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  1. Probably just stretched a little. Oil might help with the "feel", along with deleting any kinks.
  2. Check the ground first, of course. There is also a dis-connect on top of the engine for the speed sensor that can get very dirty. The speed sensor actually picks up the rotation of second gear. 28 teeth IIRC. I had to know this info to program the data-logger on my drag Bird.
  3. JT sprockets?? You are a cheap bastard. 😀 Actually, I'm sure they are fine for street duty. I tried a couple on the drag Bird (16T), and found them to be weak. Broke 6 teeth off of the first one. Not sure how many races that was. Then 3 teeth off of the second after just one race. Sunstar or Vortex for me. A couple thousandths of linear play on the shaft is normal. The splines should be tight enough for practically no rotational play.
  4. Yep. Might be a very interesting map, if disconnecting the O2 sensor. Lot's of negatives, I'm guessing.
  5. Seat is sold. The rest of the parts, and a couple not shown here will be at RacerXX.
  6. Soooo, it should work on later models, but not if it has O2 sensor, right? Forgot to mention it has a wire to tap into the throttle position sensor. This allows you to tune for better mileage at partial throttle (highway droning) and tune for best power at full throttle.
  7. I don't believe that's true when it comes to the fuel injection. 99 and 00 are essentially the same. My PC3 works for those years only, and modifies the signal from the ECU to the injectors. The PC2 actually modified the signal from the sensors, to which the ECU then sent the appropriate signal to the injectors. Since the 2001 and later has an O2 sensor (i.e. feedback), Dynojet had to go back to modifying the input sensor signals, which is why it plugs into the ECU, like the old PC2. However, if you have a way to (electronically) delete the O2 sensor from the ECU, I don't see why my PC3 wouldn't work for the later years.
  8. It is awesome. Pin the throttle, drop the hammer. Just make sure you're pointed straight down track, and bars are adjusted to make it go straight.
  9. Update again. Found the accessories for the PC3.
  10. OP edited to include compatible year models. 99 and 00 only.
  11. I have a PC3 USB that I bought new for my 99 Bird. Worked great. Would this unit work okay on a 2001 Bird, California model?
  12. Yes, plug and play, except that the tune it currently has is custom and likely a little rich for a stock engine. Someone here probably already has a good tune they could email to you. There is a male and female plug for each injector, a splice for the throttle position sensor, and a ground wire that goes to the battery. It still has velcro on the back that will help you mount the unit under the seat. Here is a link to more info. http://www.powercommander.com/powercommander/products/powercommander/powercommander_iii_usb.aspx
  13. Wow. I figured you guys would be fighting over the power commander. Surely, that price isn't too high. Remember, you can use a PC3 to improve gas mileage, as well.
  14. For Sale: 1. Working PC3 for 99-00 year models, and later models w/o O2 sensor (I also have the box and accessories that came with it, including the software). $80 tyd in lower 48. 3. Dummy shafts for the counter-balancers. If you want to save a little weight, and gain 1 or 2 HP, this is a way to do it. Vibration didn't seem to increase that much, but I never rode a long way either. You pay shipping, and they're yours. 4. I also have a 15T Sunstar front sprocket. Has a little bit of wear, but still plenty of life left. Can get pic, if need be.
  15. Brake cleaner is fine, but make sure you blow out all the holes and such with compressed air right away for the reasons Oscar mentioned.
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