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  1. Shortly after buying that Bird I bought a box of used XX hardware on ebay and thought I'd replaced all the missing and incorrect bolts. I might have it and didn't notice, or didn't have it and that's why it's still missing. I replaced the couple missing plastic pins that came with the box of stuff, but only had a few.
  2. I'm guessing that drinking lead to needing a mirror stem. Maybe it didn't, but that's the excuse I'd use. That's the excuse I used when I forgot to fold the mirror and scuffed it on the doorway into the house.
  3. I don't know of any trucks or SUVs that have filler security, but many cars and all bikes do. I'd love to know if there's a logical reason for the disparity.
  4. None of my current cars have a latching gas lid. The Porsche ('79 928) came with a locking cap from the factory, none of the others came with any security. I've had dozens of vehicles and most had nothing. Most of the Hondas and I think all of the Volvos I've had had latching lids. Cars are said to have anti syphon devices in the filler tube, I think most or all of those are actually anti-spray devices so if you open the cap with a pressurized tank you don't get a gas bath. Gas powered Excursions have it, my diesel doesn't. Diesels have vented tanks so they don't develop pressure like gassers can. If the device was really to protect against fuel theft my 44 gallons of diesel should be protected at least as well as 10 gallon gassers.
  5. Lube can't prevent dirt & stuff from getting in there. It can make the dirt & stuff stick in there.
  6. Me. Because I think that doing so would be stupid. I don't recall any lock manufacturer or locksmith advising to use WD40, and many have specifically stated to never do it. Then there's those who tout using the stuff on everything including chains so maybe there is something magical about the stuff.
  7. superhawk996


    I've experimented with tires and spark plugs back to back and different ones can make a big difference whether new or used. Before Splitfire spark plugs existed I made a set for my Mustang and it was pretty obvious they worked better than the normal plugs. That was a 351 Cleveland with 2V open chamber heads, engines with more efficient designs might not change as much.
  8. I'd never given thought to the fact that bikes come with keyed gas caps and cars don't. The only logic I can think of is that cars have anti-syphon devices and bikes don't.
  9. This review makes the Vanderhall look pretty unappealing https://www.cycleworld.com/2017-vanderhall-venice-puts-style-ahead-substance/ One thing that shocked me a bit was the guy saying that it had massive understeer at parking lot speed. My guess is they copy/pasted the steering from a car so the Ackermann is fucked up which is going to fuck with the handling at all speeds. On their website is a video with Jay Leno and the Vanderhall guy explains why they went with front wheel drive. The explanation stuck out as a retarded reason for using FWD. There was a different reason given in the cycleworld review. From the tiny bit I know, I recommend a scrutinizing test drive before buying.
  10. Key in the ignition, doors unlocked, regardless where it's parked?
  11. That implies that your tool strap is intact.
  12. It looks like they just took the standard two seater and added a cowling to cover the right side. If it has the second seat under there it makes sense, otherwise it seems stupid to eliminate the option without gaining any benefit.
  13. I've extracted a few keys with a pick. Two picks, one on each end of the key, often works better. As for removing the assembly, I don't think you'll need to remove the tank. If the piece of key is in the right position you should be able to turn it with a screwdriver or other tool to open it. It might be worth trying this before trying to extract the key in case you can't get it out. Trying to extract might move it out of position forcing tank removal. The piece of key might be able to move further in, not sure if it bottoms out on the key tip or the 'flat' near the key handle, so be careful with the screwdriver.
  14. I don't remember any. The first water cooled bike I remember having was a VF1000R and it got Fleetguard low silicate HD truck coolant because it was free from work, along with the 15-40 oil.
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