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  1. They look kinda sketchy, like they were cobbled together. Probably fine, but they'd bother me even if there's no good reason for it.
  2. Without evidence that there's other crap floating around in there I'd call it done too.
  3. Yea, the 7 lug was in my mind and I briefly considered mentioning it.
  4. I think 3/4 ton and up of every brand has been 8 lug 'forever'. There might have been a time when they weren't.
  5. That's what I thought too, but I don't know them well enough to say for sure. I don't know what designates HD, guessing suspension and axle, maybe transmission model.
  6. I can attest to this, it started leaking right before he was leaving RacerXX X. 🙂
  7. Acetone can be deadly, I bet we can gather enough donations to buy you a lifetime supply.
  8. ....till it cums off the stripper and onto us.
  9. I bet the acetone addict is still proclaiming his love for his favorite Cuban(s)....and/or blaming at least one of them (me) for him being to big of a bitch to continue with his threads. If he had an ounce of confidence in his ability to bullshit people about his super skills/knowledge he wouldn't cave so easily to a person he claims is just an ignorant idiot.
  10. I've heard that you can wreck a paint booth just by spraying silicone into the air in it. Seems like a stretch, but maybe.
  11. Another factor may be that they're more likely to be blue collar workers and getting more daily exercise.
  12. My friend does e-waste and can line you up with something for damn near nothing, recycle value + shipping.
  13. Hang it on the wall of shame, or burry it in the rafters. If your good fender gets trashed then worry about it.
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