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  1. What algorithm do you employ to determine ride to destination versus trailering?
  2. As I told you Mike, I bought the exact trailer off CL several years back and put my bike on it one time to try it out, didn’t even hook it to the truck before I decided it was a very poorly engineered piece of shit. To poorly built for a used Blackbird, much less a fancy BMW. By the way, I put 1700 miles on the bike between last Wednesday and Monday. Road some great roads that I would have missed if I had a trailer. It would have been real neat to have ridden back with you.
  3. It was a shame how Ford devolved the T-Bird over the years. The Mustang probably sucked all the oxygen out of the marque’s progression.
  4. OK, fair enough. I was introduced to diet issues as part of my studies very early on. Your path led to your avocation.
  5. Go figure. makes sense if you think of studies like other manufactured items. What is the recall rate on the average automobile? Or how many times have you gotten an item that doesn't work? Probably not 44%, but there are lots and lots and lots of parts to studies produced by lots and lots of people of drastically varying competencies. Do you think every medical research facility or faculty has some super power to employ only the best and brightest? A study is only as good as the weakest link in the weakest citation in the study, which is be based on data from even more obscure citations. If you go down the citation research rabbit hole (I have done it just a few times in my life) you can do exactly what this guy did. It is daunting work, but pretty damned satisfying when you find the "AHA" buried in a second-or-third tier footnote. And of course we have repeated examples of top-tier researchers caught actively falsifying data and finally getting busted.
  6. It has been my experience when counseling patients regarding diet that once they understand, as well as I can explain it at their level (Appalachia) they realize that eating bacon has consequences beyond the mitigation of their cholesterol or antihypertensive pill. They unconsciously (I am guessing) believe the pill will allow them to eat bacon longer. It is sort of like this: someone could witness to you or me until they are blue in the face, but it just would not stick. And no matter how much you rage against christianity you are not going to flip a single one. We are imperfect beings and there is a great deal of comfort to me knowing this. I could not live with myself if I was always striving for perfection in every aspect of my life. Most people could not. Bacon and good liquor are powerfully comforting. So bottom line, you characterize it as denial, but I think it is a far more subtle part of human nature. edited: I no longer counsel since I got out of retail last year. Fond memories.
  7. Lots of "may" (>5), "likely" (1), "mostly" (3), "looks like" "suggests" and "may not" in that video. No mention of "demonstrably', "conclusive", "substantiate", etc. But as a whole, this was a no duh presentation. I mean, who hasn't heard their whole life that plant-based diets are generally healthier? We all make our dietary decisions based on a mix of personal preferences, medical condition constraints, religious variables, economic and geographic considerations. And of course, brainwashing by capitalist advertising pressures. Reminds me a lot of a TV preacher, preaching to his congregation, who already know it is a sin to butt-fuck your neighbor's kids. Also reminds me a lot of the junk medical articles in MedScape. Also reminds me of some of Zero's videos. The guy needs to make a living, just like all of us, and he has to be given credit for putting some work into it. "has written that, while it is well-accepted that it is more healthy to eat a plant-based diet than a typical Western diet, Greger often overstates the known benefits of such a diet as well as the harm caused by eating animal products (for example, in a talk, he claimed that a single meal rich in animal products can "cripple" one's arteries), and he sometimes does not discuss evidence that contradicts his strong claims.[29] Joe Schwarcz of McGill University has commented that although Greger takes his information from respected science journals and produces impressive videos, he has a vegan agenda and is known for cherry picking of data.[30]"
  8. My Klim gear has D30. Not D30 Aero like in the video. That stuff goes into their latest iteration of high-end gear like badlands pro aero. Like Zero, I hope to never use it. I did find myself taking some of it out some when it was really. fucking. hot.
  9. What do you mean? It goes great with the black......oooohhhhh, right.
  10. real bikers…… TAOS, New Mexico, May 28 (Reuters) - A biker was charged with murder after a shootout between rival motorbike gangs at a motorcycle rally in Red River, northern New Mexico, on Saturday in which three gang members were killed and five wounded, police said. Members of the Bandidos and Waterdogs groups traded gunfire around 5:00 p.m. (2100 GMT) on the packed main street of the mountain resort town 75 miles northeast of state capital Santa Fe, State Police Chief Tim Johnson said on Sunday. "It was just gangbanger on gangbanger," Johnson told a press conference in Red River, adding that no bystanders were injured. Of the three killed, two were Bandidos and one was a Waterdog, the police chief said. Jacob Castillo, 30, a Waterdog from New Mexico was charged with murder, while Matthew Jackson, 39, of Texas, a Bandidos chapter leader, faced a count of unlawful carrying of a firearm and Bandido Christopher Garcia, 41, of Texas, was arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession.
  11. “She who must be obeyed”
  12. You could shop around at some body shops. Go in person, do not call. If any of them have some cute front office personnel with great personality and nice tits, hit on her. You would make a GREAT CATCH for some woman, and she would enrich your life and extend your lifespan.
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