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  1. superhawk996

    need more parts for my "new" '03

    Oh yea, from the other thread. I don't know that one, but I've not heard of any that don't allow use of the center stand. Some systems don't have the stopper for the center stand, not a huge deal. If your right mid-pipe has an extra thing coming off of it it's the stopper and therefore obviously designed to use with the stand. My Yoshi system had it and others apparently don't, guessing they made a production change somewhere along the way.
  2. superhawk996

    need more parts for my "new" '03

    Which exhaust system does it have?
  3. superhawk996

    Brake pad issue

    I have access to my buddy's machine shop, should be able to shave them keeping them flat.
  4. superhawk996

    Brake pad issue

    Mislabeled or a manufacturing screwup seem like the only possibilities. If you can't send them back and are stuck with them I'd be interested in playing with them so please don't toss them out, if you'd be willing to ship them.
  5. superhawk996

    Rear caliper won’t release.

    Anything's possible. Sometimes stuff just hangs up for no apparent reason then 'fixes' itself. If it's been a while it would be a good idea to do a fluid flush.
  6. superhawk996

    Rear caliper won’t release.

    This place is on the verge of becoming a Jeep forum.
  7. superhawk996

    2003 CBR1100XX For Sale

    Mine's "Lamborghini Balloon White". From my understanding it's a multi layer job with metallic white with a pearl clear, and I think it starts with a silver base. Tho I like white vehicles, white's usually nothing to get excited about. The moment I saw a Lambo in that color I thought 'that is the best white in the world'. When the bike came up for sale I jumped. Unfortunately it wasn't done right and it has many flaws, but it's a good 10 footer. I can't tell that Tim's is anything but 'normal' white with standard graphics. Taking the pics in sunlight might bring them out. A close-up of the paint/graphics and noting them in the ad might do it wonders.
  8. superhawk996

    2003 CBR1100XX For Sale

    I thought I was giving it away too early with the photo, and funny that one of the few members who's been here and seen it was the first to chime in.
  9. superhawk996

    2003 CBR1100XX For Sale

    White is a retarded color for a blackbird, nobody in their right mind is gonna buy that garbage.
  10. superhawk996

    2003 ST1300 - $1700

    If it were closer or I didn't already have a pile of project vehicles to get through I'd be on it. Someone buy this thing so it stops teasing me.
  11. superhawk996

    Conformal coatings

    I think Carlos used that on an RC boat that drowned and some electronic thing 'died'. He sprayed it and it came back.
  12. superhawk996

    1998 Cherokee XJ SOLD

    It's a very nice XJ, but gotta say I'm surprised at the level of attraction to it. When you were first talking about selling it I was thinking $6k neighborhood. A line of people at $6500, wow. I was interested in it, but then realized I'd 'need' to change a bunch of stuff that was really nice, but not right for my desired use, so it didn't make sense.
  13. superhawk996

    1998 Cherokee XJ SOLD

    It sure is purdy. It would make a good trail rig/DD. I was at pick a part Saturday and saw two amazingly clean XJs, one in the yard and one in the parking lot. The one in the yard was an '87 with almost 300k and in amazing condition. It was very sad to see it there. It had a new EGR valve which last I knew was unobtanium, NOS only, so I took it. It had a lot of other new stuff that was tempting, but not stuff I currently need nor onobtanium. Considering all the new parts and it being in the junkyard I assume someone was throwing parts at it trying to cure a problem and they got fed up. The one in the parking lot was also an early one. Even the undercarriage was almost new looking with not a spot of oil or gunk.
  14. superhawk996

    Rear caliper won’t release.

    The front brake will only apply rear brake when in motion so grabbing front brake sitting still would do nothing to the rear. There's a master cylinder attached to the left front brake, braking force pushes on that master to apply rear brake. Regardless, there appears to be a problem with the rear brake pedal/master cylinder. Do the test again, when it's locked up pull up on the rear brake pedal and see if it releases. How long did the bike sit before getting the new header on and going for a ride?