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    Watching the GPS on the transport truck as it passes through Kansas City this morning, heading to Vero Beach, FL. A huge shout out and thanks goes to Scott (racer212) for his amazingly generous offer that enabled me to buy the new FJR1300ES. Like his deals on many guns that were made with forum members, I was on the receiving end of a deal better than even dave offers up regularly on a new sport touring ride. Not only was the new bike a great deal but the extra 48 month (YES) extended warranty came with it heavily discounted as well. The anxiety on my part is watching it travel towards me while knowing that it will probably arrive before the keys and paperwork will arrive via UPS 2nd day air service! Due to the holiday weekend (Labor Day) 2nd day air will get the key packet here on Wednesday and the bike will be here on Tuesday, probably. All this took place in the same week as an accepted offer by the bank for me to purchase a new home here in Vero Beach and attending the opening season game for the Miami Hurricanes who were victorious. Actually e-signed the contract for the house while standing at the Club Level bar at the Hard Rock Stadium with the score at 34 - 6, Go Canes! I have much to be grateful for and blessed beyond understanding.
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    I've never seen an average rider on a XX in MotoGT or Superbike dealing with traffic and the surprises that come with street riding, there is a reason that race bikes aren't street bikes and vise versa. If what's used on the track dictates what should be used on the street we have a fuck ton of mods to do beyond de-linking. My first Bird was linked and altho the feel kinda bugged me here & there, it was never a true problem. I don't recall ever locking the rear on the linked one but have on my current de-linked one, tho luckily it hasn't been a problem either.
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    Wow! That would be the one to jump on if the price was reasonable. If he is a board member here, why wouldn't he post it here?
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    I have the HEL kit on my 01 Bird that I brought back from England (JAWS) in , I think 2004 or 2005. It replaced the rubber lines and left the hard lines. Still working perfect today with DOT 4 fluid. My poor memory says that it was like 13 lines, including the clutch.
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    That rings a bell and I think I installed that kit on Peter's (BirdieXX, good dude) bike. Was there some sort of group buy back around then? I know I did at least one of the rubber line only replacement kits but I can't remember whose bike it was.
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    I installed a Hel kit on my '03. If memory serves me right, I am pretty sure it required me to remove all of the hardlines on the bike and replace them with full length runs of hose. It was a bit if a hassle, but relatively doable. A bike lift is very helpful in the install. I think ( not 100% sure ), the Spiegler kit lets you keep the hard lines.
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    Yeah, it's something I wasn't always conscious of. One of the downfalls of being around here for so long is I've posted some pretty stupid shit in the last 15 years and it's all still here. And because I was instrumental in derailing this thread, I'll try to help get it back on track. Slapper, years ago I helped a couple members install the Speigler kit mentioned earlier in this thread on their bikes. It replaces all the rubber lines and leaves the hard lines in place, I think the Hel kit was similar (come to think of it, one of the ones I did might have been Hel). If either kit is still available that would be the way to go if you want to keep the LBS, IMO. I delinked mine and that might be a better option just for simplicity's sake at this point if you can live without the LBS. All you'll need is three lines and a drill, I think instructions and pics are still up in the useful threads section. If not, let me know and I can steer you in the right direction.
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    First and foremost, I'll apologize for my tone last night. I was up past my bedtime against my will and reacted poorly to what I felt was a condescending tone to your post telling me to "spend more time on research" and the "everything you read on the internet" comment. I'm supposed to be one of the grownups in the room so I should probably not be so quick to wade into these little purse swinging matches. Secondly, I've never claimed to be an expert and none of what I've posted has been my opinion. What I've posted are facts and I can post links all day to reputable sources to prove it. quick google search- http://www.advancepetro.com/differentbrakefluid.htm http://techtalk.mpbrakes.com/brake-fluid/can-i-use-dot-5 http://www.stoptech.com/technical-support/technical-white-papers/brake-fluid https://www.summitracing.com/expertadviceandnews/professoroverdrive/answer/414 I'm also not some random dude who's good at using google and arguing on the internet. I did my homework on this subject about a decade ago when I briefly considered switching one of my track bikes over to Dot 5. That idea got tossed pretty quick and I ended up going with Motul RFB 660, flushed it twice a year. I think I still have an unopened bottle of that stuff kicking around my garage somewhere, it's probably garbage. Now, you might be asking yourself why I'm being such an asshole about this. The reason is this is a searchable technical/reference forum and the the preference is to not have bad or questionable advice laying around unchallenged for someone to stumble across weeks, months or years from now. Suggesting someone swap over to Dot 5 (not Dot 5.1, not "synthetic", but silicone based brake fluid, which is what Dot 5 is) without covering the rather large pitfalls is bad advice, and that is my opinion. I've provided factual basis for that opinion. If your opinion differs, I welcome any debate on the subject. But if your argument is going to be limited to unsupported and smarmy "you're wrong, educate yourself" comments, you won't hear any more from me, I've said my piece.
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    these are the only ones I could find
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    Snow playing is awesome, same as offroading in the mud but you stay clean. Just do it before the salt trucks head out.
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    Come on Dave that bad boy just screams for some snow fun!
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    When you are moving motorcycles are cooler.
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    Threw in $2800 in extras for $1200. That solidified the deal.
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    Would look pretty parked in the middle of a living room.
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    Big congrats John on both the new house and the new bike. I hope the weather issues don't affect you much, if at all and hopefully you'll be riding it soon and get settled into the new digs.
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    Just got back from beach 86 degree water temp, Starter solenoid received USPS. Amazon Prime Member $7.59 total, free two day shipping. 9/4/17
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    Glad to see things going your way, John. And a big thumbs up to racer212!
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    Is it me? I hope not. People can be so judgmental.
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    Great info on this topic. I am a brand new Blackbird owner and noticed the "knock at idle" right away. Same conditions that you all have reported. I work as a marine engineer and have lots of mechanical backround. My guess was a possible connecting rod bearing. I was preparing to strip the engine down this winter and overhaul it(27000 miles). I am gratified to see how many miles you can put on these machines without rebuilding them. Especially such a high performance engine. I guess now I can just skip it or maybe just overhaul it for fun. The knocking noise is very annoying since it happens at stop lights. Makes people think your on a pos. BTW I love this freaking bird! It stood up on me today pulling away hard from a stop sign-Whoohoo!
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    Going to go out on a limb and guess the brand of the red ones is Hindle?
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    Do you have an oscilloscope to look? Power supplies vary in cleanliness. It takes a LOT of effort and cost to make a true pure DC power supply, so the question becomes...how much noise can your device tolerate? If you have a battery pack, running the pack in parallel with the power supply makes it nearly perfect (assuming a charged or nearly-charged pack). I'd also love to hear more about the project.
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    White board on the wall in the garage. Because racism.
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    The XX will make all kinds of snorts, knocks, pings, snaps, crackles, and pops, get used to it. Every 10,000 miles or so, my bike gets a strange sound and then self heals in a couple thousand miles. Now that I am over 40,000 miles though, it makes fewer sounds less frequently. It is a self healing bike that makes noises. If the CCT is going, you will know. That is a distinct loose chain sound. I personally would not worry to much about it, but that is just me. If it goes away at higher RPM's and does not get worse, giddy-up!!!! MaXX