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    It can be nasty here as well. But the savage glee in getting the new ride home overcomes the pain and suffering of bone-deep hypothermia and permanent nerve damage.
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    That's a smokin' price for a nice, low-mile XX.
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    No fuel pump, no sensors, no computer, no FPR, no elecronics/electrical shit to worry about. Them carbs is the devil's work! But EFI is pretty spectacular as long as it's working properly and it's generally reliable, but so are carbs.
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    The 7.3 has fewer issues, but none of them like cold short trips. The half million mile + motors are long trippers.
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    Theres on 01 on the Powerstroke claiming 1.3 million on stock bottom end and trans. The 7.3 is a crazy reliable engine.
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    Funny that both motors & trans options get nearly identical expected MPG. Damnit, looking at those numbers is making me think I should keep the truck and sell my beloved Explorer. Same MPG, lots more power & towing capability. Add a good bed cover and it'll carry more shit. Only real upside of the Ex is it's much easier to maneuver, especially since my parking is pretty tight. I have two guys lined up to see it today, both being pretty damn serious, so I'm guessing it'll be outa my hair and thoughts soon. But if you need something else to do with your cabin fever I'll tell you about the Cherokee or F-350 I'm also selling :-). Neither being a smokin deal nor great daily drivers, so you'll have to wanna dream about climbing rock walls or driving over Prius.
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    Vehicle shipping costs are all over the place. If you can find someone already making the trip and having an empty spot vs. 'get it to me now' makes a big difference.
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    Yes. You were flamed. By those Hmung us.