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  1. He's perfect, there's nothing to improve upon. I've only done one track day, RacerXX, and I'm glad I got photos of me on the track. If I'd had a video camera it woulda been nice. I've shot video of me driving stuff off-road and of others doing it. For me it's all been about capturing the memories.
  2. After giving up on you I find you quite entertaining. It's interesting watching someone who thinks/speaks like you. Your assumption that we are drawn to you like a person with Stockholm Syndrome would be is exactly as expected from you. You just keep on being you, I am enthralled by your psychosis.
  3. He's so insanely fast that the massive G forces pulled the oil off the bearing journals at redline instantly seizing it.
  4. Wouldn't you like to know. Too fucking bad, you shoulda kept up with whatever he thinks he said that spelled it out for you. And just when you think you found the answer, guess again bitch; you were wrong!
  5. He isn't human so of course he doesn't understand it.
  6. Probably not. I've seen some belts that have a deflection measurement, others a twist measurement, and probably the most precise is a sound measurement like tuning a guitar string. Since most bikes with a chain come with auto tensioners I doubt there would be a deflection spec from the manufacturer.
  7. I'm only posting it because of the miles on it, pretty impressive. Also impressive that it looks to be in good shape, tho the photos suck and might be hiding stuff. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mpo/d/hesperia-1997-cbr1100xx/7064380146.html
  8. Did you get that set of three, or were you just needing one all along?
  9. I've heard it can happen. I don't have to go far to see the evidence.
  10. Stators are pretty damn tough so I wouldn't be concerned that it got bumped around. If it chipped without being hit that would be concerning, I wouldn't want that shit falling off in my engine.
  11. Never. He is always right, and if you ever find yourself doubting that just ask him.
  12. The pressure in the cartridge depends on temperature, but at 70F it's not even 900 PSI so yea, not a lot. In the under tail storage of a BB on a hot day it would be lucky to hit 2500 PSI, the shit's weak, but it'll still manage to fill a tire. I guess you might be asking how much PSI it'll get a tire up to, not much. I think it takes around 6 cylinders to fully air one up. And despite it possibly having a better chance at seating a bead vs. a little compressor, it probably wouldn't be much better. Best chance of doing that without a high volume air source is explosives or volatile flammables, I usually use quick start and used carb cleaner once. I saw a video where someone used what looked like an M-80, but fireworks labeled as M-80 vary greatly in power. I don't recall any bike tires I've played with being challenging to seat, without the bike's weight on it. If it's on the bike you'll want to take the weight off of it so it'll seat more easily.
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