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    Just a quick note about John. Total stand up guy that goes out of his way to help fellow XX'rs! Best customer service anywhere! John emailed order status throughout the process and though I didn't want to use paypal he facilitated a small order like it was a $1000 transaction. Way to go!
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    I'll second that. With two, you can set one up to ride solo and use this one for two up. You wouldn't have only one gun would you?
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    Got a couple pics of what I found.. last time I checked the plug it looked brand new. Will end up removing about 2" or so of wire on the r/r side. All good, will have it fixed soon enough. Thanks for the link John, had been looking at some weatherproof ones from msd but cant find wire gauge size listed on amazon.
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    He puts it away when it is windy.
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    AFAIKBZITE, you just paste it into the message and the forum software auto-embeds it. If that doesn't work, your browser is broken.
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    I've seen this bike in person and the paint scheme is truly unique and done well. The buyer will not be disappointed. GLWS.
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    The bike has been sold, it is going to a good home. Selling the FJR, bought a 2015 Concours. Offering the FJR up to you guys here first. 34,xxx miles. Stock except for Helibars upper triple tree that moves the bars up and rearward (very comfy), fork brace, crash buttons on side of bike, helmet lock, saddlebag liners, fenda extenda, throttlemeister cruise control, G2 tube that really smoothes out throttle application. Tires are good, the edges aren't worn at all, just the centers. Yuasa battery a year old. Oil changed twice a year with Amsoil, I just changed it. Has Yamaha silver striping on the sides and FJR/Yamaha tuning fork stickers on the rear of the saddlebags that reflect brightly when illuminated by headlights. Paint is 2007 black cherry and is in 99.44% condition. Runs and stops like new $5,000 is the price and you take it home.
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    Now there is a pair. Your blue Bird looks great.
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    And wet it so it shrinks, I think that was one of the issues with the glove fitment. Once I took the liner out of Terry's jacket it became slightly loose fitting; turns out I am less stout than a Granny But it still works very well. I like that it's connected to a really cool person and my first and only .org meat, I believe it's called West Coast Bash 2002. Great memories.
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    I have always come in from the top. I pull the battery, then rotate the tank up on a pad in the battery recess. pull the air filter top, airfilter, coil mounting screws and the venturies. There are a couple of sensors that unplug. You can now remove the bottom of the breather box. put clean towels or paper into the intakes now. I can't sink a basketball anymore, but drop a screw, and down the intake it will go. I then do one plug at a time. Use the plug wrench that comes in the tool kit. It works well.
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    Congrats, you will love having a second bike.
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    A good home, indeed. My wife's butt thanks you ahead of time for the improved comfort! Oh, and thanks for the opportunity for a test ride. Now, if the rain would just stop so I can ride it home ...
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    I've only made one high speed run on a Bird, a borrowed '99. It wasn't my bike so I had no fucks to give. Actually, he asked me to do it so he could see, hear, & feel what it was like to have his bike fly past him as he stood on the side of the road. He also stated that if I didn't go by doing at least 180 I was a pussy and he wouldn't be happy (pissed might have been the word used). I think he'd maxed around 180-185 after a couple tries and removing his backpack. Now I gotta break from the speed story to say that when he first invited me to do this I thought he was fucking with me. Actually I first thought he was inviting me to take my 1982 100MPH speed machine with the 85MPH speedo for a run, yea no thanks, I've done it. When I realized he was possibly inviting me to take his bike I was like yea right...but maybe he's serious? I wanna take the ride, but there's no way that's what he's saying. This guy (seajay) was super anal about his bike. It lived in the garage under double covers and people walking through were directed away from it. He hit some kinda rodent which left a mark on the lower fairing and he bought a new one, buffing it back to a shine just wouldn't do. His riding ended after a chain cleaning incident removed some finger parts....I mentioned he was anal right? Anyway, I looked at my brother who knew him well, I'd just met the guy and all I knew of him was that touching his bike would lead to one's death, probably a slow one. Even my brother couldn't tell for sure if the offer was serious, but he seemed to think it was. As I threw a leg over I was still somewhat expecting him to say "GOTCHA SUCKER"! I turned the key.......nothing. Pushed the start button.......Still quiet. Clicked into first........holy shit, he ain't stopping me! Oh fuck, now I gotta do this and I don't know what's gonna be more difficult, not staining my leathers or not denting his tank with the massive erection. I'd never ridden a Bird other than an around the block kinda ride. I pushed the power a little on my way up the hill to the "starting line" just to get a feel-WOW, this ain't my 85HP Yamaha, but it was also much more solid feeling and confidence inspiring than that rickety ride with almost no brakes, crap suspension, and a turbo that came on when it felt like it. (I talk that shit but I miss that bike) So back to the speed run; IIRC the needle was on it's way to 175 as I neared the top of 5th gear. I'd lost track of what gear I was in, still getting over how different it was than the Seca. I wasn't sure if there was another gear but figured there should be so while holding full throttle I put some pressure on the shifter and gave the clutch a quick slip. The bike lunged and as excited as I had been to hit 175 that excitement was trumped right there, I also slightly shit myself that there was that much pull in it. Now I know I'm in for a fuckin ride! Somewhere in the mid-high 180's the speedo appeared to be coming to a halt when I decided to stretch my ass back rather than stay in the balled up position I'd been in and the needle started moving again. I don't recall what my speed was when I passed them, but I exceeded my mandated 180 so I knew my man card was safe. It was about that time that I thought I shoulda just taken all my gear off cuz if something bad happened it would hurt less to be naked than to have almost enough gear on. At 193 I realized that I was coming up on a curve, I wanted to stay in it and see if there was more speed to be had, but I let off. As the speed dropped under 175ish, not looking at the speedo any more, I felt like I was going slow enough to sit up; big mistake but I managed to pull myself back down and stay on the bike. I got down to non-ludicrous speed before the turn which lead to a bridge with a bump transition from asphalt to cement. It's been a long time so the details are probably a little off. Speeds were stock speedo indicated. A far as I know the bike was stock other than slip-ons (TwoBros I think) and the front tire size, I think it was a 90 series instead of 80. A couple years ago I realized that my memory of the incident was probably foggy because I'm pretty sure I was on the same road heading home from Prescott in my friend's Jeep and what was a right turn onto the bridge in my head on bike day was a left in the Jeep.
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    It wasn't selling well so it ended. There are many bikes, and other stuff, that gain appreciation long after they're gone from the showrooms. Past 170 isn't academic and how quickly I get there isn't either, but the combination of stuff the Bird has going for it is special.
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    I am embarrassed but not too proud to admit operator error on this one. After re reading all the replies and double checking the bike, redxxrdr nailed it. I screwed up the dipstick read (insert joke here). If you insert the dipstick and then let it wobble, it will read a little high. The faint gas smell in the oil was me looking for a gas smell---that was not there. Ran motor and checked vacuum line at fpr . Its dry. Thanks to all who chimed in, I'll go sit in the corner for 10 mins now.
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    Two is one. One is none. You are really taking a chance with only one bike. I'm here to help (with justifying a 2nd bike).
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    Oscar wrenches for a living. I certainly trust his experience. Much of my fuel dilution experience has been with older VW engines. 3 quart capacity. 2.5 in the engine, .5 in the air cleaner. Doesnt take much fuel to damage those engines. Same with smaller lawnmower engines. Here is a old thread on theTurbo City FpR. They don't appear to make a xx version anymore. But one poster states that you can get the upgraded fuel rail pressure by installing the 01 up FPR. It is a easy job. But use two wrenches. One on the fuel rail, one on the FPR.
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    Let me get this straight.....you are claiming Zero doesn't have a pet cock? Seems highly unlikely.
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    Byrdman is selling his trx90. He is in IL though. Not sure if you will be able to see this: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=honda trx sportrax fourtrax 90
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