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  1. Craigslist find

    The only thing missing on his ad is 'easy fix'.
  2. Poorly Bird

    Which means someone ^^^^^ doesn't understand EFI.
  3. Is it OK to run Aviation Gas in my 2003 XX??

    First off, the octane of AVgas can't be compared to pump gas, different standards. As for your bike and leaded gas, it might have catalytic converters. I think if it's a 49 state model it doesn't, and if Ca. emissions it does, but not sure. If it has O2 sensors those won't be happy with lead either, but one tank probably won't kill them. From what I've read avgas is 'cleaner' and won't leave residues like street gas.
  4. early ignition rotor into later bike?

    There's possibly an off the shelf piston that'll work, just a matter of finding it if it exists. I discovered that a Toyota 22R piston would likely work for an air cooled VW as a cheap big bore replacement. Just happened to have both laying around the garage and got curious so I did a quick check.
  5. early ignition rotor into later bike?

    I don't see why they'd need longer skirts.
  6. Vacuum leak???

    But all cylinders are rich so probably not an injector. There's either excess fuel or a lack of spark energy to all 4. Pretty unlikely, but make sure something didn't get sucked up into the air intake blocking the airflow.
  7. Vacuum leak???

    Ah, I think those are what Honda calls 'starter valves'. The book doesn't explain what they do or how they work and I can't tell from the pictures. Never dug into them on a bike to see. I assume they're actuated by the wax unit. I can't see how they can do anything for fuel flow and appear to control air flow. Either way it doesn't appear they could do enough to cause major run problems like Indy's having. If they do control fuel then maybe, but they'd have to all be stuck. Do you know what exactly was sticking it and do you know what they actually do?
  8. Vacuum leak???

    If it has a Power Commander or any other tuning device take that off and see if things change.
  9. Vacuum leak???

    A vacuum leak would cause a lean condition, unless that leak is in the hoses going to the MAP sensor. My guess is that, or a sensor that's gone bad, or maybe wiring to the coils causing a weak spark. Since you say you've gone through all the wiring I'll stick with a sensor fault. A sensor that died or got disconnected should trigger the FI light and set a fault code, but one sending a wrong signal might not. The manual gives specs for testing the BARO, MAP, and TP sensors; you could start by checking those. The rest of them have no test procedure listed, but there may be a way to test them I don't know of. Other thoughts would be the automatic fuel petcock, if it can fail to where the vacuum hose is sucking gas through it that would cause a rich condition but I think the hose goes to just one cylinder; do check tho. Maybe a block in the fuel return from the FPR to the tank; kinked hose or a failure in the FPR is all I could figure that would stop the flow. If the FPR was replaced after this problem started it's unlikely that it's the cause.
  10. Vacuum leak???

    The auto enrichment is handled by separate components, not one 'auto choke'.
  11. early ignition rotor into later bike?

    Pictures I've seen of the two say they're not interchangeable, but don't know for sure. Have you looked for an aftermarket one? I recall reading of one that was a fixed advance and another that was adjustable. A PC should also let you change the timing. Lastly would be DIY modifying, I've done this on a few vehicles. Slotting the 'fixed' mounting points so they can be adjusted. I haven't paid attention to the XX set up to know if that would be possible.
  12. Vacuum leak???

    And welcome to the nuthouse.
  13. Vacuum leak???

    Fouling plugs; sounds like it's running rich, not lean, or has a spark issue. New FPR, but check it anyway; pull the vacuum hose off and make sure there's no fuel coming from the FPR when you turn the key on. Is it just fouling just one plug or all of them about evenly? Does the FI light come on or flicker? Sometimes it'll dimly flicker and not be real obvious. Have you checked, cleaned, or eliminated the test connector on it? If it hasn't been done there's a good chance it's starting to go bad.
  14. Rear Brake Pad renew

    I think a skinny bottle brush should let you get all around the piston without removal. I don't know for sure as I've never bothered to clean them.
  15. misc bb parts/acc

    It's for a buddy, waiting to hear back.