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  1. superhawk996

    Replacing head stock races.

    My most often used driver for races & seals are sockets.
  2. superhawk996

    Mobil 1

    Now I think I remember the carbie vs. FI difference; I think one of them has space for a slightly oversized Pure One, but I think the smaller one fits both...been a while. Everything I've read says they're the same, but I think there are some sizes not available as Motorcraft. Motorcraft are cheapest at Walmart, and probably cheaper than Pure One anywhere but the Ford dealer. Walmart only carries the ones that sell best so the selection is somewhat limited. You can do a cross reference and find that there are Motorcraft for many applications, I'm running one on the Jeep Liberty and have used them on bikes and lots of cars.
  3. superhawk996

    torque settings

    I didn't even know we had a shop manual here.
  4. superhawk996

    Mobil 1

    As for filters, Purolator Pure One/AKA Motorcraft are high quality/decent price. I think there's one that fits the FI bird but not the carbie, or maybe vise-versa. The threads & seal surface are the same for both, but header clearance I think precludes it on one of them.
  5. superhawk996

    Mobil 1

    T6 is the 'go to' oil for lots of people, and not just for diesels. I've seen really good analysis from using it in the Jeep 4.0 as well as a few others. It's fairly cheap for the quality. Never tried it in a bike, but it shouldn't have any clutch issues. Edit: the Rotella I've used in bikes is the older 15-40 (I think it's T4) and not synthetic. Used it in: CB750, SuperHawk, Seca Turbo, XX, and several others. It's also been my go-to for every inboard boat engine, motorhome, and other vehicles. With the cars I've recently moved to Pensoil Platinum 0-40 because of some tests I saw on it combined with a write-up by a lubrication engineer.
  6. superhawk996

    Hot Hot Hot, my xx is melting :S

    Ride faster, make wind. But really, is yours noticeably weaker than it should be?
  7. superhawk996

    Mobil 1

    AFAIKBZITE the gold cap just denotes "extended performance" which means it's designed to run longer service intervals. I'd have no hesitation to run 15-50 silver if that's what you're finding. Another option is 15-40 diesel oils like Rotella. If you have an early Bird with the 9 plate clutch it might have a little bit of sticky clutch syndrome, but the later bikes with the smaller clutch pack seem to not care. Other than the '97 Bird, no other bike I've used 15-40 in seemed to have any problems. Car spec 10-40 should be fine as long as it doesn't have the "energy conserving" label which I don't think any do. Or just pay the premium for good motorcycle spec 10-40.
  8. superhawk996

    After Market Exhaust Question

    JB weld probably won't hold up to the heat, but no harm in trying. There's also some exhaust sealant stuff that's kinda like clay, it won't help much for bonding/strengthening the cracked area, but should seal it up.
  9. superhawk996

    Craigslist find 1999 XX

    5500 miles and only $3500 sounds great but: Chinese fairings, (they appear to be) mismatched wheels, missing splash shield, uneven mufflers. Polished frame and analog gauges. Maybe someone's customizing toy, or a crackhead/dude fixed up a wreck. "linked ABS" in the description makes me think the latter. Wonder what the story is.
  10. It's off the market. He decided to hold off on selling it.
  11. superhawk996

    Engine/chassis noise diagnostic tool

    Down to one partial kit and a few of the "engine ear" things, the handheld piece with a microphone and DB meter used as a stethoscope to pinpoint noises. The partial kit as no headphones and only 3 of the clip on microphones. It'll work fine like that, I've never used them all at the same time. $30 shipped for the partial kit and $10 ea. for the engine ear.
  12. superhawk996

    FS- My friends boat - Sold

    Yea, the super low hours can be good or bad. Some will continue to have the services done, most will say "but I hardly used it" and skip all maintenance. Normal items aside, after 11 years with the drive at full tilt the bellows would be suspect. Not a huge deal breaker, but something to check before dunking it and possibly creating other problems. Note to I/O boat owners, it's best to lower your drive as much as possible when parked, and definitely if in a slip. I don't know why, but I see many boats in the marina with their drives up. Must be left-over mentality from when they were trailer boaters.
  13. superhawk996

    '01 Silverado

  14. superhawk996

    CBR1100XX Coin

    Is that a front/back view of a coin, two coin sets, two separate coins?