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Sleeper Modded Kia Stinger GT2 RWD-$30k

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It belongs to my friend/roomate.  He was longing to be back in an S class Mercedes and bought an S560.  He'd keep the Stinger if his bitchy Cuban landlord would allow it, too many vehicles to house other people's addictions.


Pretty sure it's a 2022 and has about 50k miles, it's been half across the country a few times.  It's dark grey metallic, I can shoot photos if anyone's interested, burn outs by request also.  It supposedly does around 500hp on the hottest tune using E-30 gas, blending normal E-10 with E-85.  On normal E-10 it's mid-high 400s.  Stock is round 360HP I think.  The mods are all external; intercooler, air intakes, blow-off valves, cat-back exhaust, race plugs, probably some other stuff.  He chose the quiet exhaust, it's audible, but mellow.  All the stock parts are included.  The front brakes were also upgraded when they started acting funny, a common problem with the American version these.  All it probably needed was different brake pads, but he went with racy rotors, maybe calipers also.  The stock brake parts are probably gone.


The shop that did the mods specializes in these cars, there's always a bunch of Stingers there.  They also did some minor visual mods.  Part of the taillights/reflectors are ugly, they were painted to match the body, it's a small thing, but makes a huge difference.  Maybe some other little stuff like that.  Ahh, it was partially de-badged, the remaining ones were replaced with the Korean badging, looks like a funky E, only Stingerfiles recognize what it is.  And sticky rear tires to make use of the power.  Shit, the list is longer than I initially thought.

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3 hours ago, Biometrix said:

That's a 2021

Just checked, you're right.

I drove it today, just to make sure the battery stays topped off of course.  Actually, I have a green light to rape use it as much as I want to, but rarely take the opportunity.  My other cars were blocked in, and it had been parked for about a week so it needed a drive.  It's fucking retarded.  If I had any use for a nice sedan it would be tempting.


There's a decent chance that they'll hold value better than the average modern car.  This is the last year of production, and from my understanding, America is only getting 440 Stingers in the various configuratons.  I think this is second from the top tier, the AWD version being above it, but I don't know if enthusiasts rank AWD as better or not.  I know that with my Porsche the AWD version has a lower market value even tho it was more expensive.


Driving on cold tires and roadway today I thought, this would be great with more traction.  But stabbing it in 2nd gear and having it step out before hooking up is fun too.  I think I'd find the bottom of my citation budget if I owned it.

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On 2/2/2024 at 5:26 AM, Dotetcher said:

I drive alot of different cars in my part time retirement gig. The Stinger is one of the few I remember. Put a huge smile on my face first time I hit the go pedal. WTF! was my first thought.

Imagine the WTF and smile with a 30-40% boost in power.


It's been a few days, probably due for another battery charging and blow-off valve cleaning.

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