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    Only really two ways that I see unless you want "duck taped" type fix. Take it to a good welder and ask or look around for a replacement.
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    I can readily empathise. I turned 63 last Saturday and my memory is like Swiss cheese. I now have two note pads, one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. I'm constantly writing down things I don't want to forget to do. Despite this effort I lose my keys, my cell phone and my glasses at least once a day. Aging is not for the weak of heart. All the best.
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    Sports Riding Techniques and the CBR1100XX Service/repair manual Free to a good home, if you pay shipping and handling. Bob the Fish
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    What's wrong with the cowl? It looks okay from the bottom.
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    I have been getting this lately instead of the new page I asked for from the server. Using up-to-date Windows 10 and IE 11. A reload operation or going back, then forward will generally get the correct data. It just happens every so often.
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    Once a year or 4500 miles on average. Normally around same time I replace tires. Do everything at one time to not worry about it for rest of year. I will write mileage down on masking tape and stick to one of my tool boxes when doing tires and oil. When I went to bridgstone bto16s my mileage went up to 4500 miles. Will be going to bridgestones 21's next so will see how that goes for mileage comparison. Run it in track bike as well. Two track days on last change. Oil still golden in color just slight odor of fuel in it. Also prefer wix filters, napa gold are same filter.
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    I didn't realise welding titanium was that difficult.... FF to 5:00 if you don't want to watch the build up.
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    You know, I thought about mentioning that but did not. When I got the bike (I am the third owner) it had 18K miles. The second owner put the 4 into 1 system on the bike but I don't know what the mileage was when he did so. I got some photos when the clock hit 100K. I will take more when it hits 118K knowing that I put 100K on my Bird. :-)
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    Hard boiled eggs, cheese, pre-cut fresh veggies, nuts, turkey jerky...cold cuts and milk are good options if you can keep them cold. Yogurt is a mainstay for me, suck it disagrees with you.
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    That’s my old helmet.
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    Track what you're eating. 2000-2500 calories a day shouldn't be enough for you to gain much, if any, weight even if you're completely sedentary beyond the gym. Try 40/40/20 Protein/Fat/Carbs or around there to start and track changes/progress, tweak as necessary for weight (muscle) gain or fat loss. Another factor- you're getting old. That's not a dig, as you're about my age. Fact is it takes more work and attention to detail at our age just to tread water than it would have 10-15 years ago to make serious changes. You want to make serious changes now you'll have to engage your OCD and work pretty hard at it. edited to clarify- that 40/40/20 is by calories, not grams or any other unit of weight.
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    Going to go out on a limb and guess the brand of the red ones is Hindle?
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    I remember the first time I freaked out when the bird got past 240 F. Almost got to 250 and I was sweating it saying I'd pull over and let it cool down if it hit 250. Never did fortunately. I was passing through Dallas in the summer, right around rush hour. Lots of stop and go traffic and a noob to bird ownership = freaking out. Now in town and under 40mph I typically see 220 +/- On the highway in summer I see 186-190 and 175 in the winter. Basically I ignore it till it gets close to 250. Bun
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    Great write up Rich! I'm going to add one thing... On 97-98 models (and maybe right up until they moved the R/R to the other side) the wire harness on the stator is much shorter, and the connector is different. You will find the connector up near the starter.