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  1. Just found a better picture of my goose, ca. 1993 in Louisville, KY right after purchase. Modeling this beautiful bike is my beautiful daughter, D1. The bike will go to her when I’m dead.
  2. Alanb, I’ve gotten something from each of these guys. Since you more or less called dibbs, who should I purchase from? I do not want to piss any of you guys off.
  3. I’ll take a set from one of you. After my loop gets running I will start on BB1.
  4. I hear ya. Today, for the first time in my life, I picked up my bike. From a shop. For maintenance. Brake pads. Flushing lines. Chain and sprockets replaced. 600 large, plus the cost of a couple beers there. (What a great place!) I mean, I used to be a real biker. Now, not so much. The ride home was great. Loved the brake job, much better than I could have done myself, but you know, no grease under my fingernails. Tools not being used, no barn beer. When I got home I planted some canna gillies for wifey.
  5. This has happened to me. Old battery, hot day, wreck on the interstate. Finally just pulled over at a high point until traffic cleared. Had to push the bike off.
  6. Not at all. I have seen some threads go more sideways than this. BTW, if you see any old Dellortos, give me a shout.
  7. That picture is just a serving suggestion. I am keeping the stock seat. It was stowed out of the elements and is in great shape. Same for the tank. Except the chrome pads had been painted over so it will be finished back to original appearance. I am trying to keep as many existing parts as possible. The mufflers are not stock, as are the carburetors. Finding them stock is going to be a bitch.
  8. https://www.smartcycleguide.com/L51821810 Doesn’t Catbird have a silver bird? Haven’t heard from her in a coon’s age. Nice looking bike.
  9. Yeah, I was kind of hoping engagement from the community would help keep me motivated. And there are always those tips, tricks, and trivia that make life interesting. My goal is to re-use as many of the original parts as possible, but there are a few things I am going to need to get it to near original and the board will expand my reach hopefully. Oscar - the holy grail of guzzology: Gregory Bender’s https://www.thisoldtractor.com/moto_guzzi.html
  10. I have become fully committed now. Hopefully this will be the end result:
  11. Once I built the new barn, I placed it on my lift in it’s own (yet to be finished) stall, promising it will be rewired, but with the deterioration from being in a decrepit storage facility, it was obvious it was going to need more than that.
  12. This picture was from a Toys for Tots ride in Knoxville around 1995. That’s my son Jonathan. In the fall of 1997 I was riding on the BRP when the wiring harness in the cowl caught fire. (A known issue now). I parked it in the barn, and life happened.
  13. What are the medals for? I would like to know so we can all give the man some respect.
  14. Happy birthday, Bill. Feel the love!
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