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  1. Graphite, old school gum it up. I like Teflon.
  2. I don't remember anyone from this forum having a XX WP failure, did I miss it?
  3. You guy's need to check out his build, very impressive!
  4. Hey! I do that sometimes, liquid diet
  5. What brand front sprocket did you use? I have never had any play. And yes replace that tire or you will be stressed trying to get back, they go so fast after you hit the bars.
  6. Don't you need speed for that?
  7. EBC HH pads have been the go to upgrades.
  8. Ok fess up, someone drained and forgot to fill.
  9. It was a joke towards Carlos that he could get up at 3-4, not directed at you.
  10. ^^^^^^ Posted for 30 days and no buyer yet for 2K. Fishy
  11. Ya, how inconsiderate of Carlos to work his magic on our time, 3-4 AM would be perfect. Lets vote.
  12. Kill switch? It happens Will the XX turn over when kill switch is engaged? Never use it and don't remember to be honest.
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