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    The temptation to piss cost me dearly.
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    A sign that you should keep it. Come on, you know it.
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    Empty & dry, should be fine. Or install & fill completely. Or anything because it's only a month.
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    Aircraft tubing is protected internally with linseed oil. I suspect that it would dilute in gasoline, when you get ready to use it. Or how about a small lamp, like those from a Christmas tree or nightlight. Drop it in, turn it on. Low , constant , heat should keep the tank dry. I used higher wattage bulbs in my catermaran hulls to dry them off season.
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    The exhaust is worth about $50, I'll gladly double that.....maybe even triple just cuz you're a good guy.
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    I was trying make a point that idea of not counting veggies, fruits, lean chicken, etc. is retarded. Anyway, good luck with your diet, spending time on spelling errors will make you lose weight even faster.
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    I have a way to test. Jerry rig a set of multimeter leads to the terminals on the speedometer that get the signal. Look up the voltage of the signal pulse. Plug in a multimeter where you can safely view it and ride. While a pulse, it occurs so fast it will look like continuous current. When the speedometer stops working, if you still show voltage, the speedometer is bad. If no voltage, it’s likely the sensor or wire harness (least likely). When mine acted up, I pulled the sensor and found some organic gunk stuck to it...impacting its ability to sense the spinning of the flywheel. I just removed the gunk, and all was well.
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    Here is one that i was looking at, that claims 150db https://secretlakestore.com/products/universal-17-inch-150db-loud-car-air-horn-12v-110-hertz-single-trumpet-compressor-bocina-for-trucks-cars-automobiles?variant=16655342862407&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping
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    No, definitely not. Actually, I'm not sure if the horn button works. Have never used it. But it beeps when I arm/lock it, and it's already too loud. Shit, I guess I should check the bike horn too. We're not NY, we don't use the horn here.
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    Weight Watchers or any other supervised program is not a recipe for long term success. Honest, no bullshit advice- you've lost weight before, so you've been to the place you need to be. You just have to learn how to live there for the rest of your life. Fuck a diet or a program, change the way you live or you'll be back here next year with the same thread. PS- The "on the road" excuse is bullshit. I was away from home for 5 days for RacerXX and I drank like a fish for 3 of them, I lost 2 pounds. Change how you live, wherever you are.
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    It looks like you might have enough room for the life of the chain, if not you can always shorten it later. I agree with worrying about the tire, change it and put the old one on Craigslist for a couple of bucks.
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    both old and new are jt. several years ago, i went to tahoe on a similarly worn tire (continental motion - last time i buy one of those...) a tiny, around 1/8 - 1/4", strand of wire managed to cause a slow leak i battled on the way home. thanks for the reality check, mr. xxcess... by the way, it's shaping up to be a full palate of motorcycling for me this late winter / early spring (thanks to more vacation days than the wife...). a few weeks ago, i did this on my klr near death valley! by far, the most challenging riding i've ever done. i never wanted to know what it's like in the mud on a 400+ lb bike that goes straight ahead while the bars are 45 degrees to the side... poor bike's still waiting for repairs / maintenance... if you want to see more; https://photos.app.goo.gl/aWdx1iiwhsRNJbyf7 you'll probably need a gmail...
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    I thought we didn't shit on other member's sales here?
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    Good to see you this week, Jon. Im going to see if my daughter can flat foot the bird with your seat. Thanks, Craig
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