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Biker bling are a UK company who provide blot sets in stainless steel.  I bought the complete blackbird fairing kit from them and also a mixed bag of M5/M6 pan head bolts for my garage bolt stock.  The bolts are well manufactured and have the same drilled design as the standard bolts from Honda.  In fact, the only difference I can see is the material, the standard items being made of steel that is not stainless.


The guys who run it are very helpful, I first enquired after these in June and they had no stock, they were hoping for stock in August but it actually took until late september for the sets to arrive.  I would happily use these guys again for bolts.



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On 9/29/2020 at 4:26 PM, SwampNut said:



I didn't know our bolts weren't stainless until I got a bike that had been in CA humidity and all the bolts had mildly damaged finish.  In AZ they stay shiny.


What's in the tube?



GB £50 plus postage


The tube contains grease, some of the bolts go into stainless nuts and unless grease is used there is a small possibilty they can sieze together

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On 9/29/2020 at 8:29 PM, SwampNut said:

Probably the standard zinc on all other bolts?  Later today I'm going to have to compare a few bolts and see.  I was also planning to see if I can use XX Frankenbolts on the KTM for bungee points.


The biker bling site shows a comparative picture of their stainless vs manufacturer original.



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