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  1. Coil Paks and JB Weld

    Not a VW guy. What is the problem with the factory coils? And what the hell is the JB Weld supposed to do in the second video? Besides make all the plugs fire together.
  2. 1985 Kawi GPZ550 crossthreaded oil filter

    I almost cross-threaded the one on my old Yamaha 650 Maxim. It wasn't hard to fuck up, if you tried to do it one-handed. Managed to get it back in straight. The big problem with those bolts was rounding the 12mm hex on the top of the bolt. Seriously doubt he could cross-thread and get the cover anywhere close to seated. Like someone said, there is a lot of thread there.
  3. 1985 Kawi GPZ550 crossthreaded oil filter

    You assumed wrong. Cartridge type filter with center bolt. Easy to chase the bolt threads with a thread file, but of coarse it's the aluminum case threads that get fucked. Do they even make Heli-coils for that size? Not going to be fun, for sure.
  4. Is it OK to run Aviation Gas in my 2003 XX??

    For the short winter storage, I just make sure I have non-ethanol fuel in the tank. Looks like you're in Nebraska, so guessing corn-free gas is as illegal as cocaine. LOL. Sta-bil or just about any fuel preservative. I use Briggs & Stratten Fresh-start in the yard equipment and the drag-Bird. It's cheaper than Sta-bil.
  5. early ignition rotor into later bike?

    LOL. Although there are standard pistons out there with an 82mm diameter, that diameter would be custom for this engine. Plus, IIRC the wrist pins are 19mm diameter, which seems oddball.
  6. early ignition rotor into later bike?

    Don't know short-hand. Can you give the long version of that question?
  7. early ignition rotor into later bike?

    2mm is what is still available for piston kits, but I'm sure you can go 3mm safely. Problem with 3mm, or bigger, is that you may have to order custom pistons. Don't want to guess what those cost. PM Stan (cbrxxquad). He knows everything.
  8. early ignition rotor into later bike?

    Don't know about the different timing, but a 99 or 00 rotor should fit on a 2001.
  9. early ignition rotor into later bike?

    I looked very deep into this issue many moons ago. The rotor for carbed Birds is different than the ones for FI Birds, and are not compatible. Short of modifying your stock rotor like Superhawk said, the only avenue for changing ignition timing on an FI Bird is buying a Power Commander with the ignition mod adapter. Nothing $600 won't cover. This money would be better spent on a big bore kit. IMO
  10. Poorly Bird

    Don't forget to check the ground bolt beside the rear gas tank mount. It can loosen, and give the same symptoms as when the wire loom gets corroded.
  11. FS: Parting Out a 2000 CBR1100XX

    Especially, since I said I was okay with a little surface rust. LOL
  12. FS: Parting Out a 2000 CBR1100XX

    Joe, I would like to call "DIBS" on the whole tranny, if it just has mild surface rust. I am in no hurry, so just let me know when you know. The drag bike is making a little more tranny noise than last race. Hoping it stays together 2 more races. If it grenades, I'll likely need a whole, running engine.
  13. FS: Parting Out a 2000 CBR1100XX

    How are the transmission gears? I will need an unmodified 2nd gear when I put the drag Bird back on the street.
  14. power commander

    A 163 HP at the rear wheel?! What else is done to the engine? Or maybe someone's dyno is very optimistic?
  15. left front brake rotates

    Take the reflectors off. They're just extra weight and dorky looking. IMO. Actually, I know they are government mandated equipment, and I remove them as a protest. Did the same to my bicycle.