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  1. I for one that would kill it off and do some plant to keep wash out under control and possibly rocks and hit it every now and the with the chemicals. MY 48in ZTR on flat ground can do and acre in 20-30min. I don’t like bill with it though after sliding down one one.
  2. Just sold 2003 26k full Givi set up and a few more farkles for 6k. The guy didn’t even blink or try to offer me less then asking price
  3. At that price you should get back into it. I have the older model and love it. The only downside it doesn’t upload via WiFi.
  4. Just to be curious, since I find knives interesting what is the purpose of daily carrying one? Protection? Is more like a hobby. I would think for protection I rather carry a gun and work practical use I rather probably want to carry a multi tool knife. just looking for some insight and didn’t want to start a separate thread. Thanks greg
  5. New price and added picture with the addition of passing NC inspection and literally brand new Michelin PR5. 5k is the lowest I can go.
  6. I figure I will post this here instead of starting a new thread. I never sold anything of this value before how would you except payment? cashiers check—how do you know it’s legit and has funds to cover Zelle paypal ? I have a guy coming today to look at it. thanks
  7. Great advise it’s hard with the Covid crap to chalk out a whole day at the DMV and ridiculous lines. I just lost the title to the trailer and I live 5min from the lake and another state that doesn’t need trailer tags so I didn’t think it to be a big deal since I have original paperwork for trailers the Ski is fully documented. I have two guys coming to look at it this weekend. If it doesn’t sell I will take the advice on obtaining a title for the trailer. oh and I go out all year long on it:)
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