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  1. I was at 17 IU and was given 50,000 once a week for a month if I remember correctly.
  2. I can attest you can remove the ignition lock when the steering is locked. Had mine freeze in the locked position. Removed and had a locksmith clean and lube the assembly. Not much help here as I don't remember the details other then using very long extensions.
  3. And her head is not attached to her neck properly.
  4. No,no Cal the ladder goes into the shop!
  5. Found this from the UK site- https://www.superblackbird.co.uk/blackbird/EFI.htm
  6. Hey, I owned one of those until I let the neighbor who had just chugged half of a fifth of whiskey take it for a ride. Did not end well but he survived.
  7. Curious to know the mileage?
  8. The older we get the faster it becomes
  9. I see no point of impact, stress crack from the bottom up.
  10. Did a track day and purchased new Corsa's at the track. When I picked them up he showed me he took half cup of water out of the rear. Would that be like balancing beads? Obviously the previous shop never drained their compressor.
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