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  1. RXX


    I have the maps on an older pc. I am pretty sure it is for a pc 2. I think my current bird has one also, but the maps are on an old DOS PC I got with the bike. Never cranked it up. I will snoop around.
  2. Appalachia by way of Pittsburgh: Y’uns (“you ones”). This is an Appalachian word that is interchangeable with y’all. Northern Appalachians (in Pennsylvania) also say it, but they pronounce it yinz while Southern Appalachians pronounce it like a German umlaut u, or yünz. (http://tnwordsmith.blogspot.com/2015/12/how-to-speak-southern-appalachian.html)
  3. Sorry, did not see this before I sent funds. Give the excess to your synagogue’s collection plate.
  4. I saw it, used it. But I saw it used it to get my Titans, and they were too small. I took that into account this time. And eighty bucks. Worth the gamble. Although I am going over them with a black light before I put them on.
  5. Dave, send me your PP. I am pretty sure they will fit well enough. $80.00, right?
  6. Cyclegear I had to return my Titans. They ran real small. Otherwise I would just take a chance. I will go today.
  7. Let me see if I can wear a size 9. I’ll take them if so. I have the Titan, and sometimes it is a little too much glove. I am going to cyclegear in a few days to get Atticus a new helmet and I will try them on. If you and tecman agree to $70, it is all good. I do not want to bugger up an ongoing deal.
  8. You need to contact Googus over in Charlotte. He may be selling his ‘03. Beautiful bike, has been in NC for EVer. Was Hooplehead’s originally. I have ridden with him, bike is pretty. Googus is talking about selling.
  9. Great concept. 1 seater cars. With today’s technology it would be a great thing, except for all thee safety shit that would have to be added.
  10. $1800, 10K later. Works out to about a penny a smile.
  11. I can give my opinion, again: BB1 had an 18T front for prolly 45,000 of it's last miles before I parked it. BB2 had a 17T on it when I got it a couple years back. Man, every time I got on a highway I just hated how high it revved. Before my last trip I scavenged the sprocket from BB1 and all was well with the world. Now I am not the type of guy who stsys in tune with my bike, but I didn't notice any difference between the two vis a vis the damper thingy. I had to get used to starting off in 1st, especially going uphill.
  12. A lot of us are partial to 18T front sprocket. I have always gotten DID 530VX3. And you can never, ever go wrong splurging for a pro-oiler. Pays for itself in 30,000 miles. Welcome aboard. Your dad is a standup guy.
  13. Damn you Carlos. After decades of using an old Weller gun, I have GOT to get me one of those.
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