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    Not a single one! Except for Jeff Dunham, Adam Sandler, Joe Rogan, Larry the Cable guy, Bill Engvall, Ron White, Adam Corolla, Bob Hope, Denis miller, ......
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    Breaking news, lol. Qsteer used a limited slip diff, not a locker. Makes noises if the right fluid isn't in there. And Hank tells me he found evidence that qsteer came with 4.10's as well.
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    Damn, I must be psychic as I said 4WS axles cost that much earlier. You could buy an entire quadrasteer totaled truck for that amount and have all the spare parts you could ever need. I suggest you check car-part. I see some with 3.73 for less than $1000. www.car-part.com
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    Joe, send me all the info on the vehicle and the rear...
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    Special rear. They're on eBay for ,$3500. I'd gladly go check it out, but it's a planned move...200 miles and through Philly to get there. That's a 5 hour trip. True it could be lots of things, but it's a car lot, and they might have a clue that they don't wanna fix it.
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    Maybe we could resolve in 2019 to keep the For Sale section clean of drama?
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    Stop lying, it's your bike.