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  1. I always fear the "shallow" dip. Blackbird owners are spoiled in that regard. The Dy-mag wheels I had had a huge dip that made even touring tires fairly easy to mount. Hayabusa rims also have a shallow dip that makes even a flat slick difficult.
  2. Sure wish I could give it a try, because I've busted beads that took 50 psi to to re-seat (with soapy water). Do you have this same issue with different brands of wheels/motorcycles? Does a new slick seat fairly easily?
  3. I use a 2x4 under my trailer hitch, with a rubber mat under the rim for protection, and/or more wood for keeping the discs off the concrete. Practically free, and only have to store the 2x4's. Came close to buying the H-F unit a couple times, but I already had the lawn mower tire version (POS), and hardly ever used it. Would have built one that fastens to the garage wall studs, if I hadn't insulated and sheet-rocked.
  4. Me too. Who knew? Too bad I'll never get the pronunciation right.
  5. I find it hard to believe there is a stock '97 R/R still working. Probably won't work for long with the output you're measuring. I would go series as well, but the Yamaha is a good unit, too.
  6. jon haney

    Fork up-grade

    Holy shit! That guy has a pinch-bolt fetish. Who in hell wants to tighten that many?
  7. The stock gaskets back there are pretty thick. Have you tried those?
  8. Yes, but you still won't have much adjustment. That may not matter, if you only ride solo, and can maintain your weight. Small compromise for saving big bucks.
  9. You do know that Race-Tech (and I'm sure several other places) can build the stock shock into a more than adequate performer, right? Probably $400 tops. Been awhile since I've priced anything with them. All I had done was a proper spring and fresh oil. Made a big difference. Should have went for the gold valve.
  10. LOL. Not me.😔 I didn't actually measure (the drop of the bike) when I tried it, so go with what Joe says. When I made a new set of triangular plates, I reduced the dimension between the shock and the dog-bone bolts about 1" from stock. This yielded about a 3 to 3.5" drop at the rear axle. Side stand was still short enough with stock front height (barely).
  11. Yes, it's that easy, but the drop is not very much. After all, it's free. It's fairly easy to make new triangle plates, which I did a long time ago for drag-racing. However, this changed the linkage travel ratio to make the shock slightly "stiffer". Not a good thing for traction on a street tire. I think a "dog-bone" is the better way to go, especially for street-going daily rider.
  12. If that is actual rust on the steel legs, they will need to be replaced.
  13. I read the title of this thread and thought Tim was pimping himself out. LOL
  14. If you think the Bird was hot, You will likely hate all things Kawasaki with water-cooling.
  15. I have had a BT Jr. now for quite a few years. For any new motorcycle battery I have charged, it never took longer than an hour for the green light to come on. You can actually install and ride, but the mfg. will usually recommend you give it a full charge first.
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