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  1. Any forks can be with the right mods, but I don't know the answer you probably want.
  2. Are all of those yours? Are you selling everything you have or just some 'extra' ones? That's a hell of a collection if they're all yours. Great time to turn metal into cash....if your metals are in the forms of guns & ammo.
  3. With the 18t the bike is probably going faster than what the speedo reads, and farther than the odometer reads, so your actual MPG is probably higher than calculated.
  4. I had an '01 for a few years and never detected a flat spot anywhere, but Swamp says he noticed it.
  5. Using GPS or the bike's odometer?
  6. Any particular reason you're opposed to a carbed Bird or earlier FI years?
  7. A few guys here run a lean cruise tune and report increased MPG. I'm guessing you could lean it to the point of misfire without any engine damage. Someone may come along with a tune they use so you don't have to experiment.
  8. Maybe the sprockets are miss-aligned, either because the wheel isn't straight or a sprocket has the wrong offset. Or the chain is too tight, or lacking lube. I can hear when mine is starting to get thirsty.
  9. Yup. The first step is usually stiffer front springs matched to the rider's weight, sometimes combined with a fork oil change, I think 7.5wt is the go-to. Then fork valving mods. A stiffer rear spring for heavier riders or people carrying cargo or a passenger frequently. Then revalve or replace the rear shock. A few have gone crazy with inverted forks and other cool stuff.
  10. A sledge hammer is much faster. 😁
  11. Just to be clear, it didn't become a dog at low end and I never felt the need to slip the clutch more or do anything obviously different while riding, but doing back to back runs from low RPM up an onramp I was able to feel the change. Somewhere around here is a post about the test back when it was fresher in my mind. I like the look & sound of duals more than a single and while I liked the performance and the fun sound of a sporty exhaust, I also like being able to blast in the stealthier mode so I went back to stock and sold the Yosh. My current Bird has Two Brothers slip-o
  12. I can answer some of your questions and give you an idea of what you can expect. On my '01 I went from all stock exhaust to a Yosh 4-1, and back to stock, the only mod on the bike was a K&N filter. With the Yosh it lost low RPM power to around 4k, then above 6k it gained more than I thought it would. It wasn't crazy loud, no more than any other sport bike with a full length performance muffler. Slip-on mufflers with the stock header would theoretically add some high end power without loosing low end like the Yosh did. My current BB is a '97 with slip-ons and altho I never did a back t
  13. Is that Bigfoot or just a blurry biker?
  14. Where is this offender and what does it look like?
  15. I have a Penske in the garage that I need to rebuild and put on, been fucking it off for far too long.
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