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    I wonder what it was that made them leave? The consistently improving unemployment numbers? The steadily rising economy? The the evidence that aggressive anti-US foreign dictatorships are begrudgingly reaquainting themselves with respect, moderation, and diplomacy on the international stage? Could it be the attempts to prevent the US from going down the same failed path the EU is stuck on in regards to immigration? Maybe it was the protecting and defending of the Constitution that pushed them over the edge?
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    MOST of the KTM guys around here are nuts. I think you should hang onto that bike. Once I retire, I'll want to travel a bit, and you having a spare bike on the west coast would be a big help. And I like the color.
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    Not much in the album, did find a couple from an older camera.
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    Maybe we could resolve in 2019 to keep the For Sale section clean of drama?
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    Stop lying, it's your bike.
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    Never heard of that one before.
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    You really gonna hold out over $200? You spend more than that on a Starbucks run.