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  1. Like the LEDs. I want to change mine out just worried about the PITA factor
  2. That’s hard core! Wish I New how to do that stuff
  3. That is extremely ugly on so many levels
  4. I agree also just because I think the Gladiator is just ugly. Then again I am not the one driving it👍🏼
  5. John in your picture I don’t see the bolt you take off after install. Then again I am not mechanical inclined I might just order one for the he’ll of it. also trying to do research on sprocket chain set for the bird. I want it lower rpm on highway
  6. Can anyone recommend a nice brighter/ white bulb replacement for my bird? Thank you Greg
  7. googus

    Fuel Consumption

    I was just about to post a follow up. Two tanks of none- ethanol 89 octane at $2.89per gal. Both times went 15 or so miles when bar started to blink both times at 179miles and filled up with 4.8 gallons. A consistent 37miles to the gallon with more or less same riding conditions. That is an increase of 4mpg. The big question is it worth .80more a gallon.
  8. Not mine see the picture from Facebook page.
  9. googus

    Fuel Consumption

    I am far from a guy who know how to wrench very well. It is something that I read on a thread somewhere that when they changed out the regulator they saw better MPG
  10. I have searched around and fuel mileage varies a bit and it seems that around 150- 200 miles in the norm depending how heavy handed you are. I am on my second tank now. Up to about 60-70miles my bars don’t go down much but after that it seems like every time I put the kickstand up I loose a bar. My last bar starts blinking at 140 miles. The last time I filled it up was 161miles at 4.8 gallons ( took it to get gas as soon as it started to blink). This is all done 100% around town and very easy driving. Just want to get some thoughts. By reading other threads the pessimist side of me thinks I need a new fuel pressure regulator? Thanks Greg
  11. googus

    Brake bleeding

    Will installing speed bleeder work better then a mighty bac? I have the same the same issue but with the back break ( takes some pumps ) to get firm and I hear a noise coming from front right side.
  12. This is the male end to the helmet. The Zumo cradle has a female end two 3.5mm jacks to plus into the cradle. Company name is TecStar
  13. Hey guys on my last Blackbird I had a screw type ride that went through the neck of the bike. I don’t remember the size or length. Also, I think I tapped to the brake light for power. But I am not sure what color I tapped into. Does anyone have information on this? Should, I dump Zumo and just use my phone? My helmet is hardwired specifically for the Zumo. thank you
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