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    A sure way to end up with monkeybutt
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    It went to a good home, and stayed in the NW. Even has a stablemate in the fastest color...
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    That implies that your tool strap is intact.
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    Mike You are correct. Any trip of distance , I carry two keys. I haven't ridden in months, and got out of practice. Kirsten took off from work and brought me one of my OEM keys. Once home, a set of Kline close cutters grabbed and removed the broken part easily. Thanks for the ideas This is the second time that the bike has let me down in 18 years. First was a 3 in slit in my rear tire. Now this. POS Honda.
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    if they’re the motion pro plastic ones, replace them at once! i’d been smelling fuel in the garage the past day but, couldn’t isolate it. also smelled some while riding the bird to and from work today. lifted the tank and found the culprit. these were purchased new from ebay, marketed as specifically for the fuel injected bird and installed only 3 years ago... anyone know where to find metal replacements?
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    He didn't want to open the box.
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    I`ve used whatever what cheapest at wallymart. No cooling system failure in last 200k + miles. BTW, waterwetter plus, well, water resulted with leaking water pump on my RIP track only 2004 R1. PITA to replace since water pump and oil pump are one piece that is located inside of oil pan. I just flipped bike upside down with straps and fork lift. I shit you not.
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    I bought the Blackbird back in 2000 and it has been a great bike! I'll take $3,500 for the bike and all of the parts. You would have to come and get all of this stuff.
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    I sold hundreds of them back in the day. I forget the size now but I ordered them in through Fastenal as a Buna O-Ring. They held up better than the OEM O-ring!
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    I've experimented with tires and spark plugs back to back and different ones can make a big difference whether new or used. Before Splitfire spark plugs existed I made a set for my Mustang and it was pretty obvious they worked better than the normal plugs. That was a 351 Cleveland with 2V open chamber heads, engines with more efficient designs might not change as much.
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    People replace X brand worn out tire with Y brand brand new tire and automatically proclaim Y brand being way better. Lol. Same scenerio when they switch from X type of spark plug to Z type. Lol.
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    It is a simple procedure to open the lock and remove the disk tumblers. This leaves you with a stock looking gas cap lock which can be opened easily with the key or any other blade.
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    Corbin Seat Gunfighter with lady backrest black with silver piping, excellent condition $225 plus shipping
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    Test drove one for about 50 back road miles. It's sublime.
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    Weird - because your mom loves the yellow dildo.
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    I have seen this done as well, instead of using a screwdriver what about the broken off key base as the screwdriver? If all else fails just take the whole bike to the locksmith or have a mobile locksmith stop by and extract the key remains. Don't waste time with the tank removal.
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    Not yet. Still at station. Waiting for daughter to bring me a spare key, so that I can ride it home. On a better note, I just got a text from my son. On a plane, leaving his deployment in afganistan. I'll go to Harbor Freight today and get some picks. Thanks
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    Saw a few of these at the local dealer, pretty impressive looking. I like the look of the speedster with a single seat.
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    Well, there might be a reason.
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    It would be bananas for sure.
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    It takes all kinds..... https://jalopnik.com/this-guy-quit-his-job-and-rode-30k-miles-on-a-honda-ruc-1700749213 But, no, I think three days in on Monkey ride from NJ to Texas, I would be miserable.
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    No, I haven't really been pushing it yet either. I put my Tundra in the shop this morning so I drove the GXP to work today.
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    And GAP, PPM and paint protection.
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    Mmmm ... Didn't think of that one! I must have one lying around in one of my gazillion boxes! Will see if I can find it! It would be from my ol CB900F82. Thanks XXitanium!
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    Just WOW! That sounds like German engineering.
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    Yea, how can you guarantee that the front won't fall off if you don't loft it to verify?!?
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    Where is this happening? The only outdoors dryer I've ever seen consisted of a line strung between two points suspended above the ground or some variation of that specifically designed to expose clothes to the outside air...and sun. Is this a southern thing?
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    If the wire is corroded, you need to do two things. First of all, figure out why it's corroding. Secondly, you have to cut past all that corrosion and get to clean wire before you put a new connector on. On Furbird, I had to replace entire runs of wire because it was so corroded from the test connector. I have no idea how it even ran as bad as some of those wires were. If you have corrosion so bad it's causing heat that far back in the wire, I'd want to know why, otherwise you'll keep fighting a problem that will never go away.
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    Thanks guys. I really planned on keeping it and adding some performance goodies. But by the time I added up all the parts (supercharger was $6800) and big brake kit,, I had the money to just buy an M. Plus the only made 3041 M's for the North American market in the three years this model was offered. This one is 230 HP where as the "M" is 343HP and there's a bunch more different. I'd be happy to extend the forum price to someones friend but the delivery part won't be in that. Thanks again guys.
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    As the pads wear the fluid goes down so there may be nothing wrong.
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    Ok Walmart has the 4 pack for $1.34 so that’ll be 2,238 packs but I’ll cut you a deal at 2,200 packs. Thats like 152 Peanutbutter cups off my asking price.
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    We should meet at Mystics on 205 and discuss the mountains and valleys in view.
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    What did it end up going for? Kinda weird to see that Honda Monkeys are being advertised for more than a typical XX price.
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