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  1. Pimp My Basement!

    R-30 drop ceiling
  2. Who's bike is this?

    I remember when you first got that bike and we hit up the roads in NY and North Jersey. Good old times! If you have any trouble parting ways with it I might be interested if shipping and price are around my budget. I am sure it will not last long! It reminds me of Hanks old Turbo with the wheels. Love it. Hope all is well! Greg
  3. Come on Dave that bad boy just screams for some snow fun!
  4. Your crazy! That is a one hell of a nice bike..Dave
  5. Plants for hills I don't want to mow

    Burning Bush. Fragrant Sumac. Japanese Yew. California Lilac. Creeping Juniper. Dwarf Forsythia. Snowberry. Siberian Carpet Cypress.
  6. Givi V35's

    They are good bags. I had them on my VFR and fit everything needed for a 4 day weekend packing on the not so conservative side.
  7. FS: 1999 Blackbird

    It is a nice bike- but putting a older bike out there with any asking price will get a greet / show and low ballers.
  8. 2000 Bird (not mine)

    And parts next to it while trying to sell it for 4K with 40k on it