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  1. I can't imagine there being any connection between the O2 sensor and the fuel level. I think the level sensor connector is under the seat near the tank.
  2. Ashley now sees how much she was spending on going out to eat & drink. Not an exact number, but she's seeing her bank account grow instead of hover. She's one of those that would pick up everyone's tabs & shit, it bugged the hell out of me.
  3. Your test was interesting, but mostly useless. While the thin glove would seem more fragile than the instrument cluster, being so thin it is able to dissipate the heat more easily. It's also a different material so not knowing the temperature tolerances of both materials makes the glove a pretty useless test material. If you glove tested the original bulb and the 5w and the 5w did less damage to the glove then it would likely be a solid conclusion that the 5w is safe.
  4. I was wondering about you. The last few days I thought "I'm gonna give that guy a shout as soon as I'm done here", then it would go out of mind. I hope you still have enough $ flow to keep above water.
  5. Instead of "for sale" you shoulda said "wanted".
  6. Not that I recall. Was it inappropriate to use Mfer? If so, sorry.
  7. Not stored away for a big sale, I had plans to do a bafflectomy on them for my '01. Then got my current '97 with Two Bros carbon fiber on it. If the rest of the bike were't farkled up like it is I'd revisit the muffler project but I don't think the stockers would look right.
  8. We don't all have a set laying around, I do, but most don't. There might be someone out there willing to pay 500, but my guess is 250 is around where you'd start getting some action.
  9. Beware that if the bung and adapter put the sensor out of the exhaust stream it won't read the same.
  10. You could just break the catalytic converters and dump out the pieces.
  11. Fun bike. I had the early low boost version, then modded it to be a little over the late model's boost.
  12. Google "o2 sensor bung", you'll find plenty of them. Look at where a stock one is mounted and copy that, the location and angle doesn't have to be 100% exact, but it's somewhat important. There's also clamp on o2 bungs to avoid welding, but I don't know if that would work on a Bird's header.
  13. I woulda asked for a second opinion.
  14. I haven't tried a wrap, but Jet Hot coating dropped the header tube temp from about 400F to 300. I didn't experiment enough to know if it would change the engine temp, but it should help some. These do get hot at idle, but won't overheat unless something's wrong. If they did there would have been a big piss up with Honda a long time ago. And humidity makes a person feel hotter but doesn't make an engine hotter so that 95% thing Fur mentioned is irrelevant. Fizzy brought up some things worth checking. Also, the gauge could be lying so checking the engine temp with something else would be a good idea. I use an infrared thermometer and check the thermostat housing to verify temps.
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