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    if they’re the motion pro plastic ones, replace them at once! i’d been smelling fuel in the garage the past day but, couldn’t isolate it. also smelled some while riding the bird to and from work today. lifted the tank and found the culprit. these were purchased new from ebay, marketed as specifically for the fuel injected bird and installed only 3 years ago... anyone know where to find metal replacements?
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    As said, DOT5 is special stuff and you can't switch over easily. I've also read that some seals are incompatible with it, but don't know if that's true.
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    It's really distracting when the rear locks up and stays that way.
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    Thanks guys. I really planned on keeping it and adding some performance goodies. But by the time I added up all the parts (supercharger was $6800) and big brake kit,, I had the money to just buy an M. Plus the only made 3041 M's for the North American market in the three years this model was offered. This one is 230 HP where as the "M" is 343HP and there's a bunch more different. I'd be happy to extend the forum price to someones friend but the delivery part won't be in that. Thanks again guys.
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    As the pads wear the fluid goes down so there may be nothing wrong.
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    Well, if Hobie can fix the oil filter, he'll gladly ride it across country, per his previous boasts....
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    You guy's need to check out his build, very impressive!
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    Holy shit, they have gone crazy! Is Terry writing their gun laws?
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    You should send that to Dave for a cleaning.
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    I still have one more left, and another going out soon. But, yes you may, ofcourse copy it. Cheers
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    Daughter and I will have some pics this coming weekend.. Sucks
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    I've never felt that there was too much travel, but each has their own pickiness level. It's not awesome like my 999s was, but not bad feeling at all. I got curious so I compared it to my stock '97 and there's a bit less travel and more firmness once the pressure starts rising, guessing because it has braided hoses. It was already de-linked when I got it. It's possible that whoever did it didn't drill the calipers so not having those extra pistons to actuate is reducing travel compared to one that is.
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    I left my two cents over in the other thread. However, I would like to say that I believe the rear bias on the linked BB brakes is different between carbed and FI versions. One of my 99's was an early model (VIN ending in 0300's), and the back wheel would chirp when hard on the front brake lever. The other (VIN in the 0900's) never had that problem. I figure Honda had some left-over proportional valves from the 98 models, and just used them on the early 99's. Any one needing a new one would just get the improved version.
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    ...if you're not smart enough to use the rear brake.
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    Didn't solve the issue. Researching de-linking now.
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    Those Carrozzeria wheels are thing of beauty!
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    See discussion in 2014 about the Carrozzeria wheels for FI birds:
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    Problem solved. My Grandfather always used to say: 'Look for the simplest solution." I forgot about the second brake fluid reservoir hidden by the rear cowling. It was empty. After draining and replacing the brake fluid and bleeding the system everything works fine. Had I checked that first I wouldn't have had to pull the rear wheel and right side exhaust and disassemble to caliper.😠 Good thing I'm retired.
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    I never used the audio from my 550 on the bike. All the time with the car mount. For the bike install, I used the ball mount that came on the GPS packaging. I drilled and tapped the ball mount. For 1/4 20 threads. I had that size all thread on hand. Next, I removed the rubber plug from the top of the triple tree and lowered the all thread / ball mount into the hole. Pad the top of the fender to avoid scratching. Better yet remove fender. Measure the excess length of all thread sticking from the bottom of the tripple, then cut to allow a little of the all thread to show below the bottom. Remember to have a nut installed to chase the threads of the all thread before cutting. I also filed the bottom of the ball mount to match the square hole of the triple. A 1/4 in deepwell socket worked well to tighten the nut on the all thread below the triple.
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    I won't be anywhere on the bike for at least until the weekend, but will take some pic next time I ride. It won't be as interesting as above.
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    Sorry to hear of Rick's brother's passing. Per your request... Puck came in handy today while I rode through Lake George (Americade) today... Thank you again. :)
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    I think I remember now, the issue is that 5 can foam up when the ABS valves cycle rapidly.
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    DOT 5 or 5.1? Because seeing 5 on a store shelf seems very odd. DOT 3, 4, and 5.1 are all glycol-based fluids that can intermix and work in the same systems. DOT 5 is silicon-based and changing to it is a very involved process. DOT 5 has a very high boiling point (close to the same as 5.1) and is not hygroscopic. DOT 5 is semi-compressible and can cause a softer, less defined feel for the brakes. Funny you call it orange fluid, because truly orange hydraulic fluid is LHS/LHM type, and used for some active suspensions as well as some unique brake applications. It's totally hydrophobic, but has a lower boiling point. There were also some other issues and I can't remember why it's no longer used. A relative, straight mineral oil, is used on bicycles for brakes.
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    Got mine today... Thank you very much!
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    Thanks to all, the bike has a new owner. Hopefully there will be many happy miles for both.. I got it from a member of the XX family, and it has been SOLD to a member of the xx family.
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    Beautiful bike, whomever buys it will get a gem!
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    I believe there is a proportioning valve under the seat that should be considered. I'll say it again. You'll save your self a lot of headache by just de-linking. Then it will be a real motorcycle braking system. 😉
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    I'll likely make use of them, planning to stick with my 6s for as long as possible. I'll PM you my address. Thanks John.
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    Making up mailers today: Swampnut JJPXX and Loki
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    Its stupid hot. But when I wrote that it was 11:30 at night and I was in my underwear. Not going out into the mosquito infested regions of my 0.2 acre estate with a flashlight to look at a brake line. I could be accosted by a bear, a stink kitty, or a whistle pig. Much too dangerous. And today its raining. But if Skip asks, I'll go out.
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    Oh, your getting more than that..... Ahhhh! The corruption is now complete
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