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  1. Holy fuck. I was thinking about you 2 days ago. Man, I miss you.
  2. You mean like beer and smokes? Cool!
  3. Yeah, but he sounds like our kind of guy.
  4. Get him to post up and let us watch his progress so we can live vicariously through him.
  5. https://www.denniskirk.com/stop-and-go/pocket-tire-plugger-for-tubeless-tires-1000.p282206.prd/282206.sku
  6. Remember that nail you picked up on the twisted sisters? What happened there? I forget..... Anyway, N. Dread, there is a plug tool set, John01XX may sell them, I forget what they are called, but they are fucking amazing. I rode something like 1500 miles on one out west once. I keep one on my bike and one in my MINI.
  7. Will you be commuting on the bike? Patch and ride. Serious miles touring or aggressive stuff! Replace. You will be thinking about that patch every 10 seconds if you are hundreds of miles from home or are raising hell in curves. I have ridden about as much as anybody on a plugged rear tire, and it was on my mind constantly. I have ridden down a blow out on a rear tire, but am pretty sure I would not have been so lucky with a front blowout. But then again, I saw a guy burst front and rear simultaneously and did not drop the bike. Of course it was a BMW.
  8. You should rethink your position. I have a ‘99 with 84k and bought Zero’s with what? 97-98K on it? Promptly put new tires on it, have ridden maybe 8,000 miles with 0 (zero) shit done to it. That is AFTER all the dumb shit he did to it. (Sorry, Mike. Prove me wrong) I am about the most worthless mechanic on this board and can’t fix shit the first time around. The bird is bullet-proof.
  9. You are a dick, you know that, right?
  10. Well, there’s this also...... the wheel is off the car anyway, right? You don’t want it rolling off or anything, and if you are not using it already as a seat, it has to go somewhere. Why not under the vehicle, out of the way?
  11. Well, using jack stands, like leathers or gloves, is relative of course. Use a jack alone on anything you are willing to crawl under and have fall on you. Pretty simple. Never go faster on your bike than you are willing to slide. Never parasail higher than you are willing to fall. Stuff like that.
  12. What, it’s a jack, right? Aren’t you supposed to jack shit up, place stands underneath and lowering the vehicle onto the stands? I have one like that and I appreciate how light it is.
  13. I'm in if you want some help with the human fund.

    1. RXX


      Excellent! I will get the stuff together over the next few days.

  14. I feel we are truly blessed by Tomek’s presence here.
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