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  1. Something I forgot to say; if it has LED taillights they probably won't do the goofy open ground stuff I mentioned, I've never tested it, but guessing not. If the light only has two wires then it's being internally grounded by the mounting screws, usually only one of them. If it has an external ground wire it 'should' be white and is almost always attached to one of the light's mounting screws, or it'll have its own screw. I've never seen a trailer that had a ground wire going back to the lights, they're always frame grounded at each end. If it uses normal bulbs check it, trailer bulbs and bulb sockets shit out way faster than on a car. I can't imagine the axle causing it. The hub could if it was machined wrong, super loose bearings might be able to cause it. Either can be easily checked.
  2. When a trailer light has an open ground it'll usually do weird shit like flash all the running lights when you hit the turn signal and light them all with the brake applied. If they're wired straight to the vehicle's taillight wiring the car's lights will also act up with turn and brake.
  3. Many, maybe most, trailer lights ground through the mounting studs/screws. First thing I'd check is the weights to make sure they didn't fall off, next would be to spin the tire and make sure it's not out of round. I had a clip-on weight fall off about a mile from the tire shop, and watched a stick-on fall off Carlos's dirt bike while it was just sitting there.
  4. How else am I to stoke the fire?!?! But no, this is a proper Blackbird, the original fastest bike in the world, not that white thing with fuel infection. Which was beautiful. This one's living outside for now, but I'm glad you mentioned that because I've been considering moving it indoors.
  5. No, the valve is in tact and normal. I added a piece of vacuum hose, the new and original hoses connect to eachother with a barb fitting just below the fairing on the left side. Since the bike sits a lot I wanted an easy way to drain the carbs. Before parking it I disconnect the hose which shuts off the fuel flow so I can run the carbs dry. When I want to start it again I suck on the hose connected to the diaphragm to prime the carbs instead of cranking a long time. Then I reconnect the hoses and fire it up. If the diaphragm were to fail while parked it would empty the tank onto the ground instead of into the engine. I originally planed to use a tiny ball valve, and as often happens I couldn't find it when I wanted it so I just did the barb fitting as a temporary fix...about a year ago.
  6. If/when the diaphragm goes bad gas can go through the vacuum hose straight into the intake port. A bad float valve 'should' send the excess gas out of the overflow onto the ground.
  7. Actually, I just realized that mine can't because I've by-passed the vacuum line. Fuck you beetlejuice!
  8. No, that's an EFI only thing. The carbed bikes could become flooded due to a failed fuel shut-off valve. Hasn't happened to mine...and I might have just summoned Beatlejuice.
  9. Well duh. You can't just go and cut a strap willy nilly, you'd need a hot knife cutter which will require lots of input. But seriously, not having a bunch of strap to have to secure makes life easier. A less permanent alternative is to roll up the excess and zip tie it...and figuring that out 'should' only take two pages and three failed attempts.
  10. Are you going to commit and cut the excess off the straps?
  11. Take note of the chain guard RXX, I think someone here has been holding out.
  12. Crash protectors? All I see is a large round pillow for a proper nap.
  13. I got the 403 recently when I quoted Dave including the thread title. Then the site seemed to go down so I assumed that the 403 happened because the site was crashing...and hoped I wasn't the cause of the crash. Tried the next day, same 403, but the site didn't crash.
  14. I'm so accustomed to every sale being half way across the country that I didn't bother getting excited about it, and just noticed that he's local, dammit.
  15. And in case you don't know, if you have multiple codes or an intermittent code you probably have a failing test connector.
  16. Carlos and I texted about it and I almost suggested asking you about helping them. And I suggested telling them about Jeff's shop. I have no idea how they are, but figured that they probably wouldn't bone family.
  17. I no longer smile at cops, just a friendly wave.
  18. I've heard many cops say that if they can't find a violation on someone that they're not trying, luckily they usually only try when they've already profiled someone as looking like a criminal. Our local LEOs give almost no fucks about traffic infractions. On the rare occasion that I see them on a traffic stop it's never a 'normal' stop...occupants out, car search, handcuffs, etc. The occupants are always a darker shade of brown than I, except for the occasional crackhead looking white ones.
  19. So the law requires proper plate lighting, but also states that it's unenforceable? What other trailer requirements fall into this non-enforcement thing? And is this actually written law, or just something you've heard or assume that a cop would ignore? I've pretty well proven that CA cops don't care about trailer license plates at all, I've done thousands of miles without one on any of my trailers. But I won't tow one that's actually unregistered because it would be my luck that that's when I'll find the no-leniency cop that cites me and impounds my trailer.
  20. Well hell, it's a bummer that nobody predicted these problems and that they didn't suggest the solution before you went through the trouble of trying to do it your way. I find it extraordinarily hard to believe that Virginia cops can't stop someone for an equipment violation.
  21. From my understanding, Tags don't hold value or appreciate like Rolex and some other brands, but some vintage ones might bring decent money.
  22. The metal rings aren't a bad idea for the straps, but they're often a bad idea for use with a bike. One of you has issues with strapping his bike, one does not; one of you understands how things work. I've never seen or heard of a hook cutting through a soft strap and have never been worried about it happening. The hooks on one set of straps you showed had hard edges which isn't ideal for a soft loop, but even those would be very unlikely to cut them.
  23. It's funny that Zero keeps arguing about how bad the metal to fabric interface is when it's a tie down hook against the fabric, but is perfectly ok with that interface if the metal was installed on the fabric by a Professional. I give him cudos to some degree for bowing down, but it's a shame that he can't accept that people have done millions of miles with steel hooks on fabric loops.
  24. But you specifically asked for advice, not an opinion on the quality of the product. Adding to what's been said, the locking hooks of that overpriced strap set won't let you use them with small rings/anchor points so make sure they'll fit what you bought before buying them.
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