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  1. I’ve had the truck since ‘96 and no, the plugs haven’t been changed. I put 1 set of tires on it during that big Ford tire recall. A/C hasn’t worked in 20 years, both window regulators are shot, and no windshield wipers. It is used as a trash hauler mainly. Long bed free trucks are not cheap to come by, so I owe it to her to tune her up.
  2. I have been putting off changing plugs, wires, and rotor cap. Have a feeling that after 25 years and 114K miles I shouldn’t put it off any longer and it will not get any easier. Probably bought parts twice and just forgot. Will try to get it out the next few days.
  3. WR-4017C for 302 V8 Don't know why I have 2 sets. $20. I will pay for shipping. Proceeds to the human fund.
  4. On the top pic it looks like Throttlemeisters were installed but gone on the LSL’s.
  5. RXX

    Looking for Stock Exhaust

    I have a set. Not in good shape though.
  6. RXX

    What are XX's worth in 2018?

    If you are interested I can go take a look.
  7. RXX

    What are XX's worth in 2018?

    https://asheville.craigslist.org/mcy/d/honda-cbr-1100-black-bird/6698125294.html 2003, 47K. Aftermarket mirrors & pipe. $2000.00
  8. RXX

    Airstream Base Camp Trailer

    He was responding to an oblique bash-Dave post, it looks like.
  9. RXX

    The Turbo XX is dead.

    Well, after taliking to the guy again today, I am sorry to inform you he thinks his friend won’t sell it to just anybody. I started to tell him who your brother is, but I didn’t think it appropriate to call out the big guns. Yet.
  10. RXX

    The Turbo XX is dead.

    PM me some contact information and I will drop it off at the shop to be relayed to him. I will be happy to test drop drive it if you can arrange it.
  11. I did not do squat for mine. I have been told maybe the brake lines are too short? It has been a long time.
  12. RXX

    The Turbo XX is dead.

    When I was checking up on Zero’s bik today the service manager said there was a local guy selling his 300 hp turbo bird but is not putting it on CL or anything. This guy is a mechanical engineer and wants it to go to someone who can “appreciate” a bike of that caliber.
  13. RXX

    misc bb parts/acc

    I am putting that tire/wheel on my bike right now getting ready for TeXXt. Good thing I remembered it was in the barn.