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    30 bucks off of getting registered with the Government so if any relative commits a crime they have a place to start looking.
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    Swapped fairings couple weeks ago. Initially I was not convinced that platinum pearl was the right way to go but now I love it. Color combination has 50's American Iron vibe. It was lottsa work but I love it. It is beautiful blue in direct bright sun, goes into blue-teal in the shade.
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    If it's near 91745 and you don't have a trusted friend available I can check it out and either put down a deposit or possibly pick it up & hold it for you if you'd like.
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    forðastu að hella þér á skrítnasvæðið ooh lala
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    For the clutch, I just take the bolt out of the block next to the steering head. Never noted any difference except I got another inch and a half to work with.
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    Got the chain tensioner and installed it last night. Easy fix and the bike is running great again. Great service and fast shipping from John! Everyone should buy from him!
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    Top of Old Spiral Hwy Lewiston ID. It is much faster then expected, I could easily dip into lower triple digits on my race prepped R1. Cruising milage improved by honest 10%, I get 40 mpg at true 85 mph in configuration as in the pic.
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    Bike is sold. Your bikes are worth more than you think. Sold for $4500 today. I miss it already
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    Flush went well, there was a lot foam in the rear center. Rear brake works better too. Appreciate it 👍
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    Looks good at night now. Clean blue instrument cluster. HID aimed well. Job well done.
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    finally made the time to install a rick's stator today. no drama other than tearing one of the stock plastic harness ties. 14.4 volts at idle, yay! now for a test ride, 1st time in almost a month!
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