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  1. Depends on the demand. I have welded from a generator but it was an old school non-inverter type around 4000w.
  2. One of these will run a small/medium size A/C. One plus a soft start like Ice posted will run most, maybe all sizes of A/C. It may not leave much for running other things at the same time. Two in parallel should let you do anything you want, unless you have dual large A/C units then you might be a bit limited.
  3. Did you get the troubled ones fixed, sell them, decide to deal with the hard start? Being NIB they'll be easy to sell. They're about 50lbs each with packaging and not very big, shouldn't be very expensive to ship. I wish I needed them enough to justify the $, those are great gennies.
  4. So what's the story here? You bought two that had issues so they sent you free replacements?
  5. Plastic has no salt, oil, or calories so it's ok. It's even gluten free in case you're one of those people.
  6. Tumble polish, pretty cool idea. I occasionally have stuff that won't fit in my tumblers, I'll have to keep in mind that I have the much larger drum polisher by Electrolux also in the garage.
  7. Is that black/grey on the inside and green/camouflage on the outside?
  8. superhawk996


    Since it'll be an off season project without hurry, measure and see if any need adjusting. If so, pull those and buy the just the shims you need.
  9. I'll go 20k. Because I need enough back to cover the dry clutch conversion kit.
  10. How many miles and what weight of rider was the suspension set up for?
  11. I've seen all kinds of parking passes and similar stickers left on cars for years after they were expired/not being used.
  12. I had been thinking about listing it and the F-150 not being able to decide which to sell, figured I'd let the decision happen for me. I just got a call from my buddy's secretary who's interested in the 150. Hmmm.
  13. 😆 I looked just long enough for that to start making sense, hopefully it doesn't stick to my brain.
  14. I walked out the back door and remembered why I learned to ignore them. Up close they kinda piss me off. From the patio lounger they look ok, kinda cool.
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