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Automatic front wheel chock/stand

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This works as well as advertised, maybe better.  Certainly better than I expected/believed.  Ride in, walk away.  You can't knock it over.  But it is sized very specifically for a sport bike tire, the KTM fit in it OK, but not anywhere near as stable, although it's much lighter.  It really wants to fit the one tire size.  They have an adjustable version for other needs.


It is incredibly convenient to have the bike standing up straight and super stable when working on it.  But my main purpose is that when parked, it won't consume as much space.  It's also worth noting that the Zero cannot be picked up by the bottom, as the motor controller is down there.







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On 9/3/2023 at 11:05 AM, blackhawkxx said:

So how do you get it high enough to change oil? 😉

Fuck that.  Run it 'till it blows and buy a real bike.  But, if you actually want to change the oil the bike doesn't have to be nearly as high as you got.

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I have had the Sport Chock for over 20 years now.  I got it when I had a Ninja 9R with no center stand.  When I got my Bird the previous owner put a 4 into 1 pipe on so I lost the center stand, but the chock works just perfectly.  It is designed to fit a 120/70 size front tire.


My only issue is the foam pieces on the ends of the tubes kept coming off.  Had to superglue them on.  But otherwise it has worked flawlessly for 20 years, so I am very happy with it.  


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