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    if they’re the motion pro plastic ones, replace them at once! i’d been smelling fuel in the garage the past day but, couldn’t isolate it. also smelled some while riding the bird to and from work today. lifted the tank and found the culprit. these were purchased new from ebay, marketed as specifically for the fuel injected bird and installed only 3 years ago... anyone know where to find metal replacements?
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    Thanks guys. I really planned on keeping it and adding some performance goodies. But by the time I added up all the parts (supercharger was $6800) and big brake kit,, I had the money to just buy an M. Plus the only made 3041 M's for the North American market in the three years this model was offered. This one is 230 HP where as the "M" is 343HP and there's a bunch more different. I'd be happy to extend the forum price to someones friend but the delivery part won't be in that. Thanks again guys.
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    As the pads wear the fluid goes down so there may be nothing wrong.
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