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  1. HI I saw a pic of what you're brewing.  Can you send me the recipes?  Thanks.



    Ira (lensmanXX)

    1. XXitanium


       Can, but it's a bit peculiar with the champagne yeast.


      I'll PM a link to another forum where i have it stored.

  2. For sale, 1997 XX, black with 24,000 miles on it. Rear shock has been modified, K&N air filter, `Kisan pulsing module for lights, heli bars, rear rack, saddle bags, and D&D mufflers are the main additions. contact me at 267 444 9133. I am located in Cheltenham township, just outside of Philadelphia. Price is $2300.
  3. Hello.


    I'm looking at a job opportunity in Ridgecrest, California. Are you familiar with the area?





  4. Hi Warp.


    Since I'll be in your neck of the woods next week (Monday & Tuesday), I'd appreciate being able to talk to you. Please send me your phone number so we can talk about the area and maybe meet if there's time. I won't have cell phone service until later today, so I'll send a followup message when I have  a number.



    Ira Bortnick -


     home # 215 635 1060

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    2. lensmanxx


      hilton garden inn in blacksburg- just 15 min. from the base. Monday evening would work as I'm getting in early to check out the area.



    3. Warp11XX


      Sounds good. Give me a ring when you can and we'll make some plans.



    4. Warp11XX


      Heya Ira,


      I'm at work today and located about three minutes away in the Corporate Research Park behind the Hilton you have booked. I have a meeting this morning that will end by 10am and I should be available for contact anytime for the rest of the day. I'm really looking forward to meeting you. I intended to ask you to join us at home for a meal but my wife has some work obligations that make that plan come together too late this evening. I'd love to meet up with you sometime around 5pm and we'll hit one of the local joints for food and drink if that suits you. Hope to see you soon. Ring me anytime today...



  5. Check STN and search that site. I remember reading a detailed article on delinking, I'm not sure it was on that forum, or this one. I do remember that the calipers are modified by drilling so all pots activate with the respective brake levels.
  6. Since they'll be sitting for at least two years, I decided to drain the gas tanks and spray WD40 in them. I contacted the company, and found that it can easily be removed with acetone, mineral spirits, or Dawn dish washing detergent. Draining the tanks was a real pain to get the last dregs out, especially from the fuel pump in the tank on the SV (attached a pump). For you SV650 owners with fuel injection: to get the tank off you'll need to disconnect the fuel line at the tank end. In order to do so, you need to squeeze both ends of the clip on the swivel fitting at the same time. In order
  7. Since I won't be riding the bike for a while, I emptied the tank, and ran air through it to chase out remaining vapors. I'm thinking of flushing it with nitrogen gas and sealing it up, or spraying WD40 or some other rust inhibitor that I can remove with acetone when I'm back. What's best?
  8. I sent an old XX stock rear shock to Traxxion Dymanics- They rebuilt it- new fluid, gas, spring, and revamped rebound control for around $200, IIRC. Next is drop in emulator cartridges with rebound/compression adjustments for the front.
  9. I have the manual, thanks. It is a PITA. I've thought about delinking them more than once for this reason.
  10. I use the rear once in a while when I've slowed down, say around 15- 20mph as I roll up to the light, or for hard braking, on rare occasions when it's needed.
  11. I didn't consider that. I hope that's it. The seller gave me a maintenance list- brakes weren't on it, but that doesn't prove anything. I'm doing all three because they're linked, otherwise I would have done just the rear set. I'll flush the brakes as well - also in case there's anything binding the caliper- I'm in no mood to pull apart the caliper right now to inspect it. This and the SV is adding up.
  12. I checked the pads on the bike, and was surprised that the rears are worn down to point of needing replacement. There is still about half left on the front pads. Is this normal for linked brakes- especially if the rear is used, or is the rear not releasing and I'm getting some friction? I don't notice any dragging when I clean the chain. BTW, just ordered EBC HH pads, the same are spec'd for the front and rear- doing all three sets. Ordering online is a pain when front and back are different. The bike has 26k on it, and probably the pads are the second set, wouldn't be surprised if origina
  13. I had the SV front end done by Traxxion Dynamic- I think the oil is an 8 weight.
  14. They show the tank gr ( lee valley) for various bikes, but not the BB. Which one did you get? BTW- thanks for the link
  15. The front pads on my SV are getting near replacement time. There's only 8500 ( split my riding time btw 2 bikes) miles on them, but they're worn down. Is this normal wear for OEM stuff? I have Galfers for replacement pads. ( Didn't find any info on a forum search, zilch at STN & SV Rider) Also, what's average for the Blackbird?
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