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  1. redxxrdr

    LiFepo battery for XX????

    Search shows links that are a few years old. John and Eric touted Scorpion batteries, 500 cca. Others liked Shorai, but those list AH, not CCA. What have you You been happy with, the last few years? Im leaning toward the largest power , with the same package size as OEM. Or is that overkill? Thanks Craig
  2. redxxrdr

    Motivation frame slider install

    Sorry that they are dirty John. No time to clean after the storms.
  3. redxxrdr

    Forks / swingarms

    Mikes zxx upgrade And a swing arm post
  4. redxxrdr

    Forks / swingarms

    Mikes zxx upgrade
  5. redxxrdr

    Wheel alignment tool

    This.... I hope to build another wheel to wheel tool in the future. Improvements will be thinner plexi to allow the beam to be more visible on the front target. And longer targets, laterally. I was always having to space the front wheel target when I changed bikes with different size rear tires. And it did show clip on , and fork alignment issues on that old sv that I have. The great thing is that lasers have gotten much cheaper in the past 15 years.
  6. redxxrdr

    Wheel alignment tool

    My son damaged my laser level when he was little, and later the target assembly. The target was the tough build. I used the body of a cheap level, and two pieces of plexi to build the target. Scribed both targets with a set of calipers to have marks in the same place at both ends. The laser level was mounted against the rear tire, pointing forward. The rear wheel was adjusted until the beam hit the same point on BOTH targets. The front wheel has to be turned left and right as well to get the alignment complete. But there was only one position that would hit both targets. I copied the idea from Geoff from New Zealand. Sadly, his post were lost in a early Forum crash / upgrade.
  7. redxxrdr

    Wheel alignment tool

    Has anyone used this one. It shoots down the chain. The one i built years ago shot the laser from the rear wheel to targets mounted to the front wheel. Very accurate due to the distance involved. But this Laser monkey looks easier to use. url.html
  8. redxxrdr

    Tire wear

    My shaft drive Magma has duel swingarm and can be aligned slightly. Im not sure about a wing. I have seen lots of improvement aligning chain drive bikes, both in tire wear and handling. I think it is Speedygeezer who was selling a gauge style alignment tool. It worked good until i got bi-focals. I cant get the string method to work on the XX with the wide lower covers. And years ago, Graham , developed a laser based alignment tool. Targets on the front wheel, a laser on the rear. It worked really good. Unfortunately, i broke the target end, and have been too lazy to build another.
  9. redxxrdr

    Rear suspension 'locking' up.

    Many places will rebuild it. If you bought it used, give the rebuilder your weight and riding style. Most can tune with spring and valves to fit your needs
  10. redxxrdr

    XX motor turns over but no start

    The good news is you seem to have it down to electrical. Battery could have been damaged, or just bad. easiest would be to pull it, and have your local FLAPS check it. Or disconnect you negative pole on the battery, and charge overnight. It should charge to 13.5 vdc or so. Disconnect your charger and let the battery sit for a couple hours. It should stay around 12.5 vdc. If it drops below 12 vdc, bad battery. if the battery holds up, connect it to the bike again, and monitor the voltage. It shouldn’t drop. If it does, I would go back to what you did last. r/R? Disconnect the plug and see it the battery stops dropping, r/R. If not, the troubleshooting continues. Do you have any electrical farkles? If so, I would disconnect them one at a time until the voltage stops dropping
  11. redxxrdr

    Chain cleaning brushes

    Same experience. But just use a clean shop towel, just after my ride. When the chain is warm. 500 mile intervals, sooner if the ride was in rain.
  12. redxxrdr

    Bird clicks and then nothing. WTF?

    The OEM. Is YUASA. It’s a sealed agm style battery. Mine lasted 7+ years. My second, over 5. Would have lasted longer, but I clooked it with a high current charger. The problem with replacement YUASA is that they are made and sealed in Japan. You could get one that has been aging on a shelf, if your vendor has slow inventory turns
  13. redxxrdr

    XX motor turns over but no start

    Additional thought. Gasoline engines need three things to run. Air, should be a given. Spark and fuel. How about trying a small spray of starter fluid in the ram air vent. If it tries, the probable fuel problem. If not, probable electrical
  14. redxxrdr

    XX motor turns over but no start

    You say it tires to turn over. Slow cranking, or as fast as before? If slow, put a volt meter on the battery and read while cranking. Mine drops to around 9.5 volts, with a 3 year old battery. It might be worth a charge overnight. I don’t like using jumper cables on a bike. Too much ummph, it there is something else wrong. And I have to ask, do you have gas. Btdt. 😖
  15. redxxrdr

    Wire Loom Fix

    sometimes I agree with Mike. 32k for plugs, 50 k or more for a fuel filter, isn’t so bad. Using good fuel, and riding often is best for your bike and your sanity. You should see what you have to do to change a pump Bills k1200rs. I’m sure that you know it, but pull your battery before pulling your tank. One slip and you scratch you tank. Or use all of your fire extinguishers. saftey first