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Clearing XX Parts, mostly Free Plus Shipping

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Those of you who have visited me may realize just how much XX salvage I have.


What you may not realize is the weight of that endeavor.


I'd like to be a big help to the XX community, which has given me so much, but it has become a significant burden to me, and I no longer feel I can participate as much as I have tried.


That being said, I am divesting myself of the great majority of my XX parts stock.  I am NOT including those highly sought after items that are frequently damaged in crashes.  I sell those here, on ebay, and other forums, and have made enough money to continue to buy salvage XX's and distribute parts, but that is stopping now. Representative items would be any plastics, seats, tanks, instruments, mirrors, headlights, ECU's.  You get the idea.


So if you have a need or want for a particular XX part for rebuild, experimentation, or just replacement, shout out.


Most of it is free for the cost of shipping.  If I have a ready market, I'll give you a price that will be nice on your pocket.  Shipping from Pennsylvania.


I've thrown out 5-6 XX's in the last month.  Probably 10 swingarms, and a few frames. 


Time to move on.  Not from an XX, but from this particular service venue.


Thanks for reading.


Oh, I forgot to mention.  None of this will happen in a hurry.  As I sort through the piles for the last time, I'll look for any item requested.  Not going on a search for it.

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Do you have much for body hardware?  I have a need for shouldered, wide-head metric hardware for a non XX plastic cover (electric bicycle).  Not sure if they are the same size, will measure if you have some.  My searching has not turned up other options and the XX hardware seems perfect if it fits.


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5 minutes ago, rockmeupto125 said:

just got to get the right search nomenclature.


I'm certain that's my problem.  The obvious search for fairing hardware comes up with a lot of shitty Chinese stuff.


I'll get measurements.  I can't recall the sizes of the XX hardware.


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