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  1. Don’t waste the planet’s incredibly small supply of this vital metal on a spark plug for a recreational toy. Use platinum if you can. We should hoard it and use it only where it supports our nation’s vital interests.
  2. I will let you know if it sells for that price.
  3. OK, so everybody wants to fuck their ears up by placing bigger, more powerful speakers as close to their ear canals as possible. Even I am not immune to that desire. So on my 2020 motorcycle trip I had to upgrade my lost-in-the-wind SMH10 unit with a S 20 Evo in Oklahoma City. In August of 2021 I replaced the stock units with some Cardo JBL speakers. Sena has a new, bigger speaker set also, but I went with the Cardo. Big mistake. The Cardo is attached to the S 20 by a standard audio plug. (3.5 mm I think) on the bottom, anterior portion of the unit. The Sena has what I guess is a proprietary plug buried under a cover that has to be unscrewed. I did not think much about the difference at the time, but here is the crux of the biscuit: The plug, on the outside of the unit, and facing forward, catches on the collar of my jacket. I think the constant flexing caused an interruption of the integrity of the left speaker lead. Of course, it could easily be a manufacturer’s defect, I am not an engineer. It made my unit practically useless on my trip. So I will probably get a Sena upgrade as soon as Santa gets here. I am interested in getting on of those little helmet-based amplifiers before I head out next summer. If I can still hear when I die, those decibels will have been wasted.
  4. https://alcoagoodtimes.com/Showroom/Used-Inventory Not mine. Pretty bike.
  5. Man, I love my blackbirds. I put tens upon tens of thousand miles on that bike, and if we went down from time to time that’s still a hell of a lot better life than some of those beauty queens have had. We have been to the end of the road in two countries, been to countless bars and honky tonks, national parks, deserts and mountains and have gotten to ride with some of the best (OzarkXX being a huge omission) I could have gotten a 650 or something like that, maybe that I could handle better, but fuck it. Oh, and the real story to the pictures........ It had been dropped several times before I realized that at my age (I was 50 when I got it) it was not safe for me to get up, snatch the bike upright, and keep going. I learned to take off my gear, maybe smoke a pipe, collect my thoughts, and let the adrenaline wear off before I wrenched my back. So I had time to do a photo shoot.
  6. No, just another afternoon playing with radioactive iodine.
  7. Here is the setup: nitrile glove over clear shoulder-length insemination glove over another nitrile glove over the liner.
  8. You can get something like this. I use them occasionally when I have to triple-glove for any length of time.
  9. That flock lining is not cheap, you know.......
  10. If you do, and want to get rid of it, let me know.
  11. We use Honda now. PLUS, we put new crush washers on the drain plug.
  12. I think so. The seat may be physically taller also, I dunno. I do not care if I keep it or not. I have over 80K on the stocker, this one just came with the bike. I have never really understood the attraction of Corbin seats. I would never have bought one (unless I were rich, duh) Sort of like buying 25 year old booze, my ass and my palate are too uneducated to appreciate the perceived quality.
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