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  1. He got his asking price. The buyer paid for an inspection. Somebody bought a nice boat.
  2. Thanks for the tips. I'll ask him.
  3. It really is like new with 40 hours. Last summer it pulled my fat ass up on ski's with authority. Comfy family type boat. I know little about boats. I just know this one is like new. Edit: These pics were taken less tha a week ago. One more edit. If you were at the 2004 XX meet in Bend Oregon, you may have met Niel. He was riding the CBR1000F. https://eugene.craigslist.org/boa/d/2007-bayliner-195-br-special/6544010281.html

    Magical Racing Screen on Ebay

    I looked at those some 7-8 years ago. IIRC, they where twice that many $$$. They really are the best imho. Would like to have one. Hard to justify these days.

    FS: Parting Out a 2000 CBR1100XX

    Joe, thank you for the parts. They look fantastic. I sent the payment by PayPal and I would feel better if you confirmed it. Been a while since I have used PP and don't trust my fat fingers. Please respond.
  6. Alan, I should have checked it first. Is there something I can do about my account?


    Sorry, there is a problem

    The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.

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    1. Skull


      Weird.  I just checked, and both links work for me, but I am a moderator, so maybe something is set differently for me.


      Try these links: Shop Manual and Parts Manual

    2. CALCXX


      I was able to download both the pdf's.

      Perhaps a moderators access is granted?


      Thanks for your effort Alan. It seems I can't win. LOL Both of my XX's are 1998. (carb'd)  I saved  both pdf's because My riding buddy Jeff has a 99. Thanks

  7. Thanks for posting the Shop and Parts manuals.



    FS: Parting Out a 2000 CBR1100XX

    Joe, please call me at your convenience.

    John's Bike Bits

    John has helped me many times. Service doesn't get any better than Johns Bike Bits.
  10. That a good deal since most EMP's are selling for 1k+.
  11. CALCXX

    On Craigslist 02 $3350

    We should meet at Mystics on 205 and discuss the mountains and valleys in view.
  12. CALCXX

    On Craigslist 02 $3350

    I have ridden it. It goes like hell. Steve has always been elusive revealing exactly what has been done to it. It has more than just a tuneup by EDR Performance. I think he should tell the whole story. edit: yeah what did you buy?
  13. CALCXX

    4 pin relays

    Dave, any good Auto parts store should have this general purpose relay. It's a 5 pin (1no/1nc) 12v coil rated at 30 amps. Also has mounting tab. It has resistor coil suppression. The coil draws current in the Ma range. I have successfully used many of these with 24vdc coil. Never damaged a controller. Just saying. Bocsh # 0 332 019 150 just for example -- http://www.texasindustrialelectric.com/relays_0332209150.asp
  14. CALCXX

    1990 Dodge Ram speedometer

    Thanks for the tips. When the Ice melts, I will check it out. 1990 Ram 2WD Van. My poorboy motorhome.