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  1. The barrage is an awesome knife. I carry a mini barrage. Locks up really solid. Love it. That's a great deal.
  2. RichardCranium

    Calorie and weight management question...

    You are killing your metabolism with that shit diet. I say keep the supplements and add a lot of food. You need more of everything. It looks like you typically eat around 800 to maybe 1000 cals. No way thats enough. Preworkout at the very least have a banana in addition to your shake. You need carbs to fuel your workout. You could also just add a pb&j sandwich for preworkout but you definitely need to eat more. Track your intake for a while using an app like myfitnesspal or loseit. You need to figure out exactly how much you are eating and knowing the macros is useful too.
  3. RichardCranium

    How does weather work

    Did not end with AFAIKBZITE. This post has been reported!
  4. RichardCranium


    Funny. I write all over my mirrors with dry erase markers too. Usually related to my workouts. Weight progressions or new ideas for exercises. Though sometimes my mind wanders and its lists of stuff I need to do around the house etc.
  5. RichardCranium


    I've always created or stolen and modified spreadsheets with my workouts on them. I print them out and track sets and weight as well as write the date on the top. I should keep better notes as so how my progress was rather than just numbers. I do typically make a scribble on them about vacations or injuries to explain misses or drops in weight. I have been doing 27 mins of cycling first thing in the morning before eating. I couldn't decide between steady state cardio or sprints so I am doing 10min steady state, 7 min of 30s/30s sprints and then 10 min more steady state. I always lift in the evening. I am also planning on adding a short workout for Sat to do some stuff I couldnt or just didnt work into the rest of the week like light power cleans or hang cleans, pull overs, shrugs etc. and maybe a really short heavy bag session.
  6. RichardCranium


    Haven't updated this in a while. I have been doing this for several weeks...or months. I just changed the order since shit kept coming up on Friday/Sat and causing me to miss that workout I moved leg day to Monday.
  7. RichardCranium

    Poorly Bird

    I understand them just fine. They are the devils fuel delivery systems.
  8. RichardCranium

    Poorly Bird

    You shut your whore mouth. Carburetors are the debil.
  9. Did you get drunk and accidentally wander into the health forum?
  10. RichardCranium

    Radar detector mounting

    Here is the old thread. It doesn't show much detail on how I mounted the ball. Its just a piece of all-thread with a fender washer and two nuts on the bottom and I think I have two nuts on the top with a washer in the middle. The bottom nut sits in the hex opening in the steering stem. Then I just screwed a ram ball on it.
  11. RichardCranium

    Radar detector mounting

    If you are just looking for a basic mount use RAM stuff. I have RAM balls on all of my bikes. For the XX I have one of the brackets to bolts to the clutch/brake bracket and I also made a mount that goes all the way thru the steering head. That thread is around here somewhere. I'll see if I can find it. For the base I just use a ram base and put velcro on it. If Im going on a long ride or just want it to be extra secure I use a cheapo elastic headband. I live with 3 females so those are easy to source.
  12. Pre-workout nutrition: As mentioned carbs and protein roughly 30 min before will help. I like to do a protein shake (milk and protein powder) and a banana or some other source of good carbs. Pre-workout Energy Supp: I have tried many and the one I have stuck with is called Mr Hyde. I like the Watermelon flavor. Do NOT take a full dose at least the first time. I have been taking this shit for prob a couple years now and I still don't take a full dose. I usually take 1/2 to 3/4 of a dose. Sometimes bit more. I have taken a full dose a few times but man its too much. The nice thing is that makes a tub of it last a lot longer. Drink it 15-20 min before workout. Post workout nutrition: Eat something. From what I understand immediately after lifting you can eat just about anything but getting some more good carbs and protein is a good idea. For the knots I suggest going for a few deep tissue massages. They don't feel pleasant but thats not the point. Get that shit worked out by some big Swedish woman. It might change your life. The only thing thats going to make tendonitis go away is rest. At the very least try dropping any elbow joint isolations for a while and just do the compound lifts. I also recommend people take ZMA before bed if they are lifting...or having cramps etc. Seems to help stave off the DOMS. Could be complete horseshit but its cheap and seems to help some.
  13. RichardCranium

    Vibrations over 120 mph

    You covered everything I was thinking so...+1 to what redxxrdr said.
  14. RichardCranium

    Truck Tire recommendations if you please...

    Toyo OpenCountry AT2. I have run multiple sets of them. They wear very well and are relatively quiet. Will almost definitely be putting a set on the new truck soon. I was just told at the tire shop last week while getting trailer tires that the Nittos are essentially the same tire. Same company or parent company. They just look a little different. No idea if thats true but have no reason to doubt it.
  15. RichardCranium

    Mio GPS Mounted to steering head.

    A little thread necromancy going on here. I have never had that cap off. The protector just goes around it.