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  1. Mine delivered yesterday. I hope to have the XX together this weekend to test it. Thank you
  2. redxxrdr

    Gas Tank Question

    Aircraft tubing is protected internally with linseed oil. I suspect that it would dilute in gasoline, when you get ready to use it. Or how about a small lamp, like those from a Christmas tree or nightlight. Drop it in, turn it on. Low , constant , heat should keep the tank dry. I used higher wattage bulbs in my catermaran hulls to dry them off season.
  3. I have only gone up one tooth on the countershaft sprocket. Doing this, lets me use the standard lenght chain. The axle, is forward a little bit. Anyway you do it, the marks on the swingarm will now be for reference only. Pulling the axel forward will shorten the wheelbase slightly, and in therory, you might turn in a little better. But not enough to worry about. I would shorten the chain, only it you think that you will run out of adjustment before the chain wears out. As to the tire. I often put a new one on, if i think it could fail during a long trip. I just hate worrying about it. You could always remount the old tire later to use it up. ( but i never do)πŸ™„
  4. Digital dash does have a time clock. But it’s draw is probably in micro amps. Not enough to worry about. but then you knew that. πŸ˜„
  5. Good to see you this week, Jon. Im going to see if my daughter can flat foot the bird with your seat. Thanks, Craig
  6. As above, what does it do when you try to start. Does headlight come on with the key? Tender removed. And if you dont have a meter, buy one. They are invaluable in todays world. Remove the ground cable from the battery. 12.5-13 volts dc is a good start. Charge the battery overnight, still disconnected. Measure after a day, still disconnected. It still needs to be 12.5 or more. If less, probable bad battery. If more, connect the battery and monitor the voltage for a day. Keep the key off. Nothing on the xx will drop the battery. If it drops much, you have some troubleshooting. If not, monitor voltage with headlights on. Battery should still read over 12 volts . If not, probable battery. Next, monitor with starter running. A good battery may drop to 10 volts with starter running. Back to over 12 volts when you release starter. If not, probable battery. The sad thing is , batterys are different quality. My origional agm lasted over 7 years. Others 1-2 years. Im trying the high priced LiFePo battery now. I talked to John during Racer xx Thursday. His last lifepo lasted 7 years. So ill update my results in 2026,😎. Post up your results, and we can armchair more troubleshooting.
  7. Tri flow is at any hardware store. I had never seen Houdini before. It was a recomended product by a larger local lock / locksmith shop. They recommend using very little tri flow after cleaning with Houdini. I had a couple times last year, where I didnt think that I would be able to refuel. I feel much better now. Of course the Ninja may require more effort. Her boyfriend seems to be good for her. But some of his mechanical efforts concern me.
  8. God daughter's Ninja cant be fueled. Gas cap won't open. I stopped in a locksmith to get lube recommendations. I got two suggestions. A product called Houdini, and triflow. Houdini to clean, a small , small , amount oh triflow to lubricate. I checked my bikes. Both were stiff to rotate the key, had to push and wiggle the cap to open. I opened each cap, covered the tank with a cloth, the sprayed Houdini into the upright key slot. Lots of dirty crap came out. I then used a little triflow in the key slot, the movable angular ring and the two wing latches. What a difference. I think that i will have to set nikki's tank vertical to clean the key tumbler. But i hope to do the same process for her. Just another thing to check at riding season.
  9. When researching my replacement, it seemed that either type could be used. You needed to pull the pump to determine which was used. In my case, i bought a straiggt, and had a curved. I bought a ebay spare pump that also has a curved. The good news is, the curved will work perfectly. I never understood why mine was clogged. 55k miles, spotless tank, and the brillow pad stuff was clean too. But replacing it fixed a bunch of stumbling issues.
  10. I found a photo that I took of a bent steel filter in pump, and a $8.00 generic filter.
  11. If you use the straight, make sure that your line is submersible. Been researching to help Bill change the fuel pump on the k1300. All posts discuss fuel submersable line. My local flaps know about it, but dont have it. And dont blow into that 180 fuel filter to see if it is clogged. You will take a bath. And yes, I am that fucking stupid.😒
  12. XX? if so, I would change the filter while there. I the filter has a 180 degree fuel line on one end, then there is a cheap replacement at your flaps. If metal 180, a replacement was $50.00 a couple year back
  13. My bikes with petcocks always had a mess sock over the inlet pipe to the carb. Almost clogged? Carb fills slowly, then bike runs . But wont continue after bowl runs dry. You know the drill, pull the line from the petcock, and verify good flow. If slow, remove the petcock, check for clogged screen or petcock. If all is clean, carb clean time. Oh yea, dad and i propped a ultralight for hours, only to find that we didnt have enough gas in the tank for the petcock set on full tank.
  14. Without thinking too much. Quick google using I phone to get these schematics. The stator looks to be a 3 phase, like most bikes of today. But, they used each phase/coil separately. maybe to allow operation with a dead battery? I assume that your goal is to switch to LED lighting. If so, the modern r/r is a full wave bridge. Input to the bridge would be the output of one of the coils. Output of the rectifier would be plus and minus DC. If the coil, also has a connection to ground, then half the rectifier could be bypassed by a short to ground. Lower output. since LED are still diodes, I bet that they will work on the AC circuit. Diode being a built in rectifier. But..... you may experience a dimmer output, since you would be using a half wave rectifier instead of a full wave, as is used on newer systems. Also, a/c output on 3 phase systems are around 60 vac. The regulator helps load the output to 12-15 vdc. First confirm that my search found the schematic correct for you bike. Then confirm what you are trying to do. I often read things wrong. Myself, i would try the LED lamps on the existing A/C circuit. Turn signals will require a different flasher relay, designed for LED current flow . Just wondering, do the lights get brighter when you rev the engine? That is how my bikes from the 1960’s worked. Or I could have completely miss understood. πŸ€”
  15. Sorry it took a couple days to pull the battery. The battery spacers wedged between the sides of the battery box and the round spacers at the bottom. It does make for a solid installation. I forget where I bought it.
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