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  1. That's how I did it with a Ford 4000 and front bucket. More than once. Third time I needed a big winch. Hard to walk it back when one side is buried in the ditch, and your rear box blade is still sitting on the edge of the road with the 3-point all the way up. My dad was pissed.
  2. It takes real talent to get a rig like that stuck, where it would require a winch to get it out. You did say he owned a Harley, though.
  3. There's an exhaust style I've never seen. Seems out of place. I Wonder what it sounds like?
  4. Wouldn't the loc-tite come through the coil and get on the bolt? How would you keep them separate? Sooo, after the coil is installed with loc-tite, you let it set, and chase the threads with a tap before installing the bolt?
  5. I wouldn't do it. And if you do, use a teeny-tiny drop of low strength. If it comes out, you can always go back with Loc-tite.
  6. Plus 1 on left-handed drill bits. Usually start drilling, and they back right out from the vibration and light turning force. I'm guessing the bolt rusted into the fairing stay? They are supposed to be zinc-plated, but I guess that can wear off. Is the bolt broke, or just the Allen head is FUBAR'd? If it is rusted in there, a new/used fairing stay might be a lot less work.
  7. Please direct me to where I can buy either of those batteries (sized for cranking Bird) at those prices.
  8. LOL. Owner's name must be P.T. Barnum.
  9. If the idle noise you described does not go away when you pull the clutch lever in, it might be the cam chain tensioner, or "lifter" as the book calls it. Easy fix. The whine on decel in 1st gear is something of a mystery. The last Bird I sold is the only one I ever heard do this. Had the engine apart, but couldn't find a cause. I sold it a couple years ago to an older gentleman in Missouri (from this forum). It's probably not the one I had, since he seemed to be real happy with it (last I heard), and don't think he would sell it this quick. BTW, nice looking Z-rex.
  10. Probably 10 years ago I ordered a carb from Ebay for my Dad's CM200. Worked great with no adjustments. I do recall being extremely surprised. Sold the bike, so don't know about longevity.
  11. So, now I'm wondering where this (mis)information comes from. Don't think Scotty just pulled this out of his ass. My guess is that some, or several, car manufacturers feed this info to students in their certified training courses, and maybe, under a very specific set of circumstances, damage could be done. I'm thinking amperage spike, rather than voltage, but I agree that that shouldn't be able to happen. Seems like it's what I like to call, CYA info.
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