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  1. I paid £45 for a brand new 2 row alloy radiator on eBay, yes it's a china job, but it's way better than the knackered unit I replaced. Even if I only get a few years out of it I'm happy. Being 2 rows it's also better than the standard cooling.
  2. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    Sorry I haven't been here a lot lately. I didn't change the smaller bulbs as I felt the led's in those would be too bright, the warning lights are plenty bright enough for me. I was surprised how much of a difference LEDs made to the main dash, makes it very visible.
  3. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    As I understand it they were for the Jap market originally, this will have been a grey import at some point to the UK that wound up on the Isle of Man. Hardest bit is going to be leaving it alone until the ZZRs are finished 😂
  4. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    Well it won’t be for sale for quite some time, if at all. The ZZR’s are the priority work, they’re ‘paying’ for the GSXR400, both need a fair bit of work but should be viable once complete. apparently the GSXR400 red lines at 15500, it’s going to be a hoot to ride 😂
  5. What @superhawk996 said Also, if you do drain cold to get the extra old oil from the sump, do a flush as well before putting new oil in, should grab some of the crud from your engine and keep that new oil cleaner a bit longer
  6. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    So I bit the bullet and removed the 6mm spacer. Next job is balance carbs and tune. Hopefully this weekend. Got everything I need in place at last, including my next three project bikes, the two ZZRs were £400 for the pair, the GSXR was £1500. All bikes are complete, some parts are removed though, they should be delivered in a few weeks time. 1990 ZZR600 1993 ZZR600 1988(ish) GSXR400 Slingshot (Slab side) - This one's a keeper.
  7. Funnily enough, No. It does however leave them much cleaner and feeling way better than any other toothpaste I've used. I also like the cinnamon flavour.
  8. And there's me been using this for years... https://shop.redmond.life/collections/earthpaste/products/earthpaste-wintergreen-4-oz
  9. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    Good call, may be time to experiment
  10. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    There is that I guess, or maybe just remove the spacer might help. When I learned to ride my instructor was about 3 inches shorter than me, I'm 5'7", his bike was a GS1200. How he ever reached the floor is beyond me, but it was the third GS he'd owned and used so I suppose he got used to the height.
  11. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    Makes a big difference, very comfortable, has gel pads built in and the surface is anti-slip. On the downside, I'm a shortarse and between the new seat and the 6mm spacer on the rear shock I can now just about reach the ground with my tiptoes. Not good.
  12. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    Not yet, still on the to-do, although less urgent than it was getting her through the test. Put the new seat on today
  13. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    The driving licence is much more like the UK / EU one now, plastic card with holograms etc. A lot harder to fake than the old paper type
  14. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    Long time since I saw one of those 😅 That is referring to the test type if I recall correctly, I have personally imported the vehicle so it's an import test. Buses / Taxis and some other classes of vehicle have an annual roadworthiness test and that entry on the certificate would be different despite them also being imported.
  15. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    I know, strange combination 😆 You can ride it as long as your insurance company is willing to cover you. Mine was willing to risk it so no issue. I'll be able to use it once I get the new numberplate, which should be Monday.
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