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  1. Plus the calculations would require at least humidity and altitude correction.
  2. I have no illusions anymore. Just dreams.
  3. OK, I mean the copying and pasting and stuff like that. I was pretty fried by that point yesterday. Among other things I had just completed a continuing education course titled “The Matter of Anti/Matter.” There was just no more room.
  4. I was at the micro tech factory store yesterday. Bought an ultra rich fir a co-worker. The blades they have there are pretty impressive. The young woman was really trying to steer me towards a collection of military-program (I forget the term) collection and gave me her card and told me twice to call her with any questions. Some of the knives there are massive. Even the OTF's were for beings larger than myself. Made for gutting, not cutting.
  5. I was there when fltmedic's unit went flaccid. Sad. Sort of reminded me of the "Alien" (I would insert a an image of the "alien" but I have not figured out this FUCKING IOS SHIT ON My MAC AIR YET!!!! (and I have been drinking in Ashevillle)
  6. If he has access to a mityvac (probable), use it to see if any of the passages are clogged, maybe before he blows shit back into general circulation. Who knows, it might even suck the purported item out.
  7. Bean degassing schemes are legion. I eat 2 pounds of (dried) beans each week, 3 weeks a month. I just soak and rinse, or pressure cook and rinse, use beano, or live with farts. You are right, they are a good food.
  8. Or you could contact your insurance company directly. They have trained staff who want to help you and would LOVE to hear from you. It is their job.
  9. Maybe..... But seriously, Mike, you hear the testimonials. I truly is a life-changing device. UT has a great sleep center. My pulmonologist was Dr Miisczxeliiaianski or something. Pretty ladies worked there.
  10. Yeah, you need to demand a real study. This is going to be a piece of equipment your are going to have to bond with, much like your leather dildo. You will no longer be able to go to sleep without it (psychological dependence, a real thing). It will be perched next to you at night, injecting air and water vapor straight into your nares, with only a thin layer of tissue protecting your brain. You will have to clean it, replace parts regularly, etc. You will have to figure out how to lug it around on your trips (I bought a portable one). They will give you a mild sedative to reduce your anxiety and help you sleep. The data gleaned at this session will guide your therapy for the rest of your life. Make sure your doc is a pulmonologist. The pulmonologist can prescribe you a newer generation antihistamine with less incidence of rebound. With the heated air going in your nose congestion shouldn't be a problem.
  11. Not a good review. Mine had 60,000+ miles on it with no problems. I am a fairly incompetent mechanic, but I made it work. https://www.webbikeworld.com/stebel-nautilus-compact-horn-review/
  12. More or less. There is not a lot of real estate for it. I have the bike pretty stripped right now and the horn is off, I had to make an adapter, I “probably” used plumber’s strap.
  13. Stebel nautilus. Classic loud as fuck. I have one on Blackbird 1. Installation requires a relay, and it has to be mounted upright. It will fit under cowl easily enough. It is loud as fuck.
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