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  1. I don't remember how I removed mine. It was going to be rebuilt so I mighta taken the hose off, but I think I was able to get the reservoir out. Maybe just unbolted the fender to drop it out of the way, dunno. If you decide to remove the hose, let the pressure out of the reservoir first. You'll have to refill and bleed the air out of the oil, not a huge deal but an extra little chore. If you're gonna swap it to Jackie's bike it would be a good idea to rebuild it first. The internal rebound bumper breaks down over time and when it disintegrates it'll clog the oil holes and it'll get super stiff or completely lock up. On mine the transition from "something feels a bit off" to it being locked was fairly short. The final sign that something was definitely wrong was when I put it on the center stand and the tire was way off the ground. Supposedly the newer bumper is more resistant to break down.
  2. Reminds me of my first time to a drag strip. Part of tech inspection was the neutral safety switch test for autos. They'd watch as you put it in gear and turn the key, then back into park and turn the key so you 'could't' cheat. My buddy's car didn't have a functional NSS so I quickly wired it to the brake light switch making it easy to cheat without being noticed and it got him through tech.
  3. Did you buy the 4 door version, or just post the wrong link?
  4. And pretty suspicious that they used a stock photo and not one of his Jeep. Pretty retarded since his is much better looking.
  5. That jerk bought an old Ford Econoline bucket truck just to try to trump my old Ford Econoline ambulance. Clearly a targeted attack, you can't trust a guy like that! But, if he says the parts are in good shape you can take that to the bank.
  6. 🤣 They have great lawyers and contracts written in ten layers of legalease. I've read/heard of many unethical dealer stories. Being a big high dollar place it's more likely to be legit, but I wouldn't automatically discount the possibility of some fine print fuck you down the road. Especially since they forked over top dollar. But: being a dealership makes it easy for buyers to get financed and this particular Jeep is immaculate so it makes it easy for them to sell.
  7. I'll ask a buddy of mine who recently built/sold a couple 2 door JKs.
  8. I've only used bottles mounted in the 'normal' mounting position, but even tho those are angled down it seems like under acceleration the liquid would be pushed to the back and a pick-up tube would be more likely to pick up the liquid than without a tube. Has the theory of removing the tube actually been tested or is it just assumed that the tube needs to be removed?
  9. Hadn't noticed there's a bottle on each side. Those would look great on my Bird! Did you make the mounting brackets for the bottles?
  10. Is the NOS just for looks or functional? Can't see the hose. If functional, what's the set-up? Wet or dry, how much HP, ... ?
  11. And fuck you for asking. Edit: I really like being on his ignore list.
  12. It perfect, built by professional. So smooth it goes 12mph faster at same rpm and double extra mpg. Beat Dodge Demon on 1/4 mile.
  13. I was pretty sure it wouldn't fetch your asking price or anywhere above 20 without super luck. My guess is that it's in the mid, maybe high, teens and dropping every day. The JL has killed the JK market and your option package will reduce buyers to a small number. The right guy will pay a premium, but there's few of those guys. My guess is that if you asked 20 you'd get more traction and it would fetch 17ish. Different coast, different market, so I don't really know.
  14. You didn't ask me, but pretty sure it's a yes. Mine is larger than stock and it was no problem at all, had it on & off several times.
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