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  1. I see no kick or center stand holding it up? Leaned up against something?
  2. "The bike is Charcoal in color" ?
  3. Crashed, potential reached. lol
  4. Nice! They couldn't do this with FI though?
  5. Like going back to a ex-wife.
  6. I can just imagine
  7. John, Are you running a clear windscreen? A buddy's 929 was damage by sunlight through the clear screen. Changed to dark screen and never had it happen again in 80k miles. Just curious.
  8. That was cool, but how do I run the XX past 4k now
  9. Curious as what your mileage might be?
  10. Thanks, now I don't have to do mine.
  11. Sounds like chain is shot, is it possible to have the spacers reversed with similar results.
  12. After looking at roads around Cody thinking we may do Beartooth on both days. I looked at 3 or four highly rated roads but they are short duration and travel time seems to be long and straight. Your thoughts?

    1. OMG


      Agreed, the Beartooth can be ridden everyday for a week and still be fun. There are other roads but as you note, it takes a while to get there.

  13. He only rides on grass covered roads.
  14. Just a shot in the dark but once had a carbed GPZ that had a pinched fuel tank vent tube with similar results as yours.