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    Cecome's rear brake was mushy, I bled it several times alternating between the foot pedal and pumping the master on the fork. I never saw air come out, hard to watch when solo bleeding back & forth, it cured the problem.
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    You may try rebuilding your secondary master cylinder. It's been awhile, but I could bleed my 99 XX and have a firm rear pedal, and after a couple of days of comuting it would start going soft and require a few pumps to get firm at the top of the rear brake pedal. I went through an insane amount of brake fluid bleeding the brakes many times, thinking I had air trapped somewhere. Installed a kit in the secondary master and it solved the problem.
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    Not exactly a new bike, but perhaps an alternative to consider: Call FredX and buy the turbo BB I sold him...you'll still have money left over. Full details/pics from when I built the bike available but full Penske suspension (frt & rear) set up on suspension dyno, Carrazzeria wheels, everything powder coated, LSL bar kit and one of 2 custom turbo kits by Mark Moisan with high and low boost. Completely reliable and spotless when sold...most of the guys here know the bike.
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    Hi. I'm back! Just bought a 2002 with 11093 miles. 😳😬 Not as clean and my former '03, but..... Got me another bird. I liked the black one better.....
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    I have most of the fasteners. I think a few went to Toxxic, but what's left is all in a bowl on my work bench. I'll bring it with.
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    5'2", 118#, sopping wet, and free?!? I'll take her.
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    This forum brought to you by Warner Brothers. Ba-deep-ba-deep-ba-deep that's all folks! Pretty sure if you need a starter Joe has 15 or 20 he can sell you cheap.
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    Have you checked to see if your ecu is properly secured? Those cheap Honda rubber straps tend to break. The ecu doesn't like to bounce around, and can make the first light come on. I ride in the land of horrible roads, a sponge and a new strap cured my fi light issues post loom fix.
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    Old joke: How do you build a $10,000.00 bike? Spend $20,000.00... Before I delivered the bike to Fred, I put on a new Supersprox rear and new front sprocket and new EK ZZZ chain, new Pilot Powers, new plugs, did a leak down, synced the carbs,new brake pads all around and changed all hydraulic fluids...pretty much anything and everything I could think of for him to get a "perfect" used bike. He called me a month later and said the clutch was starting to slip. (Fucking Winer...:)).I sent him new fibers, steels, new Barnett Clutch springs and a very, very low mileage inner and outer clutch basket that I had tucked away.. BTW, Fred lowering the price makes this a no brainer....BUY IT before he sobers up!
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    I've been giving a lot of thought to my bikes. When my employment situation settles back down (soon I hope) I'm either going to purchase a new bike, or make a huge investment in upgrading the XX. I have some thoughts on a new bike - but for the sake of this thread, what would you do if you had something like a $15k upgrade budget for my 2000 XX? This all supposes I cant buy a certain red XX in Florida Only rules are - must remain street-able and usable for sport-touring. Emphasis on the sport. Lets not talk about luggage - I've got most all of that already. Any mod suggested should be realistically available. What's the best suspension/brake/wheel mods? Big bore engine? Fuel inection mods? Weight saving mods? Badass tail tidy mods? What is really out there and has been/can be done. Thoughts?
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    I am out of town this week. During one of our daily phone calls yesterday, wifey informs me that I have a package from a board admirer. She is lust jealous. To my valentine......... I love you too!
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    Might just be old bulbs being dim and need replacing. Might be worth a shot to try. Thinking thst going too bright might cause a distraction in itself. 90 lumens is bright for a display bulb
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    Only if I let him sleep.
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    Seeing as how I am hoping to get a return on my investment, you are def in the running........
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    Compressed air. They can pop pretty violently so put a wood block or something in there so they don't fly out. You can use a manual pump or one of those cigarette lighter plug ins and it'll probably be more controlled, but I'd still use a block to be on the safe side.
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    Search XRdracer (Howie). His XX was by far the trickest, most expensively modded that I've ever seen. Best example of a no holds barred, money no object everything top of the line XX you'll find, lots of ideas to be had there. He sold it, I think Stan might be the one who bought it. Me personally, I'd spend a lot on brakes, suspension and weight reduction. Don't know that I could get to 15k without going with a full Ohlins front end w/custom triples, Brembos, etc. Motor is good enough without internal mods, IMO.
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    Proportion control is the technical term.
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    That's what I'd call it...it acts as a master cylinder...although it's not quite one.
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    Never had that happen so cant really say. Could possibly just be enough fluid to activate it and not enough to hold it. Recently did a brake flush on my XX after noticing a slight mushy feel. Normally do it every couple years. I must have pumped a quart of fluid through the entire system. Then like magic it burped out a string of small bubbles. It can be a pain sometimes. Thought about getting a mighty vac to help speed things up.
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    I suppose you can do that. The lesson I learned is that some air bubbles don't become obvious until they have a chance to "coalesce" in one spot. IIRC, prior flush had a moment where the fluid in the rear reservoir got too low. I thought I caught it in time, but I guess I didn't. If you do nothing but just flush, flush, flush, the errant bubble would eventually come out.
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    If you dont see fluid dripping anywhere then you got air trapped.. look under your seat, probably take off tail section to make it easier as well. Your resivour is there and you will see a hose going into the master cylinder. Air can get trapped at the top hose easily.. unbolt it and lay or turn it to make the trapped air move down the system. Recommend using the tubing and bottle method on the bleeder screw to assist. Can also use a ziptie on front left to activate the LBS system to direct fluid towards the back when applying the front brake lever as well. (Nevermind see your reply now) pump lever and with fluid in bottle it will prevent air getting sucked back in.. will just have to keep fluid going into system till trapped air is removed.
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    My guess is that you still have air trapped in the system. Rear brakes can be a pain with this. I never bleed...I always "flush" the system. Try pumping and bleeding over and over and see if more air bubbles come out. I know there's two nipples on the rear. One is for the circuit that runs to the "master" cylinder on the left caliper. That one takes longer to bleed. I had a similar problem, and I was sure I flushed the system properly, but the rear was always spongy until the 2nd or 3rd press. Turned out to be an air bubble in the line.
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    I`ve recently needed a dual 87 output relay, (no 87a) for the Ducati and found this place is about the easiest to search for what I need. http://www.rallylights.com/all/relays/l/diode/12-volts
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    My limited input- sheet metal will work, but I'd definitely go stainless on that. Given that it sounds like you intend to use a fairly light gauge, some sort of construction adhesive might be worth looking into rather than poking a bunch of holes in it.
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    I know, every time I do, someone goes nuts. Guarantees I will do it again. If I'm not being an asshole, you know my account has been hacked.
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    More like hooking up with a crazy ex-girlfriend for a one-night stand....because crazy fucks the best.
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    The answer is no. You should do high reps to build confidence. The legs..being a slow twitch..respond well to high reps and agonizing sets of 15-20 reps. Welcome to hell. The good news..you're not wasting your time. High reps does build muscle as long as you push yourself.
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    No, like finding your lost dog.
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    Ebay mediator added to the list.
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    In order of need/preference: left and right handlebar switch modules, with the wiring harness as far back as you are willing to yank. rear wheel rotor undertail ecm (if not gotten by Krypt) And, I can offer this: Whatever is left over, I have this big-ass barn that has a second floor designed to hold shit. Rather there, to be offered on an as-needed basis than the dumpster. I am a member of a moto-guzzi group that seems to have a centralized parts crypt for the rapidly declining supply.
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    No. He texted me to say FedEx kicked him off the flight he was deadheading on.
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    This is just one of the lines of drama in my life at the moment. Guy won the bike on Ebay and paid the $500 deposit back near Thanksgiving. He was supposed to come twice in December and canceled both times. Guy is a Fedex worker in Memphis - and claims during the holidays he is super busy and hectic - cant make it. So here we are in January - almost February. I tell him he can either come get it or I am keeping his deposit and relisting it Feb 1. So he messages me last week and says he is flying in Saturday (Jan 28th) and will pick it up and ride it home. Then he asks me where I want to meet - and I tell him my house. Johnson City, TN. that's what the Ebay ad says. Then he proceeds to start whining that he is deadheading into Knoxville and I need to meet him there. This means 3 hours round trip for me. I say no, he proceeds to whine, and I say fuck it and agree to drag it there. Then he tells me he needs be there at 6am... uh no. So I will drag it down to Knoxville tomorrow when the fuck I feel like getting up. Weather forecast is calling for cold and possible snow - I made sure dude knows this and brings warm gear. It got to be 7 hours or more home, on a bike he hasnt seen or ridden.. He says he'll be fine. I see this turning into a cluster fuck. Look for the bike to show back up for sale next week.
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    Not yet. "End of the world" is too open a concept. Israel now has a friend in the USA (again). Obama did a lot to leave them in a bad place, and things will get worse, not better. WW3 began with 9/11, and eventually a flash point will be reached. If we cater to the extremists, they will get stronger and eventually attack others. If we confront them, there's always the risk of escalation. Israel has a nuclear option, and while they will exercise it if necessary, it will be their last option. The better question is if this is TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It). It wouldn't take much for this to happen. The power brokers want to see Trump fail. We've collapse the economies of lesser nations by manipulating their monetary system. The Federal Reserve is not part of the US Government and doesn't answer to anyone in the USA, but they ultimately control US Monetary policy. They could fuck the US economy overnight just by choosing to jack up the interest rates. The carnage that could cause is self-evident. Will Trump be the trigger? Perhaps. The globalists don't like the recent trend in nationalism. Brexit was a disaster for the EU...perhaps the end of the EU as it currently exists. Expect the EU to either dissolve or reform to survive what's going on. If the USA told the UN to fuck off, the UN would be largely powerless as we do most of the heavy lifting. These people want to punish the nations that dare challenge their plans for the world order.
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    Second TurboBird Carbed CBR1100xx 1997 year old. Time to make exhaust flanges: Russian roads had very bad quality, this is reason for made addition turbine support (without it turbine header may crack). In CATIA software I calculate required arm sizes (to turbine flange): Welding process: Turbo intake plenum (receiver): Engine rebuild (custom pistons, gasket, clutch, etc). Also we changed cylinder head to 2000 year injector. Now we have 1997 fuel injected BlackBird! ECU similar to 1-st bird, DIY on STM32F103 controller. Installed pipe connection for turbo oil drain line. Pay attention, it over oil level ! Turbo Engine installed: Downpipe connected to stock exhaust system: Intake installed: AEM UEGO wideband gauge and boost pressure gauge: Now we have absoluttely "stock-like" 1997 bird, but it FI with turbo engine