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  1. I didn't think to post here before posting on a local gun forum today, but I have shit tons of brass I'm thinning out if anyone needs any. Maybe not a shit ton depending on how insane you are, but 3-4 5 gallon buckets of extras is a lot to me. Anyway, there's .38, .357, .44spl., .270, .308, .40, .45, .9mm, .380, 30-06, .223. 9mm, .223, and .45 I have thousands of. I also have more brand new .338WM than I need, the ones I've used seem to last forever. Might also have some once fired 30-30 to sell once I figure out how many to keep. There's also a few .38 Super, 5.7, .243, and probably other oddballs. Most are once fired, some sorted by headstamp. Whatever's a fair price.
  2. Engine/chassis noise diagnostic tool

    I've gathered them and about to start sending PMs out.
  3. FS: 1997 CBR1100XX

    If 0048 means it was the 48th XX made that's fuckin cool, and makes me want it even tho I 'know' I don't.
  4. Engine/chassis noise diagnostic tool

    Yea, I completely spaced on you guys, sorry and thanks for the reminder. I just made myself a reminder note. If you don't hear something by tomorrow afternoon feel free to bug me.
  5. 1999 F-250 Diesel Crew Cab 4x4

    Yea, I kinda wanna. Distance is just an added hindrance. Pulling 6k right now plus travel, or transport, would leave me somewhere around 0, probably below 0. And while it's seemingly in ready to go condition, there may be surprises that need addressing. If I can get one of mine sold before this goes away I'll probably be in.
  6. 1999 F-250 Diesel Crew Cab 4x4

    If you were local I'd already be scrounging up the cash.
  7. Poorly Bird

    No fuel pump, no sensors, no computer, no FPR, no elecronics/electrical shit to worry about. Them carbs is the devil's work! But EFI is pretty spectacular as long as it's working properly and it's generally reliable, but so are carbs.
  8. Engine/chassis noise diagnostic tool

    Cool. I'll gather two up and let you guys know when they're ready. Probably tomorrow.
  9. https://www.amazon.com/STEELMAN-06608-ChassisEAR-EngineEAR-Combination/dp/B0014QN7WW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1518064388&sr=8-1&keywords=steelman+06608 It's this tool minus the hard case & headphones, I have a few. They're Suzuki branded instead of the Steelman branding. NOS, some are a little scuffed, all will be tested & verified working. $40 shipped wherever USPS flat rate applies. With headphones are $50 shipped, I have very few headphones. They're cheap mono headphones, I assume modern stereo ones would work but don't have any around to try. Anyone looking to just borrow one is welcome to it for the shipping cost. It's pretty trippy hearing what goes on inside gearboxes & shit while going down the road.
  10. Yea. Maybe I'm just too suspicious/judgemental, but when I see something retarded like that in a vehicle's description I just assume he's a tard, and/or selling a turd. Buying from a tard is hit & miss, might be a top dollar gem, or a pile of shit. Then I see 'rated for 500hp' and I'm further swayed towards ignorant tard. Rated for and capable of 500, but dynoed at 293, which if it did that is pretty fuckin awesome.
  11. "Heads have been ported to match cam". Apparently that turbo bike has a V engine.
  12. iPhone 6 64GB Verizon - SOLD

    My understanding is that unlocking them also leaves them vulnerable to issues. But ask Carlos or maybe google to know for sure. Factory unlocked are secure.
  13. 1999 F-250 Diesel Crew Cab 4x4

    The 7.3 has fewer issues, but none of them like cold short trips. The half million mile + motors are long trippers.
  14. 1999 F-250 Diesel Crew Cab 4x4

    Probably. A cold motor is likely to create more junk that gets caught in the DPF necessitating more regen cycles. My guess, don't really know.
  15. 1999 F-250 Diesel Crew Cab 4x4

    Ah, ok. So you're simply mistaken. While some tuners do that, they don't all do that. I imagine "smoke" tunes probably do. Fortunately the fad of rolling coal seems to have mostly died. Some of the things some tuners do: raise the injection pressure to get more fuel in more quickly, advance the injection timing, remove the fueling delay so the turbo spools up more quickly, raise the boost limit, raise the RPM cut off, raise the EGT limit, change shift points, change the shift pressure for tighter engagement, alter/disable EGR function..... In many cases a tuner can extend engine and transmission life. If one decides to tune his engine into a top fuel dragster then it's probably gonna be short lived. The problem with tuners is similar to that of nitrous, once you buy the package you can go from mild to wild for 0$. Motors blow up and the device gets the blame instead of the person who got greedy. I've got at least 600 miles of driving my buddy's 7.3 at different tune levels and many thousand miles driving stockers. The biggest impact is the removal of the power delay when you first step on it. The factory tune keeps the air/fuel ratio lean & clean so when you step on it it adds a little fuel and waits for the turbo to give it air, and the two slowly come up together. The tune lets it fuel quickly to make power right away, which of course spools the turbo more quickly. In stock form there's a slow build up of power when you step on the pedal, when tuned it acts more like a gasser where it responds instantly to pedal input. Less of an issue with later model diesels having multi turbos/variable vane turbos, but they still do the clean burn thing so there's still a delay in response. This brief rich condition is bad for emissions but does no real harm to the motor. Generally speaking, if a diesel ain't smoking there's little chance of it being damaged by over fueling/late fueling. If I had an electronic diesel I'd research the shit out of which tuner is best for my vehicle and get that one. I would then monitor everything to make sure it's not doing something retarded. A buddy has a Diablo on his 6.4 and I'm sure it's going to kill the thing. He loves the power and the fact that it no longer regens, which also "proves" to him that the engine is running better and going to last longer. It's common knowledge that regen puts fuel into the oil and is what kills a 6.4 The amount of fuel in his oil proves to me that it's going to die sooner than it should. When I told him he had over a gallon of fuel in his oil, which it wasn't doing when it was stock, he said "but it doesn't regen any more". Because it doesn't regen his brain is stuck on 'it can't have fuel dilution' even tho I showed him. When I did his oil change it was at least a gallon over-filled and he hadn't added any oil. It's about due for another change, I pulled the stick last week and it's over full again with 0 added. I can't tell exactly how far over it is because the fuel/oil blend doesn't stick to the stick. If I were letting him run the factory OCI it would probably be dead already. Ford recommends 10k, I'm doing them at 5K.