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    I shelved the bike for the winter, so never responded with the results. Last week I got the bike out, bought a new AGM battery, and the bike fired up immediately which no weird lights, sounds, smells or actions. Went for a 30 minute ride: No issues whatsoever. Conclusion: Battery was fully charged but lacking in CCA or something. New battery resolved all issues. Thanks, everyone!
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    FWIW and to further cloud the issue, my '01 did not have an o2 sensor, I know that for a fact. I don't believe 49 state 2002's did, either. CA bikes are a different story.
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    Nothing? Come on, that's blinker fluid.
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    What Red said. My '01 is non-california and non O2/non catalyst. Pretty sure the O2 and cats go together, the O2 is likely needed to keep the cats efficient.
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    I don't believe that's true when it comes to the fuel injection. 99 and 00 are essentially the same. My PC3 works for those years only, and modifies the signal from the ECU to the injectors. The PC2 actually modified the signal from the sensors, to which the ECU then sent the appropriate signal to the injectors. Since the 2001 and later has an O2 sensor (i.e. feedback), Dynojet had to go back to modifying the input sensor signals, which is why it plugs into the ECU, like the old PC2. However, if you have a way to (electronically) delete the O2 sensor from the ECU, I don't see why my PC3 wouldn't work for the later years.
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