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  2. Damn, that was some quick shipping., Still got Christmas presents not delivered yet by USPS
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  4. Yet another auction notice: Anyone handy to Amish Country, Mt. Hope,Ohio....don't think there is online available. Contact auctioneer to see if you can call one in.....if you do attend....it'll be NUTZ as the annual Air Works tool auction is going on at the same time. Gun preview on Thursday afternoon, 4PM to 7PM and Friday morning 7AM to 8:30AM. 5% buyer's premium. No paperwork for Ohio residents. https://www.auctionzip.com/oh-auctioneers/332577.html Nelson Weaver Auctioneer, (330) 763-4855
  5. Last week
  6. I wear anywhere between a 10 and 11...these fit perfectly. Width is good too and I usually wear a 3E width. They aren't stretched out at all.... I believe I wore them maybe 5 times and definitely less than a few hours and a few hundred miles.
  7. Goddamn I hate 'murica sizing on boots. Well, shoes. The rest of the world sizing is far more reliable and logical. Anyway, this is between a 10.5 and 11 in normal shoes, but Alpinestars run small. My new boots are a 44, but I normally wear just under a 10, or a 43.
  8. I haven't shopped for it, and the person who posted it was in Europe and his link would do us no good.
  9. That snap cover was posted by a guy who does HVAC. He says he snaps it on for working on things, and off for the rest of the day (personal time and office time or just driving supplies around). Sensible. I might get one, just in case. My current watch is still great, but I don't know why. I was doing a couple of duct re-works in the shop recently and noticed that I seem to subconsciously keep the watch face away from the edges.
  10. Used maybe 5 times. Size 44 $159 on RevZilla $170 paid total $89 here - shipped https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-smx-1-r-vented-boots?gclid=Cj0KCQiA0rSABhDlARIsAJtjfCdxRP3jAHfSl_MffRdQVrDS6a4hwGq0f9TYJqf9knc4RvkpjQ1xjF4aApmrEALw_wcB
  11. I stand by my comment. 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨
  12. I said new watch and phone, not new motorcycle!
  13. Asshole, now it looks like my next phone will be an iphone, and a new watch. </s>
  14. Local gun store won the right to sell (consignment) the estate collection from an executive/engineer at Charter Arms. Howard something or another.... He left all the guns to his brother who reached out to find a shop to sell them for him. 1300 pistols most of which have never been fired. They guaranteed him at least $1M This week they put out 250 revolvers.... Given the current craziness in the buying world some of the prices could not be beat! I picked up 2 unfired 325PD's and a 629-2 and 400 rounds of ammo for $2k I started collecting revolver
  15. The guns are listed for bidding but not the ammo or primers, seems kinda odd.
  16. Youse could use AuctionZip for search too.
  17. Not mine....but two ad notices that I saw, in local "shopper": RES Auction Services, 375 Fry Rd, Wooster, Ohio, www.RES.bid. Online only - Now and ending Friday, Jan. 29 at 5PM. Pics and online bidding at the www.RES.bid. Buyer's premium, but ad didn't say how much. Second is Kaufman Auction and Realty, 150 guns from private collection. It noted 30,000 primers (small and rifle) and assorted ammo. On line bidding terms apply. Ad says 10% buyer's premium. Contact Cliff Sprang ... cliff@kaufmanrealty.com or Derrick Kandel... derrick@kaufmanrealty.com. Google try, Kaufman
  18. NoOne65


    I Found the software on a German Micron exhaust site now I just need MAPs PS I am not worried about the port as I do have a laptop with serial port on it
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