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  1. Got this beast on trade today. What do you have that you could possibly trade for this? A first born child, a left nut or a gun collection? True treasure. Did you ride it ? Tell us.
  2. That is one sexy car. Almost makes me spooge right here.
  3. Let him beat you. He needs to yet, keep the goal high.


    Rick I see you acknowleged my post about being aware of his progress.




  4. How did you make out with the Carra bearing spacers?

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    2. CALCXX


      Thank you. I had the wrong idea. Sounds like I need to put it back together and use a depth gauge? Did you find it to be short? Is that why you turned a new inner spacer? 



      No, to long...the shoulder protruded past the inner race. tightening up the axle would allow the inner bearings to turn on the shoulder...the spacing of the bearings was fine but I wanted to maintain stock axle torque and the Carra instructions said cut it in half...NG with the turbo

      I got the feeling you are confused about the overall idea of why I did what I did??



      The overall length of the inner spacer was fine. The bearing spacing was fine.

      The shoulder that sticks thru the bearing was to long. The spacer was aluminum.

      I remade it out of SS to stock dimensions except the shoulder was shortened to .010"

      less the the thickness of the bearings inner race.
      All spacers from Carra had the shoulders to long and inner dimensions to sloppy to suit me.

      That red anodized one looked like shit and was loose too.
      I remade all the spacers and polished the ones you could see.

  5. I'm not sure but I think one of the OEM Honda spacers is used? Hank, is that correct?
  6. Did this work? Hank, does this look familiar ?
  7. Joe found them. !!!! He sent me a photo but I can;t seem to copy it from my phone. You guys are my heros. When I grow up I wanna be just like you. THANKS !!!!!!

    Mobil 1

    Fwiw, my first experiance with Mobil1 cemented my opinion of mobil1 forever. In 1987, I bought an 86 1000 Ninja with 2300 miles on it. Read the reports and began using Mobil1. It was quiet and shifted smoother that before. I ran the shit out of that bike. Young and fearless doing block long burnouts and smoke the tire untill it blows. Kept that soldier along side the 1998XX untill 2005. The bike was that good. The Ninja had reports of lube failure of the cam train. I was aware of this and did regular (8-10K ) valve train adjustment and inspection. When I sold the bike to a freind, I did one last valve adjustment and inspection. Zero pitting and I felt confident of my use of Mobil1. All my vehichles get mobile1. I bowled league with a Northwest Representitve of Moble. I told him that I changed my oil on my bikes @3k and 5k on cars. He said that he had a Ford PU with a 360 and a camper that he monitored oil analysis. (Somewhere near 40K mile.) Can't remember, Just thought it was incredible. He said I was changing my oil way too soon. Hmmmm. I am successful so far and will continue my regiment.
  9. Good news. Mine does not have a carrier. Thanks for the info.
  10. Hank, that is why I want to talk to Matt. Copy yours. Bearing stack is questionable with the Carro wheels. Correct me if I am wrong but the original Carro spacers are not entirely correct and made out of aluminum. I know you had it figured out to the .001. It really is important I have the correct length to get the bearing stack right. I get it. Carrozzeria did not get it right. that is why they only spec'd axle tourque to 34lbs. Aluminum will not survive.. Agree? I know you figured this out. If I had the spec lenghts, I can also. I plan to do SS also.I even have a piece for a lathe.
  11. Thanks for the info. Hope Matt is well and no one is shooting at him. I will check with Joe to see if he has the Carrozzeria spacers. Thanks again.
  12. I think this is only true of the front wheel? Someone, please correct me if wrong? Tim #2 dibs. Ever hear from Sean these days? I followed Hanks link to the .com site and he mentioned Matt in Texas now has his Turbo XX. Anyone know Matt in Texas? He could be here but I don't know his screen name? Would really like to talk to him.
  13. Not ready yet. You have first dibs.
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