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  1. 5'2", 118#, sopping wet, and free?!? I'll take her.
  2. Mine used to do the same! Then I put a LiFePo4 battery in it and it's more like ziiiing vroom wub wub wub.
  3. I think starter. Pull it and put a little oil on the bearings, assuming they're just plain bearings, and you'll know. If it has ball bearings they should have numbers you can use to get replacements from any supplier if they're bad.
  4. Looks like the shit that comes off a lathe, kinda crazy.
  5. How the hell is someone a member for 3+ years without a single post?
  6. Fan

    First verify that the fan will fit, it's pretty tight in there. Brackets if they'll hold it tightly enough so that it can't rattle around and beat up the radiator. Or zipties and put foam or something between the fan & rad., or both.
  7. The connection was probably loose or dirty causing it to get hot. You could just cut that wire and its mate on the other end and put terminals on them to reconnect outside the factory connector. If you can hunt down the right terminals you could fix it to remain within the connector. If that connector plugs straight into the instrument cluster and not another connector then you might have to get more creative.
  8. Hahahahaha. I bought an SV650s with a rusty and seized pump. Tore into it and freed it up and it worked great. Fixed a few other things, prettied it up, rode it for a while, then flipped it for 3 or 4X what I paid. The pump on my JX650LJ, Seca turbo, was seized when I got it and a replacement was $700. Cut the can open, fixed it, and resealed it. A little bit of a battle, but not a $700 battle.
  9. You sure? Mine don't look like LEDs, but I guess a good LED set up like Honda would do won't be obvious. Some LED swaps I've seen look kinda crappy.
  10. I've blown through many fuel filters to asses restriction; what happened?
  11. Red. Easy to see and doesn't fuck with your vision, it's what most boat instruments use. You can make it pretty bright and still won't fuck with your vision.
  12. Maybe he'll subsidize you. I don't recall the resistances, but maybe you can graft in a universal replacement. Or maybe Zero wants to keep his new one and sell you a working used one at a decent price. I assume it can't be returned, or at the least would be subject to shipping and a restocking fee.
  13. The sender shouldn't go bad from sitting, unless it rusted out. You might be able to clean it up and make it work again, or buy Zero's new one and be set for life.
  14. Why would the sender, as simple as it is in design, go bad? Why would a wire connection, as much more simple as it is in design, go bad? The same could be asked about thousands of things that just wear out or fail, sometimes with no visible signs or warnings of impending doom. Just sticking to the bird I can think of a few quick examples of things that frequently fail without notice and without visible signs of having failed, CCT, stator, R/R....the three most common failures on a bird.
  15. When powered off some gauges stay put, some drop, some just kinda float. My recollection is that my analog XX dropped. The gauge is a simple thing, as are the sender and wires, but obviously there's a flaw in one of those simple things. It's a good idea to check out the connector that Fur pointed out, especially because it can save the harness from major damage, but my bet is with the gauge after the testing you did.