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  1. Hard to live on beef patties and lettuce but... it's really about what works for the individual. Best of luck and keep us updated. My cardiologist recently recommended I start Wegovy to maintain my low weight... seeing my history of yo yo'ing. I asked him what the side affects are or could be and he said "could any of those side effects be worse than death?" So... seriously considering it.
  2. DaveK

    Speech to text

    We use Dragon at work... have been for about 10 years. Works seamlessly for us.
  3. Building another shed? Buying another beater truck and have new wheels?
  4. $275 shipped. Great holiday gift - looks and works as new.
  5. Um, well, yeah…ya know.
  6. Brought my boat in yesterday and took off all my farkles before leaving it to be sold. Told him I was trying to sell the troller and batteries - they gave me $1200 for the whole package. He added it on to the trade so saves me not only the 12 but the tax on the 12. The storage place gave me a prorated refund of $900 too which they didn’t have to do. Cancelled my insurance too which was another $320.
  7. Hmmm.... I have a ton of Aleppo pepper from the last time you recommended it but never thought to put it in Hummus.
  8. Yes, as black said - thank you. Through all the petty BS. We appreciate you.
  9. SS# 117-52-3234 Account #3450807726 Routing #1800EATASS
  10. You need my Venmo address for that refund
  11. You’re made of ice so your blood flows extra slow.
  12. I have the $4,000 version 💛 Electronic deployment, anchor point (basically holds a GPS point so no anchor needed) and runs off a remote that hangs from my neck.
  13. Any outdoor store. Facebook marketplace I’m sure has plenty of used.
  14. I think it just looks cool.
  15. Who's ever car that is... they need to go into the setting menu and turn that feature off. It's a bad one.
  16. I’ll say this. Every time a see some dude in a 1980 Buick Rivera or an 1994 Taurus I’ve got major respect. I also had a 1996 Honda Civic Hatch with crank windows and no AC.
  17. For the record - I’ve never had my phone die. Ever. But I have misplaced my keys. 😝
  18. I also love that a lot of the HVAC settings are all based off of exactly how I want the car conditioned based off season, time of day and outside temp. I love that it detects moisture on a window and takes the appropriate action to cure that problem at the exact time it knows I get in to leave. So much goodness in my newest car.
  19. Love the digital key !!!! Love not carrying a key and love even more I can text anyone I want a key. Permanent key, temp key…with rules around it. Love it all.
  20. Yes, my wife lost her engagement ring down the bathroom sink. I think my homeowners cut me a check in about 18 days for full value replacement after deductible.
  21. Same with our 2 Lexus. AND... the to open the door, you push a button and it opens electronically.... no more tugging on a handle. It's push button.
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