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11 hours ago, XXitanium said:

My CBX is popping out of 4th gear.


I considered removing wheels, bolting the bike in, removing the tank, draining the oil, and flipping it upside down to access the transmission.


It's probably not that easy?


Doesn't look like transmission access is going to improve much.

Are you sure the CBX shift forks are replaceable without splitting the cases?

Are you sure a bent fork is the problem?

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Bill, i don't understand. The CBX motor "hangs" in the frame. No cradle downtubes. Just dro the motor. Can't remember if the CBX has a cassette gearbox Anyhow, bent shift fork is a possibility that with contribute to "rounding off" the engagement dogs. I undercut the engaement dogs 5 degrees total 2 1/2 er side on my turbo bike and it never let go again. Think positive. If you have to slit the cases, you will get a good look at the main bearings also. lasti gauge is your friend.

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 You could remove whatever you can, and then just flip it and let it rest against the wall, etc. Secure to the wall. 


 It would be criminal not to check main and, if accessable, rod bearings. I would not fuck with plasti gauge, if signs of wear at uncomfortable level replace them going by numbers of crank and cases. 


 I had to fix 6th gear on my VFR1200. Engine removal being V4 is epic, biblical and monumental pain in the ass to the square. 4 times amount of work vs. inline 4.

 Essentially you have to lift off the frame of the engine, and reverse it on installation. You gotta remove front forks, driveshaft, rear pain in the ass headers. Basically bike has to be strip down to the frame except gauges, triple tree and rear subframe.


In retrospect bike flip would be much, much quicker. 

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