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  1. You are a dick, you know that, right?
  2. Well, there’s this also...... the wheel is off the car anyway, right? You don’t want it rolling off or anything, and if you are not using it already as a seat, it has to go somewhere. Why not under the vehicle, out of the way?
  3. Well, using jack stands, like leathers or gloves, is relative of course. Use a jack alone on anything you are willing to crawl under and have fall on you. Pretty simple. Never go faster on your bike than you are willing to slide. Never parasail higher than you are willing to fall. Stuff like that.
  4. What, it’s a jack, right? Aren’t you supposed to jack shit up, place stands underneath and lowering the vehicle onto the stands? I have one like that and I appreciate how light it is.
  5. I'm in if you want some help with the human fund.

    1. RXX


      Excellent! I will get the stuff together over the next few days.

  6. I feel we are truly blessed by Tomek’s presence here.
  7. Did you hear the chassis squeaking when she first took off?
  8. That looks like a nice place to work.
  9. He stated it was a alu/steel version. I could believe that. 2 pounds of aluminum weighs more than 3 pounds of steel every time.
  10. I have used it for the last 3 years on my Schuberth C3 Pro shield with no problems.
  11. RXX

    Fuel Consumption

    Odometer. I believe the bike has a speedo healer, would that make a difference? I know for a FACT (personal experience) that when the bike runs bone dry, it can be laid down to the ground and righted and it will go a little further. Tomorrow I will tell you which side.
  12. RXX

    Fuel Consumption

    I got one dead-on reading riding up to NeXXt earlier this month. 99 FI with a PC, don’t know the settings, otherwise stock. One rider with moderate baggage weight. 91 octane ethanol-free. Straight interstate, 75-90 mph, no stops. 36.7 mpg. Oh, and that was over 175 miles. Light came on then, and I was very close to a station.
  13. Has this come out since you talked to them? https://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/Pro-Kit-for-BMW-R1200GS-R1200GSA-1250GS-2013-Newer_p_213.html
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