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    MOST of the KTM guys around here are nuts. I think you should hang onto that bike. Once I retire, I'll want to travel a bit, and you having a spare bike on the west coast would be a big help. And I like the color.
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    You need to hook up with this guy.
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    Come on guys. There isn't much action in the garage and some look forward to mechanical discussions without the drama. Maybe you guys can ignore each other in the garage for the rest of us.
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    Slapper, Oscar, and I get together in Southern California. A lot of beer and whisky is consumed. The ghosts of both Tomek's mom and Obama visit us in our sleep. We wake up horrified, in tears, and start drinking again. We call this, "Tuesday."
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    She is not over weight, just big boned.
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    And this "motorcycle" thread was going so well. 😢
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    Stop lying, it's your bike.
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    You really gonna hold out over $200? You spend more than that on a Starbucks run.
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