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  1. It is, however, soluble in ethanol.
  2. Mostly true, but a couple of our fleet cars now have a door that you just push to open, and when it does, the gas cap is attached to it and the fueling pipe is ready to roll. Weird, and I was surprised.
  3. RXX


    Wait a minute..... we don’t have to tipurn our jap bikes sideways, do we? I hate people who stereotype.
  4. Yeah, this is actually a pretty good question.
  5. It is mounted on a magnetic base for ease in removal. The unit is mounted high and is very visible. That lends itself to sticky fingers. I have used one for years and it would require less fiddling when I get off the bike. The telephone jack in particular is more difficult to remove since it has that tiny tab on it. I have a screamer unit on the bike and it requires being connected via the audio jack. As much as anything, I hate the lack of feng shui exhibited by the designer. Not gonna happen. That unit has saved me so much money it is stupid. The bird is just so awesomely overpowered these little 35-40 mph roads are almost impossible to ride on responsibly.
  6. My Beltronics RD has a serious design flaw. It uses a 4 wire phone jack for power and I guess other stuff, then it has a mono speaker jack. I have always thought this is retarded, there are 2 things to unplug when removing it. If I could put the two in a single jack, like maybe a CAT-5 thing a ma jig, and have it as sort of a pigtail, I could more easliy unhook it. A CAT 5 wire should easily be the right-ish amp/current/relgious preference to do this, right? Thinking about it critically makes my head hurt, but it seems loke it should work, right?
  7. RXX

    Gas Tank Question

    Small is a realtive term, of course, but I get your drift. This is a nekkid tank, so no hoses or fittings to get into. Once I put them in, I will use air pressure to knock them around, and a magnet and vacuum for removal.
  8. RXX

    Gas Tank Question

    Yes. Jackson would be cclose to 8 hour round trip. I have BBS. Plus, they are round.
  9. RXX

    Gas Tank Question

    Same here except for the Stabil
  10. RXX

    Gas Tank Question

    Thanks for the help guys. Well, by a month, I guess I mean up to 4 or 6. I get sidetracked easily and often. And yes, I thought about coating the inside, but jesus on a cracker, 85,000 miles, 20 years old, bike worth maybe $1200, why? I won’t be riding in 10 years. But tell me your experiences. I did it to a sportster about 30 years ago and do not remember anything about it. Yes, on my ‘99. It had an awful lot of what I assume is varnish. I have the fuel pump off, and can reach in there. I got a big speaker magnet in there and it did come out coated with rust, so I assume the shit left inside is the remains of all the negative karma that has flowed from me while riding to be bottled up there. Maybe I should leave it there, like Dorian Gray’s portrait. I vacuumed it out and am going to put a couple pounds of BBs in it to break up the rest.
  11. RXX

    Gas Tank Question

    I am working on my tank right now. By right now I mean for the last few months. The interior had a bunch of shit in it that I have pretty much cleaned out. Thing is, it will prolly be at least a month before I get it installed and filled up. Is there something innocuous and cheap I can coat the inside with to keep it patent? WD-40? Mineral oil? Thin motor oil?
  12. Makes sense. There are no snakes in Ireland, so prolly no rodents either.
  13. Duh. It is a good process simply because dealing with temptations is just life. There are multiple ways of dealing with any specific temptation, and we are bombareded with temptations from the moment we wake until we take our dirt naps. We cannot ge5 away from temptations. Breathing, not a temptation. Pissing or not...... temptation. Temptation equals choices, and fuck I have problems with the whole “choice v. choices” deal.
  14. RXX

    I need a switch

    May be a hijack, but I installed a Stebel Nautilus http://www.stebel.it/stebel/products.asp?IDserie=14&uso=1&tipologia=moto on my bird and used existing horn switch. Installation requires a relay, but otherwise pretty straight forward. It is the primary horn, the OEM is now a paperweight somewhere.
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