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  1. FS: Parting Out a 2000 CBR1100XX

    Joe, please call me at your convenience.
  2. John's Bike Bits

    John has helped me many times. Service doesn't get any better than Johns Bike Bits.
  3. That a good deal since most EMP's are selling for 1k+.
  4. On Craigslist 02 $3350

    We should meet at Mystics on 205 and discuss the mountains and valleys in view.
  5. On Craigslist 02 $3350

    I have ridden it. It goes like hell. Steve has always been elusive revealing exactly what has been done to it. It has more than just a tuneup by EDR Performance. I think he should tell the whole story. edit: yeah what did you buy?
  6. 4 pin relays

    Dave, any good Auto parts store should have this general purpose relay. It's a 5 pin (1no/1nc) 12v coil rated at 30 amps. Also has mounting tab. It has resistor coil suppression. The coil draws current in the Ma range. I have successfully used many of these with 24vdc coil. Never damaged a controller. Just saying. Bocsh # 0 332 019 150 just for example -- http://www.texasindustrialelectric.com/relays_0332209150.asp
  7. 1990 Dodge Ram speedometer

    Thanks for the tips. When the Ice melts, I will check it out. 1990 Ram 2WD Van. My poorboy motorhome.
  8. 1990 Dodge Ram speedometer

    Anyone ever trouble shoot a Dodge Ram speedometer of 1990 vintage? The odometer quit first. Now the speedometer wildly bounces around when first moving and then settles at speed with occasional 5-10mph bounce. Never been into a speedometer. Where to look first?
  9. Leakdown tester

    The Leak Down tester arrived and quality/fit looks good. The worries of plugs thread size are nill. They provided the adapters. For now I don't see any reason why it won't show results any differant than my beloved Snap-on tool missing since the 90's. I now have time to devote to my retirement projects moth balled for decades. Ninjas, XX's, 954 and S1000rr have delayed this interest for decades. I have stored these projects well. Time to do something. I still know how. up next for nostagia- 3 1/2 Honda 750's in pieces Honda CB890 Turbo AT/Pak Rajay B25 - have all parts to repair Honda RC Cobra CB750-1000 Pro-Stock Motor- Needs teardown and inspect. Honda RC 836 - Needs battery 1/2 = ? spare 77 sohc SS motor with 2100 miles. The SS motor has a lower geared 4th and 5th gear ratio. This is what I have already in the 890 Turbo with undercut gears. I did the undercut myself at 5 degrees and it held. These projects probably won't beat my s1000rr but what if it did? I would be well beyond proud. The last time I drag raced was at the NeXXt 09 meet. I loved it. Think I can love it again. Edit: the SS motor also had an F2 grind cam that works well with the Turbo 890. Did for me. another edit: Nostalgia got my head spining. Met Pee We Gleason of American Turbo Pak in Fresno. He was a really small pro drag racer. The guy was probably 135lbs soaking wet. 80lbs of it were balls.
  10. Leakdown tester

    Thanks for the tips. I always do a compression check everytime I change plugs. If I get a low reading, the leakdown test will be the next step.
  11. Leakdown tester

    If you have a marginal % of leakage, it would be good to know where it is located.
  12. Leakdown tester

    I am hoping my compression tester adapters will fit. Not a big problem. I can cut and crimp if needed.
  13. Leakdown tester

    I once owned a Snapon leakdown tester in the 90's. I loaned it to a friend and the friend left the state. I miss it. I now have more time to work and play at retirement. The leakdown tester will locate exactly where compression loss occurs. This tester is much less $$ than the Snapon. How good is it? The principle of operation is quite simple. The execution of display is similar. I will give it a shot. Review to follow. http://www.cpooutlets.com/atd-5573a-cylinder-leak-tester/atdn5573a,default,pd.html?ref=pla&zmam=31282435&zmas=47&zmac=722&zmap=atdn5573a&gclid=CPScs5nvtdACFZCcfgod9u4CEg
  14. 1993 CBR900RR, 7,XXX miles

    I keep returning to this thread why? Because I remember seeing the first at speed wheelie done by a guy on the Freeway. Traveling on the Interstate one day on my 86 1000 Ninja at about 70mph, a guy on one of those passed me on the back wheel. Year approx 1989.
  15. Craigslist 1998 $3000

    This is a smokin deal. Someone will get a great XX. I was tempted but must resist.