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  1. If it was an auto then yes. My 2000 BMW even has a sticker on the Transmission stating so. I changed the fluid at 130k. We all know theirs no such thing as lifetime fluid. On another note how does Mobile one now get 20k miles between changes? How does it differ from the 10k version?
  2. You never heard of lifetime oil? You did own a BMW.
  3. Nice equipment! Now where can I buy your precision products?
  4. Good for you Chris for getting results without surgery! Susans hiatal hernia was so severe she had acid reflux almost twenty-four seven. She had surgery to correct the problem. No acid reflux whatsoever now. She also lost over 30 pounds in the process as she was on a liquid diet for the first three weeks then graduating to soft foods for another three weeks. Three months post-surgery there are some foods that won't stay down though it is improving.
  5. Sorry about turning yours off last night but the CPR was enjoyable.
  6. I didn't know your Tesla required water pump pliers, first thing I thought of.
  7. Two big macs a day and still going strong
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