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    Don't talk that way...our 97s are almost old enough to order a beer.
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    Or you could sell it and buy a XX.
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    Thanks John, I added some beer money into the shipping for you!
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    Do plan on stop riding before 2038?
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    Our old Stan comes to mind when thinking about someone who seemed to be able to do anything they put their mind to.
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    Are you changing them because of age? I figure that as long as my tool strap is still working, the hoses are fine.
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    I had a 2008 Blue ST - just a solid bike. Comfy, fast, and smoooooth. GLWTS !!
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    if it has a vibration while not moving i dont see how it could be the chain.i would of thought that would only come into play when the bike is moving.when the bike is in neutral and stationary does the vibration get worse as the revs are increased ?maybe the cam chain tensioner has crapped out
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    I did once on to take apart a yamaha on the side of the road.
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    My first thought Is tire or tires. With 30k miles, you should be on at least your third front and fourth rear. Have YOU replaced tires since you owned it? It might help to post make, and date code of the tires. Next, chain. You are probably 1/2 way through your second chain. Get close and personal with it. Move each link seperately. Just one binding link will shake the bike like a bad tire. Try pulling the chain rearward from the rear sprocket. A good chain will show little gap between the chain and sprocket. Do this, then rotate the tire a little and try again. Chains stretch in sections. If you find a area that really pulls away from the sprocket, then you probably found the problem. You could also have loose head bearings, worn wheel bearings, a sticking fork, etc. But my experience on many bikes lean toward tires and chains. And if a chain, spend the money on a quality O-X chain. They really are smoother, and last longer.
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    Your tool pouch tie down isn't broken? 😄 You must have the only one.😎 I used mobil one until I got the water bottle. Trying royal purple now. 64 k and still pulling my fat butt around nicely