factory inserted in the top of the CCT to maintain internal tension. That key is simple pulled out after installation to release the spring tension of the CCT itself. If you pull the key out before installation, it will not install properly. It is possible to rewind up the internal spring with a small screwdriver in order to complete the proper install. Then just remove the screwdriver after installation. If this does not make sense to you then refer to the CCT installation thread that has pictures and better explanations or give me a call. PS there is a small screw-on cap that covers the key hole after the key is removed. Simple transfer the cap from the old CCT over to the new CCT. It is simply a dust/moisture cover.
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    And if killing the chicken isn't quite doin it, swing it around and do some ritualistic sounding chanting.
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    He didn't want to open the box.
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