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  1. So, I wonder how long it will take the owner of that last bike (extended swing-arm) to realize you can't bolt the exhaust can to the swing-arm, if you are still running a shock? 🙄
  2. Now that's a Pimped-Out Bird.
  3. jon haney


    IIRC, shims for the early CRF-250 (or was it the 450) will also work, and they have a larger range of thicknesses.
  4. Check all the grounds when you install that new R/R.
  5. Show bike. Not intended to be ridden in traffic on a hot mildly warm day.
  6. jon haney

    Brake problem

    In Zero's defense, if one is OCD enough to thoroughly swab out the reservoir, they would make sure there is no lint left behind. Don't ask me how I know.😉
  7. jon haney

    Brake problem

    All good stuff above, but I'll add another personal experience, in case it might apply. On my 2010 Triumph, I installed an aftermarket brake lever, and had the same thing happen, but I only had to crack one bleed screw. The new lever wasn't quite allowing the master piston to fully return. The "dry end" of the master piston goes into a hole in the lever, and it needed to be just a few thousandth's deeper. A drill bit fixed the problem.
  8. Yep. The clutch and brake reservoirs (height) are the only thing I would change.
  9. Shiny black with the gold wheels. Wood.
  10. Mine is a Street Triple. The Speed was a little heavy for what I was wanting. At 400 lbs. full of gas, the Streety has plenty of power and is a hoot to ride. Even makes a capable tourer for one, with a Corbin seat and a Givi trunk. Old pic. It now has bar-end mirrors, and Ohlins shock.
  11. AFAM has this, https://www.afam.com/en/service-2/sprocket-finder/ but I couldn't find anything close to the numbers you gave.
  12. I might re-use a rear steel sprocket, but always put on a new front sprocket with a new chain.
  13. Yes, I am, and yes, it would. I have also completed the Star Racing School (twice), and done a couple dozen track days just for fun, no competition. It definitely helps make you a better road rider. That is why I recommended it to Mike. Having more skill/confidence also makes having to keep within the traffic laws, and sharing the road with cages more painful.
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