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  1. Didn’t Renee (Vern’s better half) have a red bird and wasn’t she from WA? He had his pretty tricked out and prolly did hers also.
  2. Own it like you stole it, it is just things.
  3. I’ll give you $1800 for it. I am going to be out of pocket the next few weeks due to vacation and work in New Bern, NC. I can PP you the money or give it to you Friday in person when I pass through Bristol on my way back from DC, or have wifey drive me up and I can drive it home. I will ride it, not part it out. I will take it to TeXXt this fall if I have the vacation time left. Mind you, I am hard on bikes. Don’t really take care of them, drop them with some regularity, drink while riding them. Let me know if you do not get a better offer. I am in no rush.
  4. RXX

    The Turbo XX is dead.

    An era ends............. it was a good bike, Forrest, and we all enjoyed some vicarious comfort through you because of it. Post a picture of the Ely GPS in the pub for old times........
  5. No, it is a very uncool black.
  6. I worked as an orderly in a large ER dept a long time ago. In the overflow suite (rarely used), there was a lot of equipment stored. One of them was some sort of cryo tool that used nitrous. I found you could place the foot pedal in a big trash bag and bleed nitrous into the bag until it was full. Lay on a stretcher, huff the bag, it's all good. I wish I had a crazy bitch with me at the time, Tim. I did have a fling with a dentist's daughter around that time. Crazy bitch, and a JAP nurse to boot. She would swipe desoxyn from the VA where she worked and get me to hit her up with it. Crazy jew bitch on speed. I get the attraction.
  7. Please don't hurry. I will probably be adding to the list over the next week. I may want the rear blinkers. Is the rear cowl pristine? I am not sure if I can afford it and am damn sure I don't want to paint it, but mine is showing its age and my neglect.
  8. RXX

    Poorly Bird

    Yeah, carbretors suck.