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Kitchen tools, containers, ways to take real food on the go


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Some people say you shouldn't buy single-purpose tools that clutter the kitchen.  I say you should also try to avoid shitty multi-purpose tools that do nothing right.  Here are a few things that I find highly useful.


Handheld metal citrus squeezer.  Lemons and limes are so useful in adding zing to so many meals.  Use them, lots of them.


Garlic slicer.  Takes little room, and slightly toasted sauteed garlic is great for so many things.  Topping on a salad, added to marinara, etc.


High speed, high power blender.


Instant pot.  I have a 3 quart and an 8.  Beans are an essential part of WFPB, and you can make an unlimited variety of bean dishes and stews, put them in to-go containers, and eat later.  Potatoes, corn, lentils, beans, spices.  Unlimited options.  I use the small one for rice and other small grain dishes like buckwheat and steel cut oats.  The big one for large stews.  It can generate 4-6 meals of 500-700 calories each, which I can then use over the following week.


Immersion blender.  Some bean and stew type meals are good to either totally cream or just partially.


Plastic, microwave-safe cups/bowls to put your premade stuff in and heat easily.  Portable.  I will be traveling to PA with one and some instant meals.  As long as I can get/make hot water, I have a meal.  You can also seal something in these and they won't spill (you can't abuse them, but they will travel well in a bag).




Another favorite trick of mine for storing multiple pre-made meals is disposable restaurant to-go containers.  About ten cents each, totally portable (you'd have to try very hard to break them), and then just toss it.  I can put it in moto luggage or whatever.  They freeze just fine, then go on a trip, and toss out.  I buy a case and it lasts a couple years.


The big ones are perfect for about 600 calories of a bean/potato/corn type stew or meal.  The small ones for hummus, sides, etc.  






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9 hours ago, tomek said:

I avoid plastic containers as much as possible, certainly don't use them in microwaves.



Plastic has no salt, oil, or calories so it's ok.  It's even gluten free in case you're one of those people.

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I do use oil and salt, not really care about gluten free or not.


Plastics are no go in food storage but realistically it is almost impossible to avoid them totally. Do the best you can, certainly don't use them in microwave. 

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