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  1. Agreed. I need to play with it more and see it there's enough adjustability in the mechanism to take up the slack. I think the cable was installed that way on purpose as a work-around to the cable being too long.
  2. It's on Cecome's '97 I bought a couple days ago. I think he said it was on the motor when he bought it from CBRbear, but looking back through bear's for sale stuff it doesn't appear so. I thought it might need lube or maybe just adjustment so this morning I went for it. The center bolt turns and does seem to be the pushrod adjustment, but tweaking it around didn't seem to help the lever feel at all, felt the same as adjusting the cable. A couple drops of oil did seem to help. I may return it to hydraulic, or tear into it and see if a cleaning & proper lubing makes it work better. Mostly feels like there's too much friction in the system, and possibly some 'race' springs on the clutch making it stiffer. The lever pull is noticeably stiffer than my '01. A time back Cecome posted about needing a new cable for it and another member, CBRquad I think, offered to trade it for a stock system, it appeared that he knew what this was so I may try hitting him up for info. One of the drag guys may know about it too, I'm assuming it's a race mod type thing.
  3. I've seen photos of a same or similar one here on another bike, tho that one was black instead of polished, so I don't think it's not a one off kinda deal.
  4. What brand/model is it and is there adjustment on that bolt/nut that moves when you actuate the lever? I considered just tinkering, but don't wanna fuck it up.
  5. 🤣 Right answer. I'm a bit shocked I haven't been stopped for speeding in so many years. I don't know how much of it is luck, awareness, or just not doing it in the 'wrong' places. I really 'should' have a detector since I'm usually in the top 95%+ speed on the road, but maybe those couple faster people are the ones attracting the attention. The other day in the Excursion I was running late to meet someone and I got stuck behind a tampon in the fast lane. When I finally got a reasonable opening I got on it a bit to pass quickly without messing with other people. Suddenly I notice the speedo crossing 100 and pulling pretty nicely for a 4 ton brick in overdrive....it felt so good it's scary.
  6. Stop breaking the fucking law and you won't need the damn thing! Curious why you remove it so frequently that the two jacks is an issue.
  7. Makes me wonder when someone posts something that's supposedly perfect and there's only one dark photo of it.
  8. Do you have a photo that shows how it's built and how it works?
  9. I made something similar for a rat in the shed. Bastard took the bait trail just past the edge of the bucket, but didn't go far enough to fall in. One the upside, the bait was rat poison so the problem was solved, just not the way I'd hoped.
  10. Some cats will hunt even when provided food, others get lazy. Ours enjoys hunting which is somewhat of a bummer, I enjoyed watching the lizards & green beetles in the spring/summer. There are few lizards left. She pretty much eradicated the beetles before they got to emerge, she discovered them in the compost pile as larvae and likes them. Gross looking things, kinda like a huge mealworm but soft. The first one she dragged in she played with for a while and I figured she'd leave it once it stopped moving. When it broke she discovered there was meat inside that's apparently tasty. After that it was on & crackin. She'd run out, dig one up, bring it in, eat it, run back out.
  11. No fittings....I assumed you were talking about a gas tank, what is it? And I don't expect much to happen from blowing the BBs around, but it'll be interesting to get your report on it.
  12. BBs, being small & round, will be very slow at cleaning. And they're small enough to get into fittings/hoses so if you use them be sure they all get out.
  13. When I was looking to re-gear my Duc I came across a conversation about sprocket sizes and better/worse combinations. There was something about how many times a chain roller hits the same sprocket tooth as well as some potential harmonic issues. I'd found a writeup or chart that showed my intended combo to be on the bad side so I went with a different combo that was about the same ratio but supposedly better. I don't know how much truth there is to it or how bad a "bad" combo is. Some swore by it, others said no biggie. Maybe your whine is a result of a bad combo, who knows.
  14. Empty & dry, should be fine. Or install & fill completely. Or anything because it's only a month.
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