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  1. Thanks for the link. Order on the way. Had em( front and rear)on both previous birds.
  2. After selling my second 03 I'm on my third. Regretted selling it as it was sorted out pretty well w shock and fork work, as well as aux power, heat and cruise. Bought current XX in MI about 4 yrs ago. Had original tires on it but owner had taken reasonable care of it. Had a pipe, PC, Corbin and stock seat and vfr bars. Paid 5000 and it was just over 7500 miles young Haven't put 2000 miles on it since I replaced the rubber. New job had limited my riding time. Near 7 yrs without a bike trip. Short rides on the bird or my hd had been the norm till last year when we got the time off to ride to Ky and W Va and this summer out to the rocky mtn west, but rode my electra glide w the wife on her Ulysses Kinda brought back the memories and feeling of a good trip on the bird. Like the Ozarxx and W coast meets. I want that back. I'm at the point in life where I have more money than time so I am contemplating taking it to a competent shop/mechanic for complete service, all fluids including fork oil. I'm guessing 800+ bucks. If I do I'll spring for the sw motech hardware to mount luggage and ride it out to Ky, Nashville and Memphis for next years trip. For me probably the most enjoyable and overall competent motorcycle I've owned.
  3. Just surfin' and found these and thought I'd link em. link link link link
  4. I've heard of the brand. Modern design. Wera
  5. For around $900 the LED head and passing lamps for new or older Glides. link Click on thumbnail for close-up.
  6. What Joe said. My keywords were 1100 xx but not honda or cbr.
  7. "01" 10K Boston link - Wish I could buy this one "02" 25K Rochester link same as listed below "02" 7K Modesto link "03" 10K S.E. WA. link "98" 12K Seattle link "01" 14K W. KY. link "97" 10K Detroit link "98" 17K Omaha link "00" Blackhawk? Muncie link "99" 10K Blackhawk? Seattle link
  8. Do a national C.L. search. Category:For Sale - Sub Category: Motorcycles - Keyword: 1100XX on Search Tempest Good Luck.
  9. Getting ready to go to work and punched up XX listings on national craigslist search engine and surprised to see so many for sale.Either that time of the year or the economy still sucks. LINK
  10. Could Be A Low Mile Special. CL Link
  11. Seems like a fair deal.Quincy,MA.
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