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I'm moving in a week and I don't want to move my two bikes.  I can offload them to a retailer here in my area but wanted to offer the same deal here before I roll out.


I am selling a 2002 DRZ400S (blue/white) and a 1993 VFR750 (white).  Full disclosure, I have not started either of them for around 5 years.  Obviously I don't have time for bikes in my life these days.


I am selling each of them for $1,000 or best offer.  I paid a tad over $3K for each of them.  High bidder(s) will be determined at my sole discretion by Wednesday November 18 @ 5:00pm ET.


My terms:


1) Payment due upon pickup

2) Bike(s) need to be picked up from my home in the Clearwater, FL area no later than Monday November 23 @ 8pm ET.


I will try to snap some pics tomorrow when the sun comes back up.


People know me on this board.  I'm not a scammer.  Hell, a few of you have seen these bikes in my garage in JAX, FL and Chicago (looking and you Hank and Dave...).  I'm a reasonable guy.  Just need them out of my garage.  Moving to Ft. Lauderdale next week.


WIll do my best to monitor the site and and PM's.

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Miles on the DRZ? Very, very interested. My 18 year old son is dying for a dual sport to ride with his brother and I who each already have DRZs. He just did his MSF course. Be a good father-son project, and easy U-Ship pick up and delivery.  


Let me know. Thanks, Tim

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Would also have interest in the DRZ, but looks like you may already have it sold.


I assume you have titles, but thought I would ask.

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I'm sitting in your driveway and Joe is the winning bidder?  I want a recount 🤣

Surprised it wasn't marked sold as soon as Joe replied.  I'm 300 miles closer and he still would have beat me there 😁

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Fred, the Turbo BB is back in Jacksonville.
Matt moved there when he got out of the service.
Damn bike gets around, doesn't it?
Then again, so do you...lol

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There's no way he'll admit to his problem nor will he willingly stop this destructive behavior.  If we pull together we can solve this problem for him.  As his brothers we need to take all the excess vehicles from him.  It will take a coordinated effort, many will have to sacrifice their time, energy, or other resources available to them.  I will take the lead by offering housing for as many vehicles as y'all can pry from his hands and deliver.

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