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  1. superhawk996

    GM Quadrasteer

    On the technology/control side it could be cheaper today, but today's trucks have a lot more power so the whole axle assembly would have to be stronger & spendier.
  2. superhawk996

    1997 Dodge Ram 1500 club Cab Transmission issue

    The neutral thing could have some validity. Many Dodge trannies have very little flow to the torque converter in P, and possibly other circuits. If the vehicle was parked and fluid drained back, then fired up and left in P it could give a false high reading. AFAIK, if it's been driven and stopped in P to check it should be fine....but best to follow the book.
  3. superhawk996

    1997 Dodge Ram 1500 club Cab Transmission issue

    Typical low fluid symptoms. Check it fully warmed up, idling in park, on a level surface. It probably takes ATF+3, maybe +4, the stick should be marked with the fluid type.
  4. superhawk996

    Wheel alignment tool

    Never seen anything like it, pretty cool. First thing I'd do is find a straight edge to test/verify it with, too many cheap laser devices are not straight out of the box. Second thought is that while a straight sprocket *should* equal straight tire alignment, I'd rather check it at the tire. I'd trust your home made thing more, and I'll take it off your hands if you buy the Monkey.
  5. superhawk996

    Cool Ford 7.3 diesel mod.

    I've always been a Ford guy, but I'm not blinded by the badge. I had an '01 Chevy 1500 for a while, only bought it to flip, and it was surprisingly awesome. I've had a million vehicles and pretty sure that was my first Chevy. If it had served a purpose, or not been #5-ish 4 wheeled vehicle clogging the place up, I'da kept it. Carlos' diesel Dodge was pretty bitchen and I'd take one, but not without the diesel. I didn't like that it de-fueled when shifting, kinda annoying. I assume they were trying to keep the trans from dying, and it didn't work anyway. Visually I prefer the Ford for the most part, inside & out, a few things I liked about the Dodge. I think the Dodge towing mirrors beat the Ford. Ride quality was probably better than Ford that year, but I'd only driven 4x4 Fords so not sure. I fell in love with the 7.3 in '95, but I like the Cummins more than the 7.3. Easier to work on, 2 fewer cylinders to deal with, and the sound. The sound of a 'real' semi-like diesel engine. I never cared for the Excursion, I thought it was just a monstrous soccer mom car, but love this one. It's got truck towing capability with lots of space and some nice luxuries for a 16 year old Ford. It's got a cushy car like ride, but Ford didn't fuck around on the HD side. It's a truck with a car body on it, even has a full-float Sterling rear end. Without the diesel it would serve no purpose for me. I only bought it because I was searching "Ford 7.3" on CL and this popped up on the cheap. It works hard to tug the 13k lb boat, but does it better than the F-350 V-10 I had before it. After having the Ex and a crew cab short bed, which are about the same size, I think I'd go back to the truck with a shell. Tho the Ex's cargo space can be opened to over 8' length, every once in a while I'd like to haul something that's just too tall to fit in the Ex.
  6. superhawk996

    Cool Ford 7.3 diesel mod.

    The better part of it is International, and without that I wouldn't have the Ford.
  7. superhawk996

    Cool Ford 7.3 diesel mod.

    I don't know if any of you guys have one. If so, and it's not tuned, you know it has quite a bit of a power delay when you first hit the pedal. Very shitty when you're trying to jump across an intersection or similar where you want quick response. This is a super cheap & easy way to greatly reduce that delay. I routed a hose from the exhaust pressure sensor port to the Map sensor. This fools the computer into thinking there's boost earlier than it does and cranks the fuel up quickly. It now drives almost like a gasser, power response is almost instant and the turbo spools up way faster. It probably has no effect on max power like a tuned truck will so high EGT or other damage should be a non-issue. A good tuner can do a lot more, including adding fuel economy, so if $ is no object it's the way to go. It can be combined with a tuner, one guy already has and loves it. I think a proper tune shouldn't need this. It has been named the Map Mod by someone on the FTE forum. https://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/1559257-cheap-diy-way-to-reduce-lag.html
  8. superhawk996

    Tire wear

    Or maybe FiXX's reason, it does make sense.
  9. superhawk996

    Tire wear

    Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do.
  10. superhawk996

    WTB: Orphan 8mm Video Equipment

    I didn't wanna get off my ass to check, but then felt compelled. I thought it was 8mm, it's VHS-C. I remember some talk about them being cross compatible but don't know. Anyway, it's a handheld JVC VHS-C camcorder, if it'll do the job it's yours.
  11. superhawk996

    WTB: Orphan 8mm Video Equipment

    Pretty sure I finally tossed mine a couple months ago, but I'll check.
  12. superhawk996

    Fast idle

    Speaking of which. Mine's too low and I thought about adjusting the pushrod on the wax unit, tho I haven't investigated it beyond looking it up in the manual. The book warns not to mess with the adjustment. Is there any issue with adjusting it? I assume it's just an emissions reason that they say not to mess with it, but wondered if there's a real reason to not mess with it, like maybe something can be damaged by adjusting it.
  13. superhawk996

    Fast idle

    If it's only getting stuck high after a cold start I'd say it's the wax unit or something else in the fast idle circuit getting stuck, otherwise probably not.
  14. superhawk996

    Fast idle

    So while running the idle went up, or after parking it and it cooling down it was high on the next start?
  15. superhawk996

    XX motor turns over but no start

    And no, they weren't stolen, they were from Suzuki America. When Suzuki cars went away all their dealer tools were auctioned off and these were Suzuki branded units. Years later a buddy that does e-waste got a bunch of other Suzuki stuff that I helped him sell, some of which I sold here.