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  1. Please don't hurry. I will probably be adding to the list over the next week. I may want the rear blinkers. Is the rear cowl pristine? I am not sure if I can afford it and am damn sure I don't want to paint it, but mine is showing its age and my neglect.
  2. Poorly Bird

    Yeah, carbretors suck.
  3. PC2 Maps needed

    I really, really miss EVLXX. He could be a dick. I like that.
  4. Ohlins fork valving installation instructions.

    Once resolved, you know what must be done.
  5. "Figuring how full of shit Tom is, takes a little bit longer."


    I am ashamed I didn't think of that.


    Dammit, I'm slipping.

  6. Gravel Driveway

    How did it hold up last night?
  7. Do you have a septic tank?

    Won't argue your point at all. BUT wifey didn't have indoor plumbing till 1960 and has been on septic systems most of her life. SHE buys the Ridx and I make enough money to not rock the boat by "educating" her.
  8. Do you have a septic tank?

    I have been having what appears to be an infestation of tiny beetles in my bathroom. Been going on for a couple of months and I was worried about them coming from some structural rotting, which was pretty unlikely due to the location. Turns out they are coming from a box of Rid X in the corner. Looked it up and it is a thing. So if you keep that box around for the whole 5 months, you may want to put it in a ziplock bag.
  9. Gravel Driveway

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking. The anchors must be very well hidden...... I didn't see any.
  10. Gravel Driveway

    ASFIKBZITE, and I am no mechanical engineer either, but the high-wind target a fully enclosed side would present requires a substantial increase in the size and number of struts required to adequately anchor it. I had to deal with an issue like that during my barn construction. edited to add...... I bet you go out and check on it during high wind periods, don't you Vern?
  11. Keke

    Fuck. It's not either way. I forgot, it could have been simple stupidity, carelessness, or another unknown root cause. Perhaps I should have phrased it " no matter the culprit" instead of either way.
  12. Keke

    Poor spelling? Or TYPO? Oh, my god, either way I am consigned to hell. Hope to not see any of you guys there, but I know better.
  13. Keke

    AFAIKBZITE, The Beakman never fails when it comes to obscure references. But is this real, or is he shitting us? http://www.cbr1100xx.org/forums/index.php?/topic/91491-all-your-base/
  14. Parting out 2000 1100xx

    I've got stocker cans and headers ('99) for shipping costs. Couple of shitty windscreens too.