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    If you two were more polite I'd accuse you of being Canadian.
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    99% sure you just need to restore from backups and trash that. I can take a look if you want to ship it to me. But click of death is usually unrecoverable.
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    cheers for that.the whole braking system came up for sale cheap so i ended up grabbing it for spares.
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    The best yet! I started lifting potato bags First a 1lb bag held in each outstretched hand, straight out to the sides. Held for 1 min. Then I moved up to a 5 lb bag Then a 10 lb bag Now I'm at a 25 lb bag held straight out for 1 min. Next I'll start with a potato in each bag
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    I have to get me one of those Blackhawkxx's.
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    Which means someone ^^^^^ doesn't understand EFI.
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    You shut your whore mouth. Carburetors are the debil.
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    For the short winter storage, I just make sure I have non-ethanol fuel in the tank. Looks like you're in Nebraska, so guessing corn-free gas is as illegal as cocaine. LOL. Sta-bil or just about any fuel preservative. I use Briggs & Stratten Fresh-start in the yard equipment and the drag-Bird. It's cheaper than Sta-bil.
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    And....if Melody is your wife. $150 shipped.
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    Thank again!! Love this site. Everyone very helpful. When I get my girl running I'll let you what it was!
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    The bike is so stupid comfortable. And the adjustable screen makes a big difference. You can set it for just the right smount of wind depending on how you are sitting.
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    Our old Stan comes to mind when thinking about someone who seemed to be able to do anything they put their mind to.
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    Consider switching over to carburation. Much more reliable...