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  1. Thank you! I saw it right after he posted it and was tempted, I hoped someone else would fix that for me.
  2. My guess would be to install it with the engine running at a known RPM so you can install the needle in the right position. I did that on a car tach. It's possible that you pushed it too far in and it's dragging/sticking or maybe pushing on the shaft damaged it. I assume it's a stepper motor, I don't know exactly how they work, but you could google it if you want. I don't know that knowing how it works will help much.
  3. I changed the clutch oil on one of my bikes so it can be a thing. Well, Harley calls it 'primary drive oil', but it's mostly for the clutch so it could be referred to as clutch oil. In a playful argument with a Harley guy, before I owned one, he said Harley's system is smarter because it uses 3 separate oils for the engine, transmission, and clutch so they can each be tailored to do one job and they don't contaminate each other. Yea, but all 3 are the same kind of oil so it's still compromise oil, and my bike filters all of them unlike yours which only filters the engine oil. No
  4. I assume you mean the clutch fluid, as in the brake fluid for the clutch hydraulics?
  5. Good thing you have the red key so you can program copies to keep the bags running.
  6. Curious, what's the story behind your name?
  7. I always start with recent repairs and modified stuff. I had one just a couple hours ago, Jeep LJ tailgate that wouldn't open. They incorrectly installed a flag pole receiver to the hinges and very effectively bolted the tailgate shut. He was sure it couldn't be that, 'till we removed it.
  8. My first thought was the check connector, the "loom fix" as fizzy stated. The problem is most prevalent on '99 and '00 models, but also happens to newer ones. Aftermarket lights and dead lights won't cause a fault code. As for the dual MAP question, if it has one in the tail it's most likely a barometric pressure sensor.
  9. Now I went ahead and watched it. Good info and well made as usual, and good to know that the starter by-pass will work and let you get back on the road.
  10. I didn't watch it so I can't specifically comment, but this guy knows Fords so it might help.
  11. Now that it's greaseable the hole doesn't matter, it's only a big deal for sealed joints. Greasable joints are never sealed, they just have a 'dust boot' which is likely to be less protective than a sealed boot with a hole. As for the EGT, just because you only saw the reading change when going over bumps doesn't mean that it's not the cause of the shut-downs at idle. If you can catch a shut down while looking at the numbers then you could probably determine if it is or isn't the cause. This is why I suggested doing a wiggle test early on, it should let you find the source of th
  12. On my 7.3 IDI van I used a towel, much more convenient than a piece of cardboard. With the engine running the fan will suck the towel onto the grill, then find a crack along the top somewhere to tuck it into so it stays when you shut the engine off. I assumed it was a problem with my thermostat not closing, but maybe not. Getting to it was a bitch so I put one in the hose right at the top of the thermostat housing as a test, nothing changed. While it seems retarded that there's enough bypass flow to keep the engine from warming up in So. Cal. cold, that seems to be what was happ
  13. Nice to know! The first two reviews are from people using it for motorcycle carb parts, then another a few down from that. Along with a warning to not let them soak too long as they'll swell up.
  14. Exactly what I was thinking. Also make sure you've loosened the clamps enough. Not just released tension, they need to be able to let the boots expand to get over the ridge they're sitting in. If the bike will still start you could run the engine for a while to get some heat in the boots.
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