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  1. Oh well, but I do maintain that is the primary reason carbed ones run cooler is the holes cool the oil cooler
  2. If you look at the front of the bike the oil cooler isn’t even behind the nose holes so those whole thread is probably stupid. What got me interested was this pic that is probably exaggerated
  3. Sorry about that^ How do carbed birds get their air? Wouldn’t it be the same way as removing the ram air ducts?
  4. Doesn’t oil flow through it the same regardless? Like a radiator without a thermostat?
  5. If you don’t ride fast enough to pressurize the airbox, wouldn’t removing the ducts point air straight at the oil cooler instead of letting it bake up there without airflow?
  6. I like my 919's even more than my XX most of the time. Trackdays depend on how fast you can go and stiffer fork springs are mandatory. For casual track days they're excellent but the brakes and street-oriented design will have you wanting more if you're accustom to sportbikes.
  7. Nice, I can go check it out for someone. Hurry though people buying bikes like they’re toilet paper https://denver.craigslist.org/mcy/d/lafayette-2002-honda-blackbird/7297878091.html
  8. I’d have paid him 6k last year when I was desperate. Glad I found what I needed there can’t be more than a few left like this.
  9. Crooks want way too much but one of the few left like this. https://southwestcycle.net/Cape-Coral-FL-33909/Used-2003-HONDA-/VDP/91b8bcfd-7ac2-45e0-95cf-f2e011995651
  10. Any more ‘01+ problems to report?
  11. Delkevic Aluminum. ~500? https://delkevic.com/mufflers-slip-on/honda/2001-models/cbr1100xx-blackbird/
  12. Yes I agree, my 14R was really bad and I'm temped to turn away from the C14 but everyone I ask says it's a non-issue.
  13. That the problem I'm running into. My bird in 90F weather, just scorches my legs through high boots and even leather. I don't get why I'm such a pussy about it.
  14. Do/did you have a problem with the heat on your bird?
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