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  1. Ok who here has a set stored away for that big sale? I for one have a set.
  2. So Joe, Did you not believe her when she told you she did not like motorcycles?
  3. Sorry you be so data poor, let's all send him some.
  4. I just want to know why Spanish is so much longer to say the same thing? English the most efficient?
  5. I think about every year we talk about it, time is running out.
  6. The perfect age! 40 to 58, now 65 was my best riding years.I envy you.
  7. Congrats on getting a good price, I'm lost on what you're buying next?
  8. I second this, really like your current Jeep, looks like a down grade to me.
  9. I don't know about that, I'm on my third chain with that very durable sprocket. .
  10. And cute girls keep popping up wanting to talk to me.
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