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  1. The Amara View is not a nasal mask - it's specifically for mouth breathers.
  2. I'm an incorrigible sweets addict. I cannot have it around the house or I will eat it. I get some periodically then have to refrain from buying any more for several weeks. It's been a lifelong problem LOL
  3. I just ran across this. I've been using a CPAP for 3+ years. I'm using a Dreamstation which was replaced by the manufacturer about 6 months after I started - necessitated by the recall.. Fortunately for me, I got the replacement rather quickly. My daughter also uses one she's been at it longer than I. I also have sinus problems - Worse in the winter - also allergies and COPD and to top it off, I am a mouth breather so I use the Amara View rather than the full face mask I use several remedies for nasal congestion - NACL nasal spray, Fluticasone Propionate Nasal spray and I sometimes take Allegra for the allergies. Mine also has the ability to be read and adjusted by the Doc at his office. I had my original evaluation at the hospital on a special floor there - mine was somewhere between low and moderate at the time. If you haven't yet been able to tolerate the CPAP you might try different masks. I couldn't tolerate the full mask. They tried the Amara on me and that worked fine. There are a variety of masks available to be tried.
  4. I don't have a problem with differing opinions; I have a problem with the nastiness of some and the nastiness towards others that certain people have if you disagree with them. It was a broken record. It's just like if you have a differing opinion - you become an immediate object of derision and ridicule, I listened, then when it got repetitive and there was no new information, I said "enough". I do generally try to be at least respectful

  5. How you doin?

  6. Oh Hobbie, I'm so sorry to hear you are going thru this.


  7. When I bought both my CBRs The guys at Honda told me to use 90 wt gear oil - which I have faithfully every 600 miles. The 1000F is now 13 years old and still has the original chain as does the "01 Bird. Terry
  8. Really nice looking. Design and execution are par excellance! Terry
  9. I don't know exactly what your texture looks like - sounds kind of like the stuff on my ceilings - which is blown on - and, by the way, is a major pain to clean or paint over, but the walls could be matched by using a roller cover made of rug material. They even sell them in the paint stores because that particular texture is so common in the area. If the style of texture in your area is common, the local paint store may have roller covers - or can tell you the method used. The beauty of starting from scratch is you can have any old texture you desire! Taping is not difficult - they sell spatula like tools for spreading it and feathering the edges so the seam is not obvious. Again, the guys at the paint store can be very helpful - or there are tons of books out there describing the process. That's my usual way to approach something I've never done before - go buy a book - or several. :-) I did not use a sprayer for any of it - for indoor work, I use rollers and brushes - it's neater (for me, anyway) Terry
  10. Agreed - if you're going to tear out that much, you might just as well rip it all out and start from scratch. There is a special type of water resistant gypsum for use around tubs, etc. (forgot the name - senior moment, I guess).. Drywall is really easy to work with. I did my whole garage and my bath by myself - they have some really great gadgets for taping now and a raft of stuff for texturing the surface. It's kind of fun - and it looks so nice when it's done. Terry
  11. This is as common problem in the Pacific North Wet. It depends on how deep the mold goes. If it's just on the surface you may get away with just killing it with a household bleach solution. I finally had to completely replace my bathroom floor several years ago - and I'm probably looking at ripping down the drywall in the back bedrooms (at least on the outside walls) and completely replacing that in a few years. The floor will probably be your most troublesome area - although, again you may luck out and be able to kill the stuff and reglue the tiles. In any case let it dry thoroughly before doing anything else. Terry
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