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  1. That is extremely ugly on so many levels
  2. I agree also just because I think the Gladiator is just ugly. Then again I am not the one driving it👍🏼
  3. John in your picture I don’t see the bolt you take off after install. Then again I am not mechanical inclined I might just order one for the he’ll of it. also trying to do research on sprocket chain set for the bird. I want it lower rpm on highway
  4. Can anyone recommend a nice brighter/ white bulb replacement for my bird? Thank you Greg
  5. googus

    Fuel Consumption

    I was just about to post a follow up. Two tanks of none- ethanol 89 octane at $2.89per gal. Both times went 15 or so miles when bar started to blink both times at 179miles and filled up with 4.8 gallons. A consistent 37miles to the gallon with more or less same riding conditions. That is an increase of 4mpg. The big question is it worth .80more a gallon.
  6. Not mine see the picture from Facebook page.
  7. googus

    Fuel Consumption

    I am far from a guy who know how to wrench very well. It is something that I read on a thread somewhere that when they changed out the regulator they saw better MPG
  8. I have searched around and fuel mileage varies a bit and it seems that around 150- 200 miles in the norm depending how heavy handed you are. I am on my second tank now. Up to about 60-70miles my bars don’t go down much but after that it seems like every time I put the kickstand up I loose a bar. My last bar starts blinking at 140 miles. The last time I filled it up was 161miles at 4.8 gallons ( took it to get gas as soon as it started to blink). This is all done 100% around town and very easy driving. Just want to get some thoughts. By reading other threads the pessimist side of me thinks I need a new fuel pressure regulator? Thanks Greg
  9. googus

    Brake bleeding

    Will installing speed bleeder work better then a mighty bac? I have the same the same issue but with the back break ( takes some pumps ) to get firm and I hear a noise coming from front right side.
  10. This is the male end to the helmet. The Zumo cradle has a female end two 3.5mm jacks to plus into the cradle. Company name is TecStar
  11. Hey guys on my last Blackbird I had a screw type ride that went through the neck of the bike. I don’t remember the size or length. Also, I think I tapped to the brake light for power. But I am not sure what color I tapped into. Does anyone have information on this? Should, I dump Zumo and just use my phone? My helmet is hardwired specifically for the Zumo. thank you
  12. Those are nice cars and been hold their value well since it was the most powerful Pontiac made beside the GXP version.
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