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    Maybe we could resolve in 2019 to keep the For Sale section clean of drama?
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    Stop lying, it's your bike.
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    Never heard of that one before.
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    Nothing fancy here. Cage, bench, pull-up bar. I used to have a set of dumbbells similar to yours, Brett, but they all got sold once I picked up the Ironmaster adjustables. My father in law gave me the chrome plated ones (at the base of the mirror)when he moved to FL, they get used for lighter stuff. I rarely use the curl bench, it irritates my elbow if I use enough weight to accomplish anything. There used to be a TV above that desk, there’s a bicycle hanging there now. Elliptical is upstairs in the spare bedroom with a TV in front of it. Oh, and 500lbs. of rubber coated plates, another Craigslist score. Traded a guy straight up for plain iron plates, he apparently missed the clanking, LOL.
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    Not a single one! Except for Jeff Dunham, Adam Sandler, Joe Rogan, Larry the Cable guy, Bill Engvall, Ron White, Adam Corolla, Bob Hope, Denis miller, ......
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    Damn, I must be psychic as I said 4WS axles cost that much earlier. You could buy an entire quadrasteer totaled truck for that amount and have all the spare parts you could ever need. I suggest you check car-part. I see some with 3.73 for less than $1000. www.car-part.com
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    I'm sure some of us have some pretty cool setups. Post up whatcha got. Mine is in the 3rd bay of my garage. I have a heater for winter but during the summer its hot. Fortunately I like sweating. I have hex dumbbels from 6lb up to 70lb, power cage with upper and lower pulley, some goofy sit up bench that came with the cage (I bought used), a Schwinn Airdyne bike, home made chin up bar bolted to the ceiling, 100lb heavy bag and I moved the rower upstairs for the wife.
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    Theses just came up on RevZilla that look decent for daily wear with CE protection. Plus I like Alpinestar. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-sektor-shoes?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Win-Back Disengaged
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    Warren distribution, they make a shit ton of the private label oils.
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    Oh wait....you fucked that motor all up but I'll give you $50 for it anyway.
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    Sounds to me like you discovered an inside trick to win more races! You should get rid of the oil cooler completely for a reduction in weight and then put her back together and run a few more passes to set some new personal best times ! More trophy's - more wins with your new secret formula!
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    Elixxir, now there is a name that I haven't seen in a while.