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    Much better but I gotta figure out new rear turn signals. The xx plate was a lucky random DMV gift.
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    Excuse the motorcycle content, and if anyone wants to fuck my mom over it, please PM me for her number. Also I will not meet you to fight if you think your brush choice is better than mine. So these days, "everyone" is using brushes to clean o-ring and x-ring chains. That used to be a bad thing. Now it seems like it is actually much better. I never noticed the change, as I was riding shafties and dirt bikes for a long time. Opinions? And go with the mainstream Grunge Brush or something else? They're all relatively cheap so I'd lean to the aluminum one for $16. I'm using Motorex cleaning spray and Bel-Ray dry chain lube if anyone would like to insult my grandmother too.
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    Do not do this, it can't possibly help.
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    As I understand, it was a $4000 option, and not enough people bit on that big chaw.
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    A friend did a zip tie Frankenstein job on his bike on purpose, just for fun, no damage. It was pearl white, so it really stood out.
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    Crowned roads in the USA and left turns generally being faster than most right turns are the most often offered explanations I've seen.
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    Most likely "element set , wax " Part 8 if you go to "Throttle bodies " for our bike . It basically bumps idle speed when coolant is cold . Once it is warm the small pushrod should retract . Most likely it needs some lubricant .
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    Oh, also, I'd recommend the one I used, because the original ones posted in this thread have shady specs that can't really be true. They might be great, but any time someone fudges specs I assume they can't be trusted.
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    [joking]Yeah. If not for you fuckers, my RS wouldn't be in the shop.[/joking]
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    I went to the dealer to buy a Honda cruiser. Saw the red xx sitting there and it looked like it was wet. Didn’t even sit on it. Sold
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    When the FI model hit was when I really had the desire. Before that there was some lust, but no real action behind it. I cashed out a bunch of Cisco stock I was day trading, and went to the dealer with literally a brown paper bag of cash. Rode out with the bike with no registration, no tax, only the MSO. Registered it in another country, was untraceable. Sold my Katana 1100 for $2k-ish, with 110k miles on it.
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    Why the chlorine? well water already polluted? Grew up on well water that was never treated. Besides, chlorine will make you do strange things at exits while riding a motorcycle.
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    Thanks for taking this picture. It was a pivotal moment!!
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    Every thread becomes a bash-Trump thread.