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Victory dance.

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Just thought I'd share a little.


I shared here about how I had major shoulder surgery in December after nearly a year of hard pushing to lose weight and tone up in 2022. I knew when I came out of surgery I was gonna struggle - even the motion of walking on a treadmill was painful. And I ate like 2 year old out of boredom and seeking comfort I suppose.


I made myself stay in the habit of going to the gym - even if all I could do was walk the track. About a month in I was doing some seriously low weight lifting - avoiding motions that hurt or my PT said to avoid. By Feb I was in the gym 5 days a week again. Being thoughtful but pushing where I could. My PT basically let me go for a month until the 16 week check up with the surgeon because I was so far ahead of the curve with ROM and strength. I had begun cleaning up my diet in January and have been pretty focused for Feb and March. My 16 week check up was great and I'm cleared to push harder and ride the motorcycle etc.


I had a full body assessment done 12/2 - surgery was 12/5. Just did another one yesterday to establish a baseline for spring. Wasnt expecting much - figured I'd gone backwards a bit if anything.


Not so much.


Since my operation my body fat percentage went down 1.5% and I've gained a solid 5lbs muscle. I'm freaking over the moon and motivated to attack this year. For reference I was 33% body fat Feb of 22 and I'm 22% now.

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Congrats. Well done, and keep going. Regular exercise is a lifestyle.


The thing about going to gym,,,.,,,the most difficult part is decision making process. Do I really wanna go? I don't feel like doing anything right now, etc. 

Once I get there I always find energy to do my usual work out.  

And once I'm done I feel great. Endorphins. Can't beat that. Getting high without having to deal with your friendly neighborhood drug dealer.


95% of people leaving gym have smile on their faces.

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Might not be a big deal to some of you.. or any lol. But:


im 48. I have never in my life had upper body strength. Legs and stamina I got - but even when I was swimming alot I had no strength.


When I really started pushing myself a year ago one of my goals was to be able to do a chin up/pull up. Even in my best days in the military I couldnt do this.

I had been working towards this with certain exercises but hadnt made an attempt in nearly two months. Monday I was at a play ground with my 10 year old and on a whim tried it hanging off the damn monkey bars… and I did it! Cold - in street clothes. 

So today Im back in the gym. Warmed up a bit and then grabbed the bar - banged out 3 good ones in a row. Relaxed for a minute and them banged out 3 more. Flat foot, full stretch chin ups. 


First time in my whole damn life. 


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Funny, I had the same thing going.  Lots of leg work and street hockey in high school, but nothing up top.  I could leg press 700 and couldn't lift the bar on the bench.


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On 6/7/2023 at 8:08 AM, SwampNut said:

Funny, I had the same thing going.  Lots of leg work and street hockey in high school, but nothing up top.  I could leg press 700 and couldn't lift the bar on the bench.


Atleast that is better than the hulking guys up top with little pencil legs that look like twigs.

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