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  1. Get Chinese hoses, maybe they'll serve as a pressure fuse and save the radiator
  2. I'm shocked at the price, I'da figured close to double. Is that OE or aftermarket?
  3. There's a guy that used to show up to the local dragstrip that had these on his bike and they worked great. I think they were actuated with an air cylinder but not sure. From memory it was basically a U shaped tube with wheels on the ends mounted behind the shock and when retracted they just pivoted rearward 90 degrees or so. He had no legs so someone would put him on the bike and off he went. Bastard always beat me, the weight advantage gave him a leg up on the competition. It seems it wouldn't be terribly hard to fab up.
  4. It would be interesting to know if anyone's had a hose blow out. It happens plenty on cars, but never heard of it with a bike.
  5. Welcome. I've seen a few set-ups like this and it's pretty cool. I hope you find a guy and get back to enjoying your Bird.
  6. Talk to a dealer. I've read of a few of these units having that issue and there may be a free repair, kinda like a recall but without notifications sent out, I think it's called a repair campaign. If not, maybe a call to corporate would work. I also read of one guy that whacked the pedal with his heel a few times when it would stick and it would then work for a while. If it'll free up, then bleed it out maybe it'll fix it. Maybe smack the ABS unit with a small hammer if the pedal won't free it up. If it'll free up I'd go out and do some intentional hard braking to activate the ABS and get shit moving in there, then bleed it to flush out any corrosion debris. It's unlikely clogged in the typical sense of stuff getting into it, I'm guessing moisture and lack of activation lead to a stuck valve. If it works I'd add doing a 'lock up' to my regular riding routine to keep it from sticking again, it's also good practice to know what it feels like. Tho deleting it may hurt resale value, it probably won't drop it by $1,300 and some people might even find it a bonus since it appears to be a troublesome unit.
  7. Any solvent put into a brake system is likely to ruin all rubber seals. There are some recalls on the rear brake system for sticking pedal and dragging brake, have they been done?
  8. If the vibes started immediately after work was done to it you should take it back.
  9. Tire or chain here too.
  10. Well then, you're smarter than you look. tho I've never seen you.
  11. The tri-y headers that mate close to the head are done for ease of installation/clearance and low cost, not really great for performance. They're a low buck easy option to get something that's a little better flowing and much lighter than an iron log manifold. In cases where the stock manifold is super shitty anything will be an improvement, but compared to something like what's on the Bird they'd be a performance killer.
  12. Every Bird header I've paid attention to is tri-Y including the stocker.
  13. You could probably pop a hanger or two off so it'll droop away from the body to paint it.
  14. The little I've read says otherwise, but I guess it depends on where you're having wear.
  15. Has anyone done a 520 conversion on the Bird? It's worth a little bit of performance and supposedly there are more sprocket options, with or without bling.