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  1. Joe, I'll take some pics and put together some info. We can let this thread die.
  2. The 954 has been a really good bike. I am going to miss it.
  3. The BMW sold. It was a painful thrill to ride. Your ass cheeks would ache trying to hang on and your face cheeks would ache from the grin. Next up Honda 954 RR.

    What is this?

    I have seen something that resembles that in a small scale water filtration plant to filter out heavy metals before the process water is allowed to enter the storm drains. PH levels also monitored and corrected before the waste water enters the press. The pressure gauges to see the filter saturation level. Te screw clamp for quick easy access to scrape the filter plates. Im just guessing.
  5. Carlos, you have been tricked by a Gun Master. You must send this holster to Oregon instead.
  6. Jeff and I have not agreed on this gearing choice for 15+ years. I have had an 18T since about 2004. I bought a 16t and didn't like it so I gave it to Jeff some 15 years ago. He said it reminded him of his 954rr. I will admit that I lost a small amount of acceleration. What did I gain? A bike that loafs at 90mph. A speedometer that is on the money. An engine that's not sceaming it's lungs out at 100 or maybe it's just 71mph with the new 16t speedo error? Long winded 2nd gear that goes all the way to a true 105mph. About 20 more miles per tank of gas. It will still
  7. Phillip, was that 140 mile curve pic taken on Hwy 36? Love that photo?
  8. Congrats for you and Joe. I a curious and just wanted to ask, do you still have Hanks Turbo XX ?
  9. If you want a sit up version of the RR (with 20+hp over the XR and R version), I have what you need. A new never installed ACSchnitzer Superbike handlebar kit. I will be selling this separately. I paid $760 for the kit. It has cables. hoses, fasteners, top triple clamp and shorter brake reseviour. Edit: oops, I feel like an idiot. I paid 760 euros for it. I can't remember the exchange rate 8 years ago. I couldn't find a photo of the kit installed on a Thunder Gray RR.
  10. New tires, 6K mile BMW Service, new battery, Sargent seat, BMW tank bag. Adult owned and ridden. https://eugene.craigslist.org/mcd/d/eugene-2010-bmw-s1000rr-e0230c/7228694824.html
  11. I don't know how to photoshop. 

  12. Honda fixed that oiling problem in 1986. ( I made oil bypass kits for the V-fours.) Fwiw, The 1000 Interceptor was my first sport bike. It was a great bike. I ran into a screaming deal on a 1000Ninja and parted with the Interceptor. The Ninja was faster but the Honda was a better daily road bike. I just remembered, they both had 16inch wheels. Buying tires was an adventure. I remember buying a soft set of tires that were totally shot at 2100 miles. Those were the days.
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