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  1. I have a spare radiator that came with Zero’s bike. Mike, was it functioning? I would be happy to ship it to whether good or repairable if yours is tits up. I will go with the crowd on keeping a more stock unit. Oh, and if you do change it out that is perfect time to install Evans No-Boil.
  2. There are a couple of folks here that can check it out for anyone...... like we really need to.
  3. This is a tough one. Starting the restoration of my old V7. I have found a DS on ebay for $250.00 in used condition. I don’t have a problem with getting it but thought I would reach out here to see if anyone has a line on a set or a DS. Bike was bought with a set of Mikunis on it, but they do not allow the use of the original airbox. .I am open to suggestions as to other brands, models, etc, but I really want to fit the airbox back on. I will be reaching out to some old Guzzi forums, but thought I would ask here as well. This is what I am trying to do:
  4. I don’t think it is really overheating, just seems like it. Really. It does not like stop and go traffic, but as long as you are moving (AND your cooling system is patent) you should be OK. Get one of those cheap IR thermometers from Lowes and watch it cycle while it is sitting still, you will see. I have 2 EFI birds, and both have Evans. 76,000 and 113,00 miles. One of them I bought from a board member who thought it had cooling problems. Turns out (I believe) the gauge just flat-out reads hot. IR supports my belief.
  5. Is the rear stock gearing? The rear is 1 less, right? If yes to both, I will buy them. PM please at your leisure.
  6. RXX


    I have the maps on an older pc. I am pretty sure it is for a pc 2. I think my current bird has one also, but the maps are on an old DOS PC I got with the bike. Never cranked it up. I will snoop around.
  7. Appalachia by way of Pittsburgh: Y’uns (“you ones”). This is an Appalachian word that is interchangeable with y’all. Northern Appalachians (in Pennsylvania) also say it, but they pronounce it yinz while Southern Appalachians pronounce it like a German umlaut u, or yünz. (http://tnwordsmith.blogspot.com/2015/12/how-to-speak-southern-appalachian.html)
  8. Sorry, did not see this before I sent funds. Give the excess to your synagogue’s collection plate.
  9. I saw it, used it. But I saw it used it to get my Titans, and they were too small. I took that into account this time. And eighty bucks. Worth the gamble. Although I am going over them with a black light before I put them on.
  10. Dave, send me your PP. I am pretty sure they will fit well enough. $80.00, right?
  11. Cyclegear I had to return my Titans. They ran real small. Otherwise I would just take a chance. I will go today.
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