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  1. RXX

    Gas filler pm

    Bummer. In dim light, the thread title looked like “gas filler porn”
  2. Ping Zero. I have. a PC3 on my 99. Got it from him, and it came with a computer. I am reasonably sure that is what is on it.
  3. Huh, the filter that came out was the straight one. I KNOW it is original since I bought the bike at 2700 miles. Already bought the crooked one. Prolly the last one I'll get for the this iteration. OK, KNOW may be a stretch, but pretty damned sure.
  4. Way ahead of you there, buddy. Have one in my cart right now. $55 and shipping. About to order the assembly gasket also. Like I said, it is not rust, and easy to clean out. Air gun and BB’s ought to do the trick. Might use Slappy’s warm milk recipe just in case.
  5. Well, never mind. After taking the fuel pump off, what I found was a crust of varnish or something that flew right off when hit with a high-pressure hose.
  6. I just drained a couple year-old tank of gas out of my bike and there is some rust patina inside. Both are too expensive to buy 6 gallons to fill the tank. Is one demonstrably better than the other?
  7. Craig, what model is it? I am about to get a new one.
  8. Gently used, 70K-ish miles. Not in box. Well, I will ship it in a box. $15.00 + s/h. Proceeds go to thehumanfundxx.
  9. I’ve had the truck since ‘96 and no, the plugs haven’t been changed. I put 1 set of tires on it during that big Ford tire recall. A/C hasn’t worked in 20 years, both window regulators are shot, and no windshield wipers. It is used as a trash hauler mainly. Long bed free trucks are not cheap to come by, so I owe it to her to tune her up.
  10. I have been putting off changing plugs, wires, and rotor cap. Have a feeling that after 25 years and 114K miles I shouldn’t put it off any longer and it will not get any easier. Probably bought parts twice and just forgot. Will try to get it out the next few days.
  11. WR-4017C for 302 V8 Don't know why I have 2 sets. $20. I will pay for shipping. Proceeds to the human fund.
  12. On the top pic it looks like Throttlemeisters were installed but gone on the LSL’s.
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