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  1. fizzy

    Fairing Stay

    You might want to double check this, but I believe the fairing stay for carb bird is different to FI.
  2. Sounds like Swampnut needs a swamp cooler?
  3. If it is in the budget, you should look at LED headlights. Good ones are more compatible with the reflectors in the bird shell than HID + they are instant on.
  4. Ballast? What aftermarket bulbs are you using as the bird does not come with ballasts as stock? Anyway, try a spray electrical cleaner into the switch as a first go. What is your running voltage?
  5. After coat 47 didn't work, you went ahead with 10 more?🍺 Your first pic showed areas of differing gloss. Anyway, I'm not there, you are. These things don't always show up well on pics. I think you are expecting too much from Behr, as it is low grade bottom shelf stuff. If you don't like my advice, go to a pro paint store, follow their advice and buy only top grade paint, at least for this particular project.
  6. Flipper may have spot primed over the crayon with a shellac based primer which does an excellent job of covering stains but leaves a slightly shiny finish that will bleed thru. To fix, you may need to re-prime the whole wall 2 times with an oil based primer such as zinsser cover stain oil based primer. Then your paint of choice. Alternately, you might find success with a top quality (Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore top grade) interior paint/primer in one, which has good covering abilities, but not as good as my 1st option.
  7. Something tells me tomek will not be impressed with black and white pics. His loss.
  8. Presumably, this is the same bike that you are rebuilding the carbs on in a sister thread. This has never happened to me personally, but I understand that if you foul an iridium plug, it is very difficult to bring it back to life. In case your carb rebuild fails, I would get her running properly with the old plugs, then switch to iridium.
  9. In their ballpark, but not in their league?
  10. 97% of climate scientists agree that these ladies are hot. So it's settled.
  11. If you bleed, what color is your blood? 😎
  12. Tuff guy? Sun Tzu .............. "when you are weak, appear strong, when you are strong, appear weak" 🍺
  13. Have you 2 actually ever been seen together? 😎
  14. Funny you should say that, as I have contemplated that you and SwampNut might be the same person. There is an invisible thread that connects both your posts that sometimes shows thru the matrix. Never mind, all in good fun. 🍺 By the way, the last vid I posted was not really directed at any one person, but the thread as a whole.
  15. I was wrong once, turns out I was mistaken. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8dEDEbFzmI
  16. Life does imitate art. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohDB5gbtaEQ&t=8s
  17. Bush fix: 1. Loosen nut and drive wedge to open up. 2. Drive a few #6 finish nails into larger holes. If they are too thick, skinny the nails with a belt sander/grinder.
  18. I think the liner is more about protecting the can from the coke rather than the human from the can. 😎
  19. I have to imagine Honda already did that, probably using a Sumo wrestler.
  20. This is for the vfr800, blackbird very similar. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuYjv1t-pn8
  21. poida, "when i wind the spring in the cct back and then release it the motor no longer has the buzz/vibration.that usually lasts for a few days till it comes back" This is the same as pushing down on the corner of a car and watching it bounce back. It doesn't actually do anything. As you have extra CCT's why don't you add 1 turn to the clock spring on a spare one? Fowlers UK shows p/n 05140MAT325 for lifter only £91.61 14520MATE22 for the kit. £114.72 Note: this is p/n for all years.
  22. You want the "double dot" version, which I believe is the newer one. By the way, it is possible to give an old CCT a new lease of life by adding 1 or 2 turns to the clock spring. To do this, disassemble unit, you will find inside a spring with 10 turns of pretension. Simply reassemble giving it 11 or 12 turns. I say simply, but actually is tricky but doable.
  23. Why people continue to go to The Garage for garage advice is a mystery. Edit: Nice chart Tomek clearly showing the progressive nature of the air gap.
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