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    I guess we all owe you a beer. 🍻
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    You're getting another one for being a good dad. JJP XX is also ...all gone (as son as I mail them)
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    Taking the kink out of that cable connection might improve the feel and make the cable last longer.
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    Mine delivered yesterday. I hope to have the XX together this weekend to test it. Thank you
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    My ex, Stacy, did this for a mouse problem in her Lexus (she lived in farm country.) Got rid of the mice, but she could never get rid of the moth-ball smell in the SUV. Every time I rode in it I had to refer to her as Ethel.
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    After I bought my 99 from here. I bought a PC3 and had it custom tuned by our local dyno jet tuner. I did not get any better gas mileage. It did smooth out the throttle a lot. So I do have a map for Yoshi slip ons with a stock air filter. I can share.
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    Oops... I edited this to reflect that this is a CL find, not mine.
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    Hello boys and girls! It's been quite a while since I've posted on here, and that is partly the reason that I am putting the Big Black Bird up for sale. I have owned it since summer of 2002 and it was a one owner before that. At the moment she has about 63k-ish miles on it and those are mostly traveling. We used to ride with a small group that would hit 250 to 400 miles a day every weekend so it's relatively easy miles. I'll try to list as much as I can below but I am at work and sort of in a time crunch. I'll post some pics and try to field any questions you may have as they come. Here goes: - Located in Hammond, LA - HELI bars - Removable (not on it now) soft saddle bag frames - BRAKING wave rotors - DIGI digital gear indicator - Huge expandable soft saddlebags - Possible tank bag. I may keep the one that is on it and replace it with a new one if sold. Sentimental reasons.... - Tucked in license plate and smaller tail lights - Additional tail lights inside of the tail section (to be seen better with the saddle bags on) - LED 'Blinky lights' inside of the tail light - Upgraded headlights (non-LED. Just a higher wattage) - Upgraded cam chain tensioner - Mobil 1 synthetic oil since new. - New clutch and Barnett springs about 1k ago. - Tires are about 50% - Frame plugs to match the special bolts - Handlebar ends machined to match the special bolts - Extra set of side panels and 'nose section'. Slightly damaged. I kept them to use on a track day but never did it. I'm sure I'll remember other things but that's all I can think of right this second. I will see if I have any recent pics to post later on. Asking $3000 obo. Thanks for reading this far! Update: HOLY SMOKES! I can't believe I forgot to add this other stuff! It just proves that it hasn't been at the forefront of my attention: - Micron carbon fiber slip on exhausts - Factory Honda center stand - Nelson Riggs mid-weight cover - Gold anodized adjustable levers - Replaced the cam chain tensioner with the later model upgraded one - 12v power port under the seat - PC2 Power Commander. 132 rwhp on day of dyno tuning (map cd to be included) - 'Check Engine' light is on. Code is 'Knock sensor', which is common with this vintage of PC2. I changed the sensor to see if it would clear but it didn't. If you were to upgrade it to a PC3 you don't have this issue because it is a more advanced unit and accounts for whatever is tripping the code. - All maintenance is up to date but I will still do another oil change at the time of sale. - All maintenance records (receipts, labels, instructions etc. - Wife says I'm OCD about that stuff...) Still at work so I can't really find any pictures of it out here. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll answer them.
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    Five gallon bucket with about two inches of used cooking oil on the bottom. String tied across the top with a used tuna can (not washed after contents emptied) with peanut butter smeared on the outside diameter suspended in the middle free to spin on the string. Mouse motel open for business .....
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    Down 16.8 so far.
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    A sign that you should keep it. Come on, you know it.
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    Empty & dry, should be fine. Or install & fill completely. Or anything because it's only a month.
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    Aircraft tubing is protected internally with linseed oil. I suspect that it would dilute in gasoline, when you get ready to use it. Or how about a small lamp, like those from a Christmas tree or nightlight. Drop it in, turn it on. Low , constant , heat should keep the tank dry. I used higher wattage bulbs in my catermaran hulls to dry them off season.
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    The exhaust is worth about $50, I'll gladly double that.....maybe even triple just cuz you're a good guy.
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    I have heard that moth balls work but I have never tried it.
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