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So you know that one little job that always seems to lead to another little job...


I've had some disks and pads, rear brake light switch, camera's and posh reservoir covers lying around for a while, lockdown seemed like a great time to sort the work out. Here's what's happened so far.


I proceeded to remove the rear caliper and get the new pads on, the disk is ok so I'm leaving that. For some reason the pistons on the caliper don't want to move, hmmm, maybe get a seal kit, hold on to that thought.


Now I move to the front, have disks and pads at the ready, what's that shiny stuff on the calliper Ah yes, that would be brake fluid, leaking on one of the banjo's, hmmm, calipers off, again, more seized pistons.  Right, easy fix or expensive fix, expensive it is then. All hail Hel and their beautiful braided lines kit for linked braking, oooh, shiny New stainless steel pistons and full seal kits for the calipers too, ouch my wallet. Parts ordered, not yet fitted.


While I'm at the front I notice surface rust and fork oil on the stanchions, fork seals, bushings, and new oil then. This list is getting longer.


Panels off, a couple have seized bolts and they have to be drilled out, new set of shiny stainless fairing bolts then, oh and some stainless driver bits to avoid rust transfer from standard steel tools, thank you Wera.  


Tank off, air filter and spark plugs, NGK Iridium, a bit tight getting them in but ok, all done.  Oil and filter change to come later.


Hmmm, radiator looks a bit iffy, the inserts are crumbling, new radiator and an R&G guard on the list. Seeing as everything’s going to be off, might as well do the wheel bearings too.


Today, the reupholstered seat has arrived, put that to one side ready for when it's all completed.


Abba skylift due Thursday.


So the list so far...


1. Front Brake disks and pads

2. Rear brake pads

3. Service - Air filter, plugs, oil and filter change

4. Wheel bearings front and rear

5. Fork seals and bushings, fork oil, repaint uprights

6. Braided brake lines

7. Posh reservoir covers

8. LED dash lights

9. Switched secondary fuse box for accessory circuits

10. Thicker stator wire

11. Standard chain guard to replace current damaged hugger

12. Radiator and Guard

13. Subframe, calliper mounts, and upper cowl stay in for shot blast and powder coating.  If the original subframe survives the blasting I'll have an injection subframe for sale that's like new.

14. Deep clean while everything is off

15. Chain and sprockets

16. Reupholstered seat to be fitted


Still, at least when this is all done I'll be able to get it tested and registered here in the Isle of Man at last, still on UK plates at the minute.












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So a full week of playing with the bird has yielded some fairly decent results.  Currently all that is left is to bleed the brakes, revisit the petrol tank hoses, mount the cans, change the oil, and f

I added a computer fan to the fin side of the volt regulator, always on. My imagination tells me it keeps it cooler.

You do when you drop the bulb holders down deep in the cowl 😪

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19 minutes ago, rockmeupto125 said:

Is that a Delboy seat?

It's by a guy from the UK, Alistair else, company is Else Made.  He's a really nice guy and his work is excellent, he's also done my VFR seat.  Both covers have been custom made, and had dual gel pads fitted as I regularly carry a pillion.  The blackbird seat was £340, the VFR £320, £50 for shipping.  I also provided him with my spare seats.


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Steering head bearings since you're in that far?


How many miles on you Ti? We have states that seem to die "early".


..that seat is JUST cool.


Do the populace get to do laps at crazy speeds ever,  legally?



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I am seriously considering the steering head bearings, a little wary of them but why not, I'm doing a bunch of other work I've never attempted before.  What's the worst that can happen 😂


When you say Ti do you mean injection or are you referring to the colour?  There are 64000 miles on her, sadly she's been a bit neglected in the past and I'm picking up the slack.  Seems to be a bit of a theme with me, I currently own 3 cars that had similar neglect issues.


I'm very pleased with the seat to be fair :)


Not complete laps sadly, some of the roads have low (30mph-50mph) speed limits on because they're either in built up areas or considered a safety risk for us mere mortals.  The mountain is unrestricted, and so is the Cronk-y-voddy straight so you can easily hit silly speeds along there.  Also, outside of TT fortnight the roads are all 2-way as well, during the TT fortnight the mountain is one-way, you see some quick riders up there then, I'm sure some of the racers go up there to practice on road bikes. 

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4 minutes ago, rockmeupto125 said:

Ti ---- titanium.


That makes sense then, we had a few colours available for the full production run, I believe the titanium is one of the rarer colours.

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18 hours ago, rockmeupto125 said:

Green, white, and blue wire?


Just guessing....

The big reveal will happen later today ;) 

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So here it is at last, built up and almost ready for use.


This is how little space I have to work with



Just for fun, what's this under the cover?  And what's it off?


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On 7/17/2020 at 9:46 PM, blackhawkxx said:

When you are ordering things, maybe you should order some space. 😃  Kidding as I'm used to working in a too small of garage for the amount of stuff I have in it.

Well luckily now the stand is up and the bike is on it I have a little more space :)




I'll have more photo's later, currently rad is off and stator cover.


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Stator is toast, and connector is crunchy :( 




So the plan is to buy a higher capacity stator and a mosfet reg/rec.  Fun  😕 

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Headstock bearings were completely knackered, there wre a couple of notchy bits on the sweep and a deep notch dead ahead :( 


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6 hours ago, JaBr said:

And as for the fork legs, well, that's just poor maintenance :( 


If that is actual rust on the steel legs, they will need to be replaced.

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3 hours ago, jon haney said:

If that is actual rust on the steel legs, they will need to be replaced.


It is actual rust, and replacements have been ordered :)   Don't take chances with bikes, have enough to contend with in terms of other road users 

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So today has been a bittersweet one.  Both front and rear wheel bearing sets have now been changed, the dodgy jointing of the wires has been sorted, and I've ordered the replacement fork legs, an electro sport stator and a shindengen mosfet R/R kit.  I've had cheaper days.


Unfortunately as I put down the rear wheel with the new bearings in the sprocket caught the tank that is currently stored on the floor in front of the bike and took a chunk out of it.  Then I went to fit the new brake disks, only to find they were the wrong ones, the bolt holes don't line up and the centre hole is too big.  I've emailed the seller but as I bought them in August last year I don't hold out much hope for a positive response.


On the plus side, I pick up my newly powder coated upper stay and subframe tomorrow, so I can start doing some of the rear end work after I finish rebuilding the calipers.   

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