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    finally made the time to install a rick's stator today. no drama other than tearing one of the stock plastic harness ties. 14.4 volts at idle, yay! now for a test ride, 1st time in almost a month!
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    Because it has 12 too many links. We use a 110.
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    On sale, mine came to $23.50 with shipping https://www.motomachines.com/pyramid-plastics-extenda-fenda-fender-extender-honda-cbr1100xx
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    30 bucks off of getting registered with the Government so if any relative commits a crime they have a place to start looking.
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    Well all righty then, I like my old dodge, I'll stay. Now we just need to work out how much for the ford and when you want me to deliver. With the straight exhaust, people usually know it's me. Two sons pulled a big 5th wheel to here from S Dakota, when they got back the oldest thanked me for fixing his car. Before the trip he thought his car was loud, with the turbo wound up and the straight pipe bounced off the trailer, well, perspective.
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    Montana - we don't know what rust is.
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    If it does it’ll probably look like an 80s Goldwing does without fairing ... but it would be hella fun like a B-King
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    Car sales are so totally fucked. They are offering five figure discounts on Gladiators. Goddamn, if only they had shipped the diesels.
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    With the new rules, you can't go see it. It's an odd thing, the last auction I bought a tool trailer and probably paid too much considering repairs needed, it was desirable. Same auction had a late model GMC 1/2 ton low miles hail damage that sold for $3250, regular lot price is around 8K. You just never know. My son bought a low miles VW diesel sedan for $1250, small dent in a front fender that another son bumped out. This is Dodge country : )
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    https://www.iaai.com/SalesList/361/04082020 Auction is the 8th They have changed rules, I can no longer get on the lot to see it. It does look like a nice truck. I have a 99 dodge that does all that I ask. For your business the ford makes sense. I don't really need it, If you want, I'll bid it for you, let me know your max. Of course you need to be a buyer, $200/year. You need to account for all the fees, 5K and above adds 15%, bid fee around $100, get out of jail fee $59. There has not been much interest for this truck, it's been in 4 sales I think.
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    And kinda ugly, over-done graphics. Mine were single color and blended in nicely.
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    Post up on the forum at www.superblackbird.co.uk and you will get lots of replies about the Jaws model offered since Jaws is a Mod for the that forum. John (Jaws) is a straight shooter and will give you good info and help if needed. I have bought many items from Jaws and always very satisfied with the products and always have help available if questions or issues come up.
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    Normal, Norma; it's just one letter different. 😁 I look forward to putting a 3,800 FPS .308 into a watermelon and see how well it vaporizes.
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    Thanks for the link. Order on the way. Had em( front and rear)on both previous birds.
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    Thanks Rexx, I have entered into a an agreement to buy with PTXYZ, if that falls out for some reason I'll ping you back.
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