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I'm not a real biker.


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I hear ya.


Today, for the first time in my life, I picked up my bike. From a shop. For maintenance. Brake pads. Flushing lines. Chain and sprockets replaced. 

600 large, plus the cost of a couple beers there. (What a great place!)


I mean, I used to be a real biker. Now, not so much. The ride home was great. Loved the brake job, much better than I could have done myself, but you know, no grease under my fingernails. Tools not being used, no barn beer.


When I got home I planted some canna gillies for wifey.

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2 hours ago, XXitanium said:

I should start an oil thread.


Here’s the thing about oil........


Remember waaaaayyyy back in the day how so many of us were overly anal about the brand, the viscosity, filters (best, worst, most economical) and change intervals?


How many of us ended up keeping those bikes? Krypt, for sure. Joe, duh. You? Me? Who else? Some fucking Randys from Australia?


Does oil really matter if you keep the bike 5 years, or low miles? How about high miles, so you end up with a bike with little resale value?


Do not get me wrong. I have used my share of high-end oil. Honda filters. Not so frequent changes. Once a year, more or less.


Oil. Gotta have it.

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Great points. My CBX has tried many oils. I hardly put on enough miles for a change each year. Today was in the mid-seventies with a sunny breeze. 


This year I need to get ahead of my maintenance though. Are we going to have a get lost out west thread this year?

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14 hours ago, poida said:

Some fucking Randys from Australia?                                           



Unfortunately you’re NOT the only one here..........


c’mon, man, us yanks are hard-pressed for peoples to fuck with now. 


Off limits:



women, blonde or not





slope heads 


cubans. Especially cubans.


cut me some slack.

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2 hours ago, RXX said:

cubans. Especially cubans.

If you call me wetback or redneck, I'm good with it.


What's the Cuban National Anthem?

Row, row, row your boat

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"Not a real biker."

You know the best part about having an unsafe unreliable uncomfortable POS bike?  Short parts runs feel adventurous, and no worry about speeding tickets.


I had this thought yesterday after I dusted off the Harley to do my errands on.  I kinda sorta love that piece of shit.  I only did around 20 miles, 2-6 miles at a time, and it was enough.


I dig the low crappy idle, thathump   thathump   burpthump   stumblethump...I'm amazed that it never stalls, and that nothing noticeable has vibrated off during my ownership.

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Yeah, fuck that shit.


Looks like I can control bugs too.  Been doing a new (to me) finishing method, and suddenly there are bugs everywhere.  Mostly stuck to the finish that takes many hours to skin over.


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I've figured out that spray paint has bug attractant in it.  I don't know which chemical it is, but every brand puts it in.  Brighter colors have more of it.

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Posted (edited)



...guess who's working on Mother's Day.


Kid talked wifey into getting new bigger 4K TV when the 6 year old box went tits-up. They re-arranged the living room.


The cable cutter TV antenna cable is across the walking path on the other wall.


She likes prime-time broadcast TV. Now it's on me to re-fish an new box and coax in the chase...


I'm behind on my work projects and stressed over that...


I should go for a ride. That would put it all in perspective. Too bad I don't own a Harley for self-abuse. 



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