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    You really gonna hold out over $200? You spend more than that on a Starbucks run.
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    Feelin' da love!! Thanks to everyone who weighed-in, much appreciated. Really. So an update...I rolled her out in da sun and "ohm'd-out" the GND connector with DVM...all contacts @ zero ohms (excellent). Wrapped Connector in tape & then made rubber-boot (from sheet-rubber) similar to what Honda put on some of the other electrical connections, zip-tied it & stuffed it up & away. Found Scorpio Alarm system (not hooked-up), so removed that mystery of wires. Also found (already knew) LED lighting set-up w/separate on/off switch, cleaned it up & kept it in place for now. Found the 2-pin Test Connector in back...AND found two "mystery" wires (brown & green) cut right next to it w/ no end connector?? Should mention I have a Manual & Shop Book...I'm that guy, so I'll trace where/what the wires are for, eventually, want to stay focused on current symptoms/problem. I've heard some models have extra wires for "foreign" accessories or regulations, but these look "cut"...it may be related to the LED turn-signal mod that was added prior, since it's by the bullet-connector mess that resulted. Regarding the "throttle" issue, you may have a point. The Bird is known for it's comfort...but not for me. It puts weird pressure on my wrists & the Kurkayn grips don't really feel round so I tend to grab/hold them differently.... Confession...I currently have 6 bikes in my garage (it's shameful, I know, it's a problem) BUT I ride them all....that's why I'm not throwing a whole lot of custom-detail effort at them individually. If I only had 1 bike I would throw all the deluxe gear on it to make it "perfect" for me, but now bikes are just disposable to me b/c they're so damn cheap...I swing my own wrench. So anywho, I put it all together again, cleaning the Battery & ends. It rode great, but I have trust issues now, so I'll have to drive it in circles for awhile... I will check the output of the Rectifier, that's a common issue among bikes (Aprilia) and an easy fix. Question: Is disconnecting the Battery the same as "unplugging the ECU", the reason I ask is b/c some systems may have some kinda back-up to keep da "brains" alive during Battery swap...seems like it had the correct time yesterday after I hooked it back up & rode. Coincidence? Only clock has back-up? Assume nothing...it may make sense to those who know the answer. I'm down in South Orange County, CA...Camp Pendleton. Thanks again for all the insights. I can't "duplicate" the problem which is very frustrating, so I just gotta nurse it for now. If I find a smoking gun I'll update the Forum... Ride safe everyone. ~Bear
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    Because. You’re welcome.
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    How can E-10 make more power when it has lower BTU?
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    Shouldn't have a problem connecting. You may have a problem buying if you decide to do so. The shipping calculator is acting up and sometimes will not let you select shipping method.
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    Keep it over 6k then, I'm just here to solve problems.
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    Morning sir, I will gladly accept the offer of $4800 from you. If you are available in the evenings this week or next weekend, that'd be great. Mom's nursing home payment is due on the 20th. The amount you offered is 65% of the monthly fee and I will gladly grab the difference from savings. Thank you for your offer, John
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    I’ve noticed with inverted units, they’re usually quieter outside than inside. All you hear is the fan(s). Not like some of the oldies I get to work on.
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    Thinking about owning a bike with miles on it is making his eye twitch anyway
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    That is a nice bike for the $$$.
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    Price, with everything listed, board price, is $5400. "Dave clean"? Nothing is Dave clean until Dave gets his hands on it.
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    That is one hell of a deal. Talk about lots of bike for the dough.
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    Just ordered it! WOOHOO! THANKS for the link!
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    https://m.ebay.com/itm/CBR-1100-1100XX-BLACKBIRD-CBR1100XX-BRUSHED-CHAIN-GUARD-SWINGARM-COVER-111-CBRXX/283122025937?epid=1829948749&hash=item41eb6345d1:g:7kQAAOSwkNZUnY4h There are a bunch of pkasyic ones for cheap for use as patterns?
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    Thanks John. If you could spread the word on Facebook I might get lucky and find one of those sweet guards.
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    Thank you for all the responses, will give them a try this weekend.
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    I got some cut out just need more rocker switches.
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    You fill the air box so it self oils as you drive, kinda like a chain luber; you didn't know this?!? The Mustang I bought was serviced by Jiffy Lube who does K&N service. Guessing they usually ignore it and might occasionally soak it. Since they're quick the oil doesn't have much time to dry. The MAF was pretty gunked up. The guy took it to three different shops and it only got worse, no power and wouldn't pass smog so he gave up and sold it cheap. One of the shops adjusted the timing wrong, that's where it got worse. The guy was sure it was some crazy complex issue since 'nobody' could figure it out and asked me to let him know what it was if I ever figured it out. A couple hours after I left his place I called him to report that it was cured and smogged. "Is the power back too"? I got pulled over for the long smoky burnout leaving the parts store, but no ticket to prove it with.
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    I have the prototype VFR bracket done. It's a little different but works good.
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    IIRC, we did three before and three after. Then a big long run trying different throttle positions to tune the TFI at different ranges.
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    She has been known to dump a package of red hots into a quart jar of......um..... distilled water, 120 proof distilled water anyway. So she comes by it naturally. That nick actually came from our misbegotten youth and listening to too much Neil Young long ago and probably too much of other things too. It was also her cb handle in the late 70s during the cb radio craze. "KZY3549 Cinnamon Girl" She also might have been the girl on the mechanical bull in a tv commercial for an infamous local cowboy type bar circa 1980 something. I hadn't seen her in 40 years. Wished me happy birthday on facebook & I asked if she wanted to go for a beer sometime. She said she didn't really drink anymore but we could go have a beer & catch up. We did. When we left the bar that Sunday the Goose Island Pale tap was dry, the Guinness blonde tap was dry & I had a ninety something bar tab. Good thing she doesn't "really drink" anymore. I told her it was just like riding a bicycle. 3 weeks later she'd moved in. We were looking at my pics of the 2015 Barber Vintage Festival one night and she said "I want to go!" I said "on the Blackbird?" "Of course, how else would you go to an event like that?" That led to 3 weeks on the 'Bird, 3000 miles, Barber Vintage festival, Hurricane Nate, Deal's Gap....twice, Wheels Through Time & Maggie Valley, Blue Ridge & Foothills Parkway, a few days to visit old friends in S.C. not seen in 10 years and 2 trips across the Ozarks the twisty way. And throughout all of it she never complained about anything. Not even once. Really. I'll post some pics & tales from the trip in another thread eventually.
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    No hell, no way stock XX motor would make 163 whp on dynojet Dyno without creatively adjusting dyno settings.
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    Good to hear from you Purple Plazma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once Purple Plasma, always Purple Plazma!
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    Carbs for an '01? That's a rare item.