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  1. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/mcy/d/yamaha-star-650-classic-vstar/6314458151.html $1000 to the forum. Located in 91745, So.Cal. Little issues, nothing that would stop me from riding it other than it doesn't suit me. First guy showed up and handed me 1500, no hassles and happy to have the bike. He was gonna put it in his truck but then decided to leave his truck and ride home, he was anxious to enjoy it. The motor blew on his way. I haven't looked yet, but he said there's a hole in the motor.
  2. Stainless brake lines

    Mine has a SS clutch hose and I have no complaints. Been so long since I rode a stocker I can't say how different it is if any difference. I can see where if someone got used to launching a certain way then made a change he'd have to change how he launches.
  3. Stainless brake lines

    This is often in my mind, seems many people don't consider it or are just stuck on spewing their ignorance, defending themselves, attacking others, etc. I've gotten shit on other forums for challenging or correcting stupid stuff and it seems that few understand that leaving these poisonous crumbs around for someone to pick up isn't good.
  4. Stainless brake lines

    I've never seen an average rider on a XX in MotoGT or Superbike dealing with traffic and the surprises that come with street riding, there is a reason that race bikes aren't street bikes and vise versa. If what's used on the track dictates what should be used on the street we have a fuck ton of mods to do beyond de-linking. My first Bird was linked and altho the feel kinda bugged me here & there, it was never a true problem. I don't recall ever locking the rear on the linked one but have on my current de-linked one, tho luckily it hasn't been a problem either.
  5. Stainless brake lines

    Dot 3 holds water in suspension allowing it to be removed easily with a fluid flush. Dot 5 doesn't hold water in suspension so it can drop to the lowest point and stay there eating away at metal until it gets hot enough to boil at which point you loose braking pressure until it cools back into water to continue working it's magic on the metal. It's harder to eliminate air with 5, it's more compressible, it has lower lubricity, costs way more, won't play well with residues of 3 or 4, ......I'll stick with Dot 3 or 4. If someone asked me to put 5 in their vehicle I'd refuse to unless they had a real good reason. As far as gravity bleeding, I've never had an issue with it but also never used Dot5. I haven't used a pump or helper to bleed brakes in at least 10 years. I also don't bench bleed master cylinders as of many years, I do it on the car/bike. If 5 was so great I assume some manufacturers would put it in their cars and I don't know of any that do. The military supposedly has had a Dot5 requirement with their vehicles but I heard they're getting or have gotten away from it because of problems. Other than being safer to handle I see no upsides to 5.
  6. 2016 Yamaha FJR1300ES

    How'd the houses and bike do?
  7. Stainless brake lines

    My limited experience says they do improve brake feel but never experienced them with LBS. Some early hoses were real sensitive to flexing at the crimped fittings but my understanding is most or all have switched to fittings that aren't as bad about it. Being that there's so many hoses on a linked system you might experience more improvement than on a normal system, but of course it'll also be spendier and more work. When I do hose swaps, calipers, slaves, etc. I use zip ties or whatever needed to hold the master partially engaged, this keep it from draining so you have less mess and you don't have to deal with getting air out of it which can be a hassle. Once everything's hooked up I open the bleeder, unlock the master, and gravity takes care of the bleeding while I keep the reservoir filled. With LBS it might require pumping, don't know.
  8. Yes, I absolutely will.
  9. I didn't see a paypal invoice so I'm guessing you took it off the market. How'd you feel about that mud cruise? Think you'll do any more off-roading?
  10. And please leave the crud on it so it looks proper when it arrives.
  11. I'll take it!!!! Was it fun using it one time before having to sell it as a junker?
  12. 2016 Yamaha FJR1300ES

    Send it to SoCal where it won't ever get weathered. I'll set up a nanny cam in the living room so you can enjoy the view any time.
  13. Won"t start. 1997 carb

    I was guessing Fl. Wind & rain….don't worry about it, there's a nice strong hurricane coming to push that pesky little stuff away. Mine live inside too, my 'ramp' is a couple 4x4s and a 2x4 to bump up to the door sill and without the motor it's a mother fucker to get up that without banging the door frame. I can get the front up ok with a rolling start and both mirrors folded for extra wiggle room but there's not much roll space to gain momentum for the rear to bump up. Even my 300# bike is hard to get in without power. Normally I just need to fold one mirror on the XX to get in/out safely. When I had my 999s they fit easily even tho the mirrors don't fold. I'm guessing those bikes were no wider at the mirrors than a manly man's shoulders. Now that I think of it they were barely wide enough to be usable for my skinny frame. I miss those uncomfortable ass bikes. When I win the lotto I might buy one just for the visual and auditory enjoyment.
  14. Won"t start. 1997 carb

    86 degree ocean….where are you?
  15. left front brake rotates

    Double post, you're banished. Or have to say ten Hail Maries. Or buy ten of us beers. Or just suck ten of us off.