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  1. Byrdman is selling his trx90. He is in IL though. Not sure if you will be able to see this: trx sportrax fourtrax 90
  2. Best thing I ever paid someone else to do. I'll try to remember to post pics tomorrow. Right now I'm trying to get a server back up so I can go back to bed. Edit: Pics added. I wanted to do this for years. Wasn't quite sure how I wanted to do it. Finally just paid someone to do it and he did a great job. I think he used 2.5" but not sure. He used a skid steer for the whole thing. The attachment he used to to prepare the area for the gravel he called a soil conditioner. It basically just shaved a few inches of grass and topsoil off and then put the gravel down. He used the material he removed to create a slight berm to help direct runoff in the back. That made a huge difference with a swampy area on the other side of the yard.
  3. Good grief this thread is all over the place. Oscar, Mike...get out. ;-) Seriously though. You have the cage already. Just do lightly weighted squats if you can. I hurt my shoulder and had to stop lifting for about 6 weeks. I started back last week but I still have pain so I just made up a upper lower circuit to help ease back into it. I've been doing squats with 135 (warm up weight) just trying to get back into it and the old unused (for 6 weeks) muscles were in sad shape. Other alternatives: Lunges. Hold dumbbells for weight. Step ups. If you have a good solid box or if your bench is high enough you can hold dumbbells or plates and step up onto the bench. Then back down and do the other leg. Simulates a good deep squat. Bavarian split squats. I have been doing Bavarian Split Squats...or just split squats after my regular squats are done to finish off my quads. They work very well and are surprisingly difficult with very little weight.
  4. Thats a slick bracket. Nice work.
  5. Not the answer to the question asked but I've used black electrical tape with good results. Short vertical strips overlapping. The residue is very minimal and wipes off easily with honda polish. Its a lot nicer looking if you want to leave it when you are out on a trip and want to stash the bags. I also used plastidip once. Taped it off and sprayed several coats. It looked really cool. It was getting thin at the end of the trip though so if you go that route put on many coats. I think I only used 3 or 4.
  6. Theres a really sweet Tiger for sale here if you just want more comfort but don't want to go total grandpa.
  7. Thats a nice clean bike. Want a bike you can ride anywhere and not need a chiropractor when you get there this is it. My XX was starting to give me grief (knee/shoulder pain) on long trips. Love my Tiger. You can pick up those infills on ebay for $50-100.
  8. You can build an AR for a song these days. Put one together on the cheap or find a decent complete one. Then you can upgrade if you want a better barrel/trigger etc.
  9. I'm not worth a fuck if I don't eat something before my workout. I have found that a banana about 30 prior helps a lot. I also have been taking Mr. Hyde pre-workout for quite a while. Fuck me that stuff is potent. I still typically don't take a full dose...unless its leg day. Whatever you do eating some carbs before your workout will help a lot. Carbs=fuel.
  10. Mobil1 is pretty universally recognized as excellent. Shell Rotella is also very good oil. I use both. Evlxx left his oil (mobil1 I think) in his XX for 10k miles and then sent in a sample. It tested fine. We clearly change our oil WAY more often than necessary. I change mine annually regardless of mileage.
  11. That's awesome. Good weight too. I can't remember if i mentioned it already but my 19yo daughter is lifting now too. This is week four for her. She isn't putting up those numbers but I'm proud of her for lifting and she seems to like it.
  12. Welcome to one of the most rarely visted forums on the whole board. Now get off your ass and start lifting!
  13. I have an HK AVR30 too. Its a really nice receiver. It sounds good and even looks cool. It just doesn't have a lot of the bells and whistles of the newer units so it was relegated to the bedroom tv. Running a Denon AVR X3100W in the living room now and so far its very nice.
  14. No fused vertebrae. I did have an L4/L5 diskectomy/laminectomy in 2000. I am much better now but still manage to overdo it occasionally. I am 100% sure my technique could use some coaching. I am also sure that would instantly improve my DL.