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    MOST of the KTM guys around here are nuts. I think you should hang onto that bike. Once I retire, I'll want to travel a bit, and you having a spare bike on the west coast would be a big help. And I like the color.
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    Thanks for the correction. I’d read an add with a gunfighter seat and that was still stuck in my head. Yes it is a Smuggler and I also have the factory seat that comes with the bike should you need to seat a passenger.
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    "I'll get around to that". Fuck, something else that needs fixing, ok I'll get on it soon. Fuck, 5 things that.....fuck this, it's too much to think about. I'll have a cocktail and think about it. Oh look, a squirrel.
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    Yeah, for the rest of us it's a gun forum. Bill, when you going to sack up and buy that .40 from me?
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    Where is gthe calendar picture withe sunset banking off it it -pure art.
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    Too bad you're not a few thousand miles closer.
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    Mine is a custom white as well, prior owner was a painter at a body shop, it has blue glass in the white in it that really pops in the sunlight. Graphics have a carbon fiber weave in them, which is almost impossible to capture with my poor photography skills.
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    I’d detail the fuck out of it and sell it for $3500 I had 3 civics pushing 200K
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    I think Carlos used that on an RC boat that drowned and some electronic thing 'died'. He sprayed it and it came back.
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    Ugh.. .40 is an awesome carry caliber, but I really don't like SAO as a carry piece (or else I'd just carry my .45ACP Springfield Champion.) Nice gun, though!
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    Hey, no philosophy in the garage.
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    I really don't like cpvc
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    Kinda wish I still had a BB motor laying around.
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    Location is New Orleans Louisiana. I have it listed locally for $3700. Make me an offer close to that and we’ll make it work.
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    on ebay he did buy Corbin bags over a year ago. I did bid the 2500.00, too bad I really can't go much higher
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    I could take 'em all one at a time, but they're ganging up on me.
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    There is no "draw", and I seriously doubt you'll avoid a stagnant tank if there's a more direct way for the water to flow unless you start playing games with restrictors on the lines. Kill power/gas to the tank and run it all through there if you're set on this idiocy.
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    Please, please, please tell me you don't believe there are two lines running to your house. Also, please tell me you understand that the heater doesn't "draw" from anything, it's pressure from the water company or well. Please tell me how in the BLUE FUCK that it makes a difference if your tankless system gets it's water inlet from the now non-heated tank or from the cold line running from the street, and how that can POSSIBLY affect the temperature of the water coming out of the faucet or shower. Please tell me you didn't just post that. I'm usually just sitting back and saying to myself "Zero gonna Zero" but that has GOT to be top 10 dumbest shit I've ever seen you type.
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    I bet you buy more than 4 quarts.
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    Rotella T6 goes for on average $19 -$21 for 4qt jug at walmart and $28 or so at auto parts store