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  1. I've had this ram boxed up and sitting on my desk for probably a year. I upgraded the ram in the PC it goes in quite a while back and this RAM was so cool I didn't throw it away like I did with a lot of other stuff during one of the junk purges. https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-4gb-240-pin-ddr3-sdram/p/N82E16820231369 That is the exact ram I have complete with the unused cooling fans. If anyone has a use for it I'll send it to you for shipping.
  2. I use this stuff too. Had a windshield replaced years ago and the tech that did it used this stuff. He was uber geeky about all of the adhesives, methodology etc so I figured it was probably good stuff. WARNING: This product has (probably) been determined by the state of CA to have some vague potential association with cancer, birth defects and global warming.
  3. Not sure what a dyna flex is. Your post is pretty light on info. I have a forearm exerciser/flexer thingie that I don't remember what its called. I used it after the bike crash where I had to have my hand pinned back together for a few weeks.
  4. Sorry I didnt see this sooner. I have mine mounted the same way. I just shoved the reservoir under the bar. The fender has enough give that it will fit though it might scuff a little. Sounds like its a non issue now though. Adding the penske to my bird made a huge difference.
  5. These are really nice very heavy duty tie straps with retaining clips on the hooks. They also have a soft tie loop on one end which makes it super easy to strap down a lot of bikes. Bikes with fairing like the XX are always a challenge. I really like the extra peace of mind from the retaining clips so you know hitting a good bounce isnt going to let your bike come unhooked. Unlikely but we get paranoid with our bikes. On my last trip I had the Speed Triple in the bed of the truck and was in a hurry to get on the road so I placed a propane cylinder too close to one of the straps. Over the course of the roughly 9hr drive the top of the tank sawed about 3/4 of the way thru the strap. I noticed it when I got there and was unloading because the sliver of strap that was left held. Color me impressed. I figured I'd email them and see if I could buy just the strap/hook half since the cam buckle end was still perfect. I told them exactly what happened and even sent them a pic of it sitting there by the LP cyl. They responded to my email in about 3 mins and asked for a shipping address. They said stuff happens and shipped me an entire new strap 2 day shipping on their dime. Very impressive. They have a lifetime guarantee but I didn't figure it applied to me being a dumb ass. https://www.rhinousainc.com/
  6. Irish Spring does not work. The mice won't eat it but other than that they DGAF about it.
  7. Make sure you are pairing your gps as a gps. IE using "gps pairing".
  8. I have a couple of the Scorpion batteries. One is the 525 or so CCA unit. Its slightly (maybe 2 inches) shorter than the stock battery. It weighs about 6lb less. Stock was about 10lb the scorpion is a bit under 4lb. Cranks like a beast. I rarely ever plug them in to battery tenders. I have a few times when I havent ridden a particular bike for a long time. They hold a charge much better than the agm batteries. The other Scorpion I have is the recommended OEM replacement. Its still like 300 something cca so much more than OEM. Its about half the height of OEM which can be problematic but they do come with spacer blocks you can snap on the bottom so it will still reach the cables. This one weighs about 2lb. I am a fan. The 525CCA I bought for the Speed Triple when its OEM started getting low. The Triumphs are problematic when your battery gets low. The ECU senses low voltage and shuts down to prevent damage to the sprag clutch/gear. I have since moved the bigger one to the Tiger since I run a lot more accessories on it and bought the smaller battery for the speed triple. I think I've had the 525 for 3 years or so and its still going strong. The only downside IMO is the cost. They are spendy. I got both of mine from batterystuff.com. https://www.batterystuff.com/batteries/lithium-iron-batteries/sstx14h-fp.html
  9. Nice setup. We need a funny/quirky things your pets do thread.
  10. I'm sure some of us have some pretty cool setups. Post up whatcha got. Mine is in the 3rd bay of my garage. I have a heater for winter but during the summer its hot. Fortunately I like sweating. I have hex dumbbels from 6lb up to 70lb, power cage with upper and lower pulley, some goofy sit up bench that came with the cage (I bought used), a Schwinn Airdyne bike, home made chin up bar bolted to the ceiling, 100lb heavy bag and I moved the rower upstairs for the wife.
  11. Whats everyone doing for fitness? Any new routines kicking in for the new year? I have still been plugging away. Tweaking my workout occasionally to try to meet a new goal or occasionally to alleviate some joint or muscle irritation. I am going to recommit to getting my cardio going every morning at least 5 days a week. My current routine is similar to one I posted earlier with a few tweaks. So far I like it. The 1.5 rep set incline bench is interesting. Each rep you go down and back up halfway then up. I haven't been doing it long but it is definitely harder if nothing else. Also added a pause at the bottom of my squats to keep from bouncing. Definitely harder. Also just added calf work every day. Should be a fun experiment to see if I can get my tiny calves to grow. For cardio my plan is doing some HIIT on the AirDyne in the morning. I might also add something on my non lifting day which is typically Wed.
  12. I send mine to Cogent Dynamics due to recommendations from one or more board members. https://www.motocd.com/ It was about $150. Its in NC though and with you being in Cali I'm sure there is no shortage of competent shops nearby.
  13. ROFL. Some of the crazy shit those arabs do. How the fuck did they manage that anyway? Or are they in the process of crashing?
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