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  1. jon haney

    2016 F150 Supercab EcoBoost.

    LOL. Captain Pot-stirrer strikes again.
  2. jon haney

    Blackbird drag race parts

    Nope. Made these myself. They are aluminum. Used an AutoCAD generated trace pattern, old table saw, file, and palm sander. Plus drill and tap. The powder-coat hides the imperfect edges.
  3. jon haney

    Blackbird drag race parts

    Probably not, but I do have some pretty black peg lowering brackets that would be great for a street Bird. The one with the notch goes on the right to clear the rear brake master. Moves rear sets down and back about 1.25".
  4. jon haney

    Blackbird drag race parts

    On the fuel kill issue, as it relates to motorcycles, is a wonderful thing, especially if you run a lot of nitrous. Fuel kill stops the back-firing when shifting. Guessing that the "lean condition" that Tomek is referring to is not a problem for engines with a separate throttle body for each cylinder.
  5. jon haney

    Blackbird drag race parts

    Yes, 9 oz. bottle under seat, with modified inner fender. See pic above. It was sitting beside the Dyna unit, and tucked under the cross-brace that holds the seat latch.
  6. jon haney

    Blackbird drag race parts

    Yes, plug & play, but finding space under the seat (if totally stock) to mount the unit might be difficult. Coils are included, and can be mounted in the stock location with spacers and one longer bolt (included). The plug wires that come with it do not have plug boots, so you have to use the stock ones. Easy to switch. $100 to your door. See pics for my set-up.
  7. jon haney

    Blackbird drag race parts

    Ouch, and cheap beer on top of that. 😬 The ignition also has a 2-step, tach output, and fixed timing retard (maybe for nitrous).
  8. jon haney

    Blackbird drag race parts

    Still mounted to the bike, so I'll need a week or so on that one. Have to get the triple off the lift first.
  9. jon haney

    Blackbird drag race parts

    BUMP. Come on guys. Don't make me scrap these things. Surely someone could use some of this stuff.
  10. jon haney

    Aftermarket wheels

    Superhawk is right. When I bought my Dymag wheels, I had to get a Kawasaki sprocket as well. I believe the 6-bolt Kawasaki sprocket pattern is fairly common with many makes and models, so most motorcycle wheel manufacturers use the same. One cush drive for all applications saves production costs. Almost surprised they don't offer a few sizes of brake discs to be more universal. After that, it's just matter of them installing bearings and spacers to match your stock axle. Car guys have it way too easy.
  11. jon haney

    Blackbird drag race parts

    LOL. Looks like I had my cursor in the wrong place when I inserted the pics.
  12. I am converting the "Drag Bird" back to street trim. As such, I have many parts (some custom) that are available for sale at very good prices. -Foremost is the custom extended swing-arm with wheelie bar mounts, wheelie bars, and adj. strut. Also, included with this is an RK DR 530 chain (1 year old), custom chain-guard and trimmed rear fender. -Dyna ARC-2 ignition with coils (SOLD) -MPS Air-powered hydraulic clutch master & lever -MRE single-stage lock-up for 6 spring clutches and extended cover -Dedenber RTD-6 delay box with custom mount (fits in the clip-on pinch bolts) -Real carbon fiber mirror block off plates (lovingly made by a Boeing employee) (SOLD) -Custom lowering brackets for stock rear-sets (about 1.5") -Yoshimura RS-3 header with spring-mounted straight extension pipe that also mounts to the custom swing-arm -Shortened stock side stand -Air shifter (cylinder, valve, & high-pressure CO2 bottle, no regulator) with custom cylinder mount and modified shift pedal. Also have Dyna shift counter for ignition kill. (SOLD) -Extra low-pressure air bottle. -Custom bracket, air cylinder, and valve for rear line lock (pushes on rear brake pedal) -Big rear sprockets 60T, 57T, 55T, 53T, and 15T front -May have a race-cut transmission in the future, but condition of bearings is suspect. Depends on what Joe sends me for replacement. I think that does it. Can send individual pics, if interested. Bike won its last race and made fastest pass of career (9.43). Let me know.
  13. jon haney

    Mobil 1

    They had the blue filter in a hex box and the same part number in a square box. The filters in each one looked identical. The store didn't have any PureOne types available, so You might be right about them being discontinued. The threads of the blue filter were not as recessed as the yellow filter (or the Mobil 1), so they bottomed on the engine case. This may not be an issue with the Bird. Will be awhile before the Drag-Bird needs a new filter.
  14. jon haney

    Replacing head stock races.

    If you can find something made of aluminum or brass, like a punch, then you can hammer on that without scaring the steel races. A fairly new rawhide mallet might also work.