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Za'Atar makes everything better


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It's the Mrs. Dash of the Middle East.  Buy it salt free, and try it on most anything.  Today it's going on some really high quality flat breads with garlic, tiny bit of oil, and topped with nut-based vegan cheese.  Those will be cut up to dip in hummus with more za'atar (Dave's idea), and a red pepper hummus.


It's great with Brussels, put a thick balsamic on them, za'atar, and then air fry until the edges crisp.  So good.


Sprinkle on hummus for a kick.


Make a middle eastern style marinara with it.


Put on tofu cubes and air fry.


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29 minutes ago, SwampNut said:

Ok Dave, here's one for you.  Try a sprinkle of Aleppo (Halaby) pepper along with the Za'atar.  It's less than half as hot as the pizza chile flakes, but double the flavor.


Hmmm.... I have a ton of Aleppo pepper from the last time you recommended it but never thought to put it in Hummus. 



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